~ ARTLAY ~ A Rising Tide Lifts All Yachts ~ Walter Mondale

~ IDWATD-IBETTCOI ~ I Don’t Worry About The Deficit – It’s Big Enough To Take Care Of Itself ~ Ronald Reagan ~ speech ~ 24-03-1984

~ EHBMFSPW-ATDFTWHBPIEH ~ Everyone Has Been Made For Some Particular Work – And The Desire For That Work Has Been Put In Every Heart ~ Rumi

~ FBLFTTT ~ Fired By Liars For Telling The Truth

~ DNY ~ Do Nothing Yourself

~ B&L-MAHATOWWDNHRTO-TATGVC ~ By And Large – Mothers And Housewives Are The Only Workers Who Do Not Have Regular Time Off – They Are The Great Vacationless Class ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh ~ Gift From The Sea

~ UPS ~ Ugly Parent Syndrome

~ CEC ~ Conservative Entertainment Complex

~ CCC ~ Comfortable Conservative Cocoon

~ CPR ~ Common Pool Resources ~ Elinor Ostrom ~ Governing The Commons

~ TSOTF ~ The Shadow Of The Future ~ Robert Axelrod ~ The Evolution Of Cooperation

~ TFOACIL ~ The Foundation Of All Civilization Is Loitering ~ Jean Renoir

~ TWIEC ~ The Whole Intellectual Edifice Collapsed ~ Alan Greenspan ~ 23-10-2008

~ SUD ~ Subjective Units of Distress

~ TGEOONINTKWTS-NTBSWARR-BTLAWHGBAIPOM ~ The Great Error Of Our Nature Is Not To Know Where To Stop – Not To Be Satisfied With Any Reasonable Requirement – But To Lose All We Have Gained By An Insatiable Pursuit Of More ~ Edmund Burke

~ PMSTTBSOTN-IIAFOMTWAATN ~ Pre-Modern Societies Tend To Be Suspicious Of The Novel – It Is A Feature Of Modernity That We Are Addicted To Novelty ~ Colin Campbell

~ ITAOSTUATWSHOTP ~ It’s The Accumulation Of Such Tiny, Unnecessary Acts That Weigh So Heavily On The Planet ~ John Thackara ~ Inside The Bubble

~ TH-O-TB ~ To Have – Or – To Be ~ Erich Fromm ~ To Have Or To Be

~ TAOOPMDUSUOW-BNST ~ The Appetite Of Our Present Materialism Depends Upon Stirring Up Our Wants – But Not Satisfying Them ~ Robert Lane ~ The Loss Of Happiness In Market Democracies

~ TWTEGWTPG ~ The Way To End Glut Was To Produce Gluttons ~ Vance Packard ~ The Waste Makers

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