~ ATCIT-FTD-FTS-IHOR ~ All That Counts Is That – For This Day – For This Session – I Have Overcome Resistance

~ INTWPTH-WHISDTW-WKUFSDIR ~ It’s Not The Writing Part That’s Hard – What’s Hard Is Sitting Down To Write – What Keeps Us From Sitting Down Is Resistance

~ MOUHTL-TLWL-ATULWU-BTTSR ~ Most Of Us Have Two Lives – The Life We Live – And The Unlived Life Within Us – Between The Two Stands Resistance

~ AY-AWWDW-APWDP-AEWNSAV-?-TYKWRI ~ Are You – A Writer Who Doesn’t Write – A Painter Who Doesn’t Paint – An Entrepreneur Who Never Starts A Venture – ? – Then You Know What Resistance Is

~ RINAPO-RAFW-IISGASP ~ Resistance Is Not A Peripheral Opponent – Resistance Arises From Within – It Is Self-Generated And Self-Perpetuated

~ RIP-IWAAF ~ Resistance Is Protean – It Will Assume Any Form

~ TDIGWTFLIIS ~ The Danger Is Greatest When The Finish Line Is In Sight

~ TBAOTTOACDFAITSAAEAAI ~ The Best And Only Thing That One Artist Can Do For Another Is To Serve As An Example And An Inspiration

~ PITMCMORBITETR ~ Procrastination Is The Most Common Manifestation Of Resistance Because It’s The Easiest To Rationalize

~ CSOIOLIASOR-NGADTD ~ Creating Soap Operas In Our Lives Is A Symptom Of Resistance – Nobody Gets A Damn Thing Done

~ TTFIIFOTTEO-SM-WTWWNGT ~ The Truly Free Individual Is Free Only To The Extent Of – Self-Mastery – While Those Who Will Not Govern Themselves Are Condemned To Find Masters To Govern Over Them

~ IYFYCOP-YPDIOOR-IWARITOLANCO-ITSAA-IITOE ~ If You Find Yourself Criticizing Other People – You’re Probably Doing It Out Of Resistance – Individuals Who Are Realized In Their Own Lives Almost Never Criticize Others – If They Speak At All – It Is To Offer Encouragement

~ GFAASOR-TTSOTA ~ Grandiose Fantasies Are A Symptom Of Resistance – They’re The Sign Of The Amateur

~ TPLTREDCATTIFWII-TSC ~ The Professional Learns To Recognize Envy-Driven Criticism And To Take It For What It Is – The Supreme Compliment

~ TMITAAITW ~ The Most Important Thing About Art Is To Work


~ MPWDTGPFTFMITPOB ~ Most People Who Decide To Grow Personally Find Their First Mentors In The Pages Of Books

~ IYSYTWPWSFY-WBYOUY-TESFTYATTWBD-BIYF-WL-GRM-A-PF-YWFTTSYOYJ ~ If You Spend Your Time With People Who Subtract From You – Who Belittle You Or Undervalue You – Then Every Step Forward That You Attempt To Take Will Be Difficult – But If You Find – Wise Leaders – Good Role Models – And – Positive Friends – You Will Find That They Speed You On Your Journey

~ IYHBAOTHYOYJ-ITTS ~ If You Haven’t Been Asking Others To Help You On Your Journey – It’s Time To Start

~ ELLAFITM ~ Everything Looks Like A Failure In The Middle

~ SDITOASDITD ~ Stop Doing Important Things Occasionally And Start Doing Important Things Daily

~ DYOYSODYSOY? ~ Do You Own Your Stuff Or Does Your Stuff Own You?

~ DSA-S-N-R ~ Define Success As – Sowing – Not – Reaping

~ FOSDNSF ~ Focus On Self-Development Not Self-Fulfillment

~ LODI-TLYWTDSYSDN-TGTOTYWNADI ~ Law Of Diminishing Intent – The Longer You Wait To Do Something You Should Do Now – The Greater The Odds That You Will Never Actually Do It

~ ATBQN ~ Ask The Big Question Now

~ UINKWWWAKOTGI ~ Unhappiness Is Not Knowing What We Want And Killing Ourselves To Get It

~ TSOYSIFIYDR ~ The Secret Of Your Success Is Found In Your Daily Routine

~ IYDTTYNTDWYNTDT-TSYCDTTYWTDWYWTDT ~ If You Do The Things You Need To Do When You Need To Do Them – Then Someday You Can Do The Things You Want To Do When You Want To Do Them

~ TWDTWMRTWDTW ~ Those Who Drink The Water Must Remember Those Who Dug The Well

~ GOY ~ Get Over Yourself


~ WAWANTGITTATTUTCOAT ~ We Are Well Advised Not To Give In To The All-Too-Typical Urge To Classify Ourselves As Atypical

~ IPTMNL-~ It Pays To Minimize Noise Levels – A Health-Compromising Stress Even If We Learn To Ignore It

~ IPTMTTWSCBC-WMTWAATI-WMETWEI-BWAAWD ~ It Pays To Minimize The Time We Spend Commuting By Car – We May Think We Are Accustomed To It – We May Even Think We Enjoy It – But We Aren’t And We Don’t

~ IPTMTTWSICWWDNSOAV ~ It Pays To Minimize The Time We Spend In Circumstances Where We Do Not See Ourselves As Volunteers

~ IPTACATRIQWIDO-EAH ~ It Pays To Avoid Conflict And To Resolve It Quickly When It Does Occur – Especially At Home

~ TINSTAATUCWTS-IDED-ETDWWDNSTOP ~ There Is No Such Thing As Adapting To Unresolved Conflict With Total Success – It Damages Every Day – Even Those Days When We Do Not See The Other Person


~ WTCTW ~ Writing To Change The World

~ WMY-L-C-A-OYH? ~ What Makes You – Laugh – Cry – And – Open Your Heart?

~ WPDYRMTTYL? ~ What Points Do You Repeatedly Make To Those You Love?

~ WT-KYUAN-O-HYFA? ~ What Topics – Keep You Up At Night – Or – Help You Fall Asleep?

~ WYYKTBT? ~ What Do You Know To Be True?

~ WDYCTBE? ~ What Do You Consider To Be Evil?

~ WIBTY? ~ What Is Beautiful To You?

~ WDYMRIO? ~ What Do You Most Respect In Others?

~ WEYC? ~ What Excites Your Curiosity?

~ IYWTROTW-WWYDF? ~ If You Were The Ruler Of The World – What Would You Do First?

~ WDYQRBYD? ~ What Do You Want To Accomplish Before You Die?