~ TFCYMMTIARILITOYL-IITLEBARTIIUTYTMTCIYL ~ The First Choice You Must Make To Ignite A Radically Inspired Life Is To Own Your Life – It Is To Leave Entitlement Behind And Realize That It Is Up To You To Make The Changes In Your Life

~ SME ~ Stop Making Excuses

~ LLOFMYAATKAOYS-YCTSYAATW-AYARAWTLLH ~ Living Life On Fire Means You Aren’t Afraid To Know And Own Your Story – You Celebrate The Scars You’ve Accumulated Along The Way – And You Are Ready And Willing To Live Life Honestly

~ AYAI?-EI-IP-ADTPOAPL ~ Are You All In? – Extinguish Indifference – Ignite Potential – And Discover The Power Of A Purposeful Life

~ AYOFWPT? ~ Are You On Fire With Purpose Today?

~ YCHJWG ~ You Can’t Have Joy Without Gratitude

~ WPTSUWIP-WCFTPWAHTMAIL ~ Without People To Show Us What Is Possible – We Can Forget The Power We All Hold To Make An Incredible Life

~ WM?-TMIWWATQCETHA-CW ~ Why Me? – The Manner In Which We Ask This Question Changes Everything That Happens Afterward – Choose Wisely

~ RTBSBPGAISIEAOL ~ Refuse To Become Stagnant By Purposefully Growing And Intentionally Stretching In Every Area Of Life

~ WMCYD? ~ What More Can You Do?

~ WUOPATBASTIAITWIPIW ~ We Underestimate Our Personal Ability To Be A Spark That Ignites And Influences The World In Profoundly Important Ways

~ SNDTOGEIOTBFOC ~ Saying Nothing During Times Of Great Emotion Is Often The Best Form Of Communication

~ TKTTGILITCTPSOS ~ The Key To True Greatness In Life Is To Choose To Pursue Significance Over Success

~ EYDEDOYLMP ~ Everything You Do Every Day Of Your Life Matters Profoundly

~ AYR? ~ Are You Ready?

~ FALATTGM-WFS-LL ~ Fear And Love Are The Two Great Motivators – While Fear Suffocates – Love Liberates

~ CTLGOF-A-O-L-A-L-FAPOUL ~ Choose To Let Go Of Fear – And – Operate – Lead – And – Live – From A Place Of Unconditional Love

~ LINJRFOIC-OFAF-IIITBTCOOW-OTEYM ~ Love Is Not Just Reserved For Our Inner Circle – Our Friends And Family – It Is Intended To Be The Currency Of Our World – Offered To Everyone You Meet

~ WIIAOCTWASUEL? ~ What Is It About Our Culture That We Are So Uncomfortable Expressing Love?

~ DCBOOBWBFA ~ Don’t Confuse Being Out Of Bed With Being Fully Awake

~ ITTWU ~ It’s Time To Wake Up

~ LI ~ Live Inspired

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