~ MPWDTGPFTFMITPOB ~ Most People Who Decide To Grow Personally Find Their First Mentors In The Pages Of Books

~ IYSYTWPWSFY-WBYOUY-TESFTYATTWBD-BIYF-WL-GRM-A-PF-YWFTTSYOYJ ~ If You Spend Your Time With People Who Subtract From You – Who Belittle You Or Undervalue You – Then Every Step Forward That You Attempt To Take Will Be Difficult – But If You Find – Wise Leaders – Good Role Models – And – Positive Friends – You Will Find That They Speed You On Your Journey

~ IYHBAOTHYOYJ-ITTS ~ If You Haven’t Been Asking Others To Help You On Your Journey – It’s Time To Start

~ ELLAFITM ~ Everything Looks Like A Failure In The Middle

~ SDITOASDITD ~ Stop Doing Important Things Occasionally And Start Doing Important Things Daily

~ DYOYSODYSOY? ~ Do You Own Your Stuff Or Does Your Stuff Own You?

~ DSA-S-N-R ~ Define Success As – Sowing – Not – Reaping

~ FOSDNSF ~ Focus On Self-Development Not Self-Fulfillment

~ LODI-TLYWTDSYSDN-TGTOTYWNADI ~ Law Of Diminishing Intent – The Longer You Wait To Do Something You Should Do Now – The Greater The Odds That You Will Never Actually Do It

~ ATBQN ~ Ask The Big Question Now

~ UINKWWWAKOTGI ~ Unhappiness Is Not Knowing What We Want And Killing Ourselves To Get It

~ TSOYSIFIYDR ~ The Secret Of Your Success Is Found In Your Daily Routine

~ IYDTTYNTDWYNTDT-TSYCDTTYWTDWYWTDT ~ If You Do The Things You Need To Do When You Need To Do Them – Then Someday You Can Do The Things You Want To Do When You Want To Do Them

~ TWDTWMRTWDTW ~ Those Who Drink The Water Must Remember Those Who Dug The Well

~ GOY ~ Get Over Yourself

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