~ LGOTLYPAFANWF ~ Let Go Of The Life You Planned And Find A New Way Forward

~ TCONGU:P-P-F-I-S ~ The Consequences Of Not Giving Up: Physical – Psychological – Financial – Relational – Integrity – Spiritual

~ WWPOPWPOUG-WADOH-WDACPOOE-TAS-IWTIIPAA ~ When We Paint Over Pain With Premature Or Unexamined Gratitude – We’re Actually Delaying Our Healing – We’re Denying A Critical Part Of Our Experience – The Actual Suffering – In Which There Is Incredible Power And Agency

~ TULMBE ~ The Unlived Life Must Be Examined

~ SWWWFTDCSGUACAI ~ Seeing What We Wanted From The Dream Can Sometimes Give Us Another Chance At It

~ WWITTIOOWWCBLVPSSOHMIOL-WANSTC ~ When We Imagine That There Is Only One Way We Can Be Loved, Valued, Prized, Safe, Secure, Or Have Meaning In Our Lives – We Are Not Seeing Things Clearly

~ HITULIYPL?-YC?-TNOYWL? ~ How Is The Unlived Life Impacting Your Present Life? – Your Choices? – The Narrative Of Your Whole Life?

~ WATFAYULTTTY? ~ What Are The Fantasies About Your Unlived Life Trying To Tell You?

~ WITGAYLEWTD? ~ What Is The Good About Your Life Even Without The Dream?

~ HHY-WOWYDCT-MAD? ~ How Have You – With Or Without Your Dreams Coming True – Made A Difference?

~ WIITYRWUTDD?-WITEOI?-WQDYBHTDWGY? ~ What Is It That You Really Want Underneath The Desired Dream? – What Is The Essence Of It? – What Quality Did You Believe Having This Dream Would Give You?

~ HCYSMTDAR? ~ How Can You Symbolically Make This Dream A Reality?

~ ITAWTATQYASOTTWYI? ~ Is There Another Way To Attain The Qualities You Are Seeking Other Than The Way You Imagined?

~ AH-AIIDTC ~ Acceptance Happens – And It Is Different Than Closure

~ YDWI-AIDWO-AIINABOWYWMTMOATFSTAWFY ~ You Did Want It – And It Didn’t Work Out – And It Is Not A Betrayal Of What You Wanted Most To Move On And To Find Something That Actually Works For You

~ WDYTWHIYDA? ~ What Do You Think Will Happen If You Dream Again?

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