~ HA-BTTOVATAODAWT ~ Hedonic Adaptation – Both The Thrill Of Victory And The Agony Of Defeat Abate With Time

~ WAPTTFGPMEPTHTU ~ We Are Prone To Take For Granted Pretty Much Everything Positive That Happens To Us

~ TIOA ~ The Importance Of Appreciating

~ PWPAAAGTITLALLTATI ~ People Who Persist At Appreciating A Good Turn In Their Lives Are Less Likely To Adapt To It

~ AHPUFGT-‘S’-A-FPTMATSCAEE ~ Appreciation Helps Prevent Us From Getting Too – “Spoiled” – And – From Paying Too Much Attention To Social Comparison And Experiencing Envy

~ AWTTAARORITISIFOL ~ Another Way To Truly Appreciate And Relish Our Relationship Is To Imagine Subtracting It From Our Lives

~ TPOT ~ The Power Of Touch

~ PEAATNE ~ Positive Emotions Are Antidotes To Negative Emotions

~ SS ~ Social Support

~ AHWTCPE:AONGATFA-‘S-D’-P ~ A Healthier Way To Consider Painful Experiences: Analyse Our Negative Feelings And Troubles From A – “Self-Distanced” – Perspective

~ DHWMYUTMT ~ Daily Hassles Will Make You Unhappier Than Major Traumas

~ FBAEMTW-IATTSINNIATFBRITAWAT-TWT-POEUIWHUMSOT ~ Finding Balance And Emotional Meaning Through Writing – It Appears That The Secret Is Not Necessarily In Airing These Feelings But Rather In The Actual Writing About Them – The Words Themselves – Putting Our Emotional Upheavals Into Words Helps Us Make Sense Of Them

~ TTO ~ Taking Time Off

~ WWDHTTT-WMBBTVATOR ~ When We Don’t Have Time To Think – We May Become Blind To Viable Alternatives To Our Routines

~ S-W-F-IR-MUH-H-TKRDHTBASORO ~ Strong – Warm – Fulfilling – Interpersonal Relationships – Make Us Happy – However – The Key Relationship Doesn’t Have To Be A Sexual Or Romantic One

~ RSTPFUGASBOITAATRTGATTUNAMA ~ Research Shows That People Facing Unrealistic Goals Are Significantly Better Off If They Are Able To Relinquish Those Goals And To Take Up New And Meaningful Activities

~ BGG ~ Be Genuinely Grateful

~ GER-TIIE-NT-TMUH ~ Growing Evidence Reveals – That It Is Experiences – Not Things – That Make Us Happy

~ SYMOMSPRTAFBO ~ Spend Your Money On Many Small Pleasures Rather Than A Few Big Ones

~ HBAP-T-D-N-A-A-TSFM-N-BCWWTH ~ Human Beings Are Programmed – To – Desire – Not – Appreciate – And – To Strive For More – Not – Be Contented With What They Have

~ TMMWH-TMWGUTI-ATMWW ~ The More Money We Have – The More We Get Used To It – And The More We Want

~ AMORHST-M-DH-TSWOR-THE-RU-L-F-L-A-E-A-MULLTHOACTOC ~ A Mountain Of Research Has Shown That – Materialism – Depletes Happiness – Threatens Satisfaction With Our Relationships – Harms The Environment – Renders Us – Less – Friendly – Likeable – And – Empathetic – And – Makes Us Less Likely To Help Others And Contribute To Our Communities

~ NEWIPIFO-F-P-A-R-NECTSCAV ~ Not Everyone Who Is Prosperous Is Focused On – Fame – Power – And – Riches – Not Everyone Catches The So-Called Affluenza Virus

~ TPOMARROEAPAFDAMMSCAGEAPUFAOFP ~ The Pursuit Of Money And Reputation Redirects Our Energies And Passions Away From Deeper And More Meaningful Social Connections And Growth Experiences And Prevents Us From Achieving Our Full Potentials

~ IMIMUH-ILBWASITKUWTN-VOW-O-FO-L-P-A-S ~ If Money Isn’t Making Us Happy – It’s Likely Because We Are Spending It To Keep Up With The Neighbors – Validate Our Wealth – Or – Flaunt Our – Looks – Power – And – Status

~ WWGTO-WFNOMPAO-BATRAW ~ When We Give To Others – We Feel Not Only More Positive About Ourselves – But About The Recipients As Well

~ SMTGYT ~ Spend Money To Give You Time

~ DBASTTHT ~ Don’t Be A Slave To The Hedonic Treadmill

~ WHTPTDWOEIAI-WYCTFOBPOYLATRFO ~ We Have The Power To Decide What Our Experience Is And Isn’t – What You Choose To Focus On Becomes Part Of Your Life And The Rest Falls Out

~ NBHARS ~ Nature Boosts Happiness And Relieves Stress

~ SBMS ~ Success Begets More Success

~ TRYAIPE-TRYWBIADOL ~ The Richer You Are In Positive Emotions – The Richer You Will Become In All Domains Of Life

~ SBO-G-T-O-D-ANTAA ~ Short Bursts Of – Gladness – Tranquility – Or – Delight – Are Not Trivial At All

~ IYCTUW-I-S-P-T-OE-TODMYFH-AT-PITROSM-YWGAHTTWSYWITOC ~ If You Come To Understand Which – Individuals – Situations – Places – Things – Or Even – Times Of Day Make You Feel Happy – And Then – Practice Increasing The Regularity Of Such Moments – You Will Gain A Hedonic Tool That Will Serve You Well In Times Of Crisis

~ THWA-TM-E-C-A-MWH ~ The Happier We Are – The More – Energy – Confidence – And – Motivation We Have

~ ITPOSS-OBDRAATS ~ In The Presence Of Social Support – Our Bodies Don’t React As Acutely To Stress

~ SS-IUADICFTPD-PUFCC-AIOPAADOHDOC ~ Social Support – Insulates Us Against Declines In Cognitive Functioning That Precede Dementia – Protects Us From Catching Colds – And Improves Our Prognosis After A Diagnosis Of Heart Disease Or Cancer

~ B-AL-P-A-M ~ Building – A Legacy – Purpose – And – Meaning

~ AMAWMFD-WFDIAUEM ~ As Much As We Might Fear Death – We Fear Dying Insignificant And Unloved Even More

~ HMMAPDYHIYOLRN? ~ How Much Meaning And Purpose Do You Have In Your Own Life Right Now?

~ DOONTAFGRTAHOUC ~ Dwelling On Our Negative Thoughts And Feelings Gives Rise To A Host Of Unpleasant Consequences

~ WEGHALPWWAATCOLAMTJ-ACO-I-F-M ~ We Experience Greater Happiness And Life Purpose When We Are Able To Construe Our Lives As More Than Just – A Collection Of – Isolated – Fleeting – Moments

~ WABAWWHTCTCAUFIASOPE ~ We Are Better Adjusted When We Have The Capacity To Convert An Uncertain Future Into A Series Of Predictable Events

~ SWATP-PAATGASOMAOATSLE-ATTCTCTTWTEARTTTR ~ Simply Writing About The Past – People Are Able To Gain A Sense Of Meaning And Order About Their Significant Life Events – Affording Them The Chance To Come To Terms With These Events And Reconcile Themselves To Their Regrets

~ IETRATI-WAMLTRITA ~ It’s Easier To Rationalize Actions Than Inactions – We Are More Likely To Regret Inactions Than Actions

~ TMCHNBPS-TBT-BAITMTMCPSR ~ Too Many Choices Has Now Been Persuasively Shown – To Be Toxic – Because An Inability To Manage Too Many Choices Produces Significant Regret

~ IWDTWSAGDOTTMMSORTD-RTTWO-WMDTTAMWTOWTSOT ~ If We Discover That We Squander A Great Deal Of Time To Making Many Small Or Fairly Trivial Decisions – Rather Than The Weighty Ones – We May Decide That There Are More Worthwhile Things On Which To Spend Our Time

~ ARTPIO ~ And Remember That Perfection Is Overrated

~ GPIAHISTIATAOU-NMTEOO-O-T-S-A-R-EOOUHSVAU-TOO-L-C-ASF ~ Goal Pursuit Is A Happiness-Increasing Strategy That Is Available To All Of Us – No Matter The Extent Of Our – Opportunities – Talents – Skills – And – Resources – Each One Of Us Has Something Valuable And Unique – To Offer Others – Learn – Cultivate – And Strive For

~ WMSWFHAWMSBTOTPFU ~ We Must Stop Waiting For Happiness And We Must Stop Being Terrified Of The Potential For Unhappiness

~ TNMFFHANSCTW ~ There’s No Magic Formula For Happiness And No Sure Course Toward Misery

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