~ MLOP-AHTSCT-ITD-PTTWP-ITO ~ Make Lots Of Predictions – And Hope That Some Come True – If They Do – Point To Them With Pride – Ignore The Others

~ BVVAA-DSCBWB-‘P’-I-CABR ~ Be Very Vague And Ambiguous – Definite Statements Can Be Wrong But – “Possible” – Items – Can Always Be Reinterpreted

~ UALOS-B-M-UIO-A-N-I-TCBFTMSBTB ~ Use A Lot Of Symbols – Be – Metaphorical – Using Images Of – Animals – Names – Initials – They Can Be Fitted To Many Situations By The Believers

~ CTSBWASTWAT-‘R’-IOYS ~ Cover The Situation Both Ways And Select The Winner As The – “Real” – Intent Of Your Statement

~ CGWYS-ABYFAII ~ Credit God With Your Success – And Blame Yourself For Any Incorrect Interpretations

~ NMHOYW-PA-TBWNYMAWCTFYEW ~ No Matter How Often You’re Wrong – Plow Ahead – The Believers Won’t Notice Your Mistakes And Will Continue To Follow Your Every Word

~ PC-TMERAMPBF ~ Predict Catastrophes – They’re More Easily Remembered And More Popular By Far

~ WPATF-BRTTPPTE-BWAFT-JETAUATED-TGAPIS ~ When Predicting After The Fact – But Representing That The Prophecy Preceded The Event – Be Wrong A Few Times – Just Enough To Appear Uncertain About The Exact Details – Too Good A Prophecy Is Suspect

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