~ STAVWCOTFTOAVAT-AHTTW ~ Smartphones Trill And Vibrate With Calls Or Texts From The Office At Virtually Any Time – Adding Hours To The Workday

~ PABIFEOASWHTFSOTTOIHCAC ~ People Are Becoming Isolated From Each Other As Shadow Work Has Them Flying Solo On Tasks That Once Included Human Contact And Cooperation

~ DSWARFQDFDIWAFH ~ Doing Something With A Robot Feels Quite Different From Doing It With A Fellow Human

~ TSOIVSWIHASACIOTTOCL ~ The Siloing Of Individuals Via Shadow Work Is Having A Significant And Cumulative Impact On The Texture Of Community Life

~ C-TJOBTTJ-IAUTDTSTE-WSRIFWII-YCI-VE-T-C-SW ~ Commuting – The Job Of Getting To The Job – Is An Unpaid Task Done To Serve The Employer – We Scarcely Recognize It For What It Is – Yet Commuting Is – Very Expensive – Time-Consuming – Shadow Work

~ HITOAMFFOSW ~ Housework Is The Original And Most Fundamental Form Of Shadow Work

~ ‘MA’ ~ “Mindless Accumulation”

~ ITW-WSTTAOV ~ In Today’s World – Work Seems To Trump All Other Values

~ ORFWSTSFOUEOSW-WDMAW-WWI-ATTAWTTBS-TSIBCOR-SWAWSUUIS ~ Our Reverence For Work Sets The Stage For Our Unthinking Embrace Of Shadow Work – We Don’t Merely Admire Work – We Worship It – And Things That Are Worshipped Tend To Become Sacred – The Sacred Is Beyond Criticism Or Reproach – So We Accept Whatever Shows Up Under Its Sanction

~ TOUOCFWITLTCHNCTAOWAT-CAHRCTCOF ~ The Opening Up Of Careers For Women In The Late Twentieth Century Has Not Changed The Asymmetry Of Work At Home – Childcare And Housework Remain Chiefly The Chores Of Females

~ TIWOSW-FAAOUBTASC-MBTLS ~ The Incoming Wave Of Shadow Work – Flung At All Of Us By Technology And Social Changes – May Be The Last Straw

~ DNY ~ Do Nothing Yourself

~ CCITSSOS-I-SYAOHCIBAMJ ~ Conspicuous Consumption Includes The Status Symbol Of Servants – Ironically – Supervising Your Army Of Helpers Can Itself Become A Major Job

~ NH-A-YWSBLI-S-D-A-F ~ Neglect Housework – And – You Will Soon Be Living In – Starvation – Disorder – And – Filth

~ TCO-C-C-H-A-SW-AIAI-TMOTS ~ The Convergence Of – Career – Childcare – Housework – And – Shadow Work – Attained Its Apotheosis In – The Myth Of The Superwoman

~ MNDTKTS-LSWAUSBD ~ Millions Now Drive Their Kids To School – Logging Shadow Work As Unpaid School-Bus Drivers

~ WAHIOCS-TIETTGISW ~ When Adults Horn In On Children’s Sports – They Import Elements That Turn Games Into Shadow Work

~ NOTEAOSWIWT ~ Never Overlook The Enormous Amount Of Shadow Work Involved With Transportation

~ SWANCIIOED ~ Shadow-Working Amateurs Now Carve Inroads Into Once Exclusive Domains

~ TNCNSUOOJD-LAJASI-SWJGGOPDWTCOPSETA ~ The New Chores Never Show Up On One’s Job Description – Let Alone Justify A Salary Increase – Shadow Work Just Gets Grafted Onto People’s Duties Without Their Consent Or Sometimes Even Their Awareness

~ RLHSHBAMOTE ~ Receiving Live Human Service Has Become A Mark Of The Elite

~ SWCAOTETRSG ~ Shadow Workers Can Also Pool Their Expertise To Reach Shared Goals

~ SWUSAW-AIDNMTROP ~ Shadow Work Is Still Amateur Work – And It Doesn’t Necessarily Mirror The Result Of Professionals

~ D-CCDDWTTIOAE-PS-SWFTC ~ Disintermediation – Customers Can Deal Directly With The Technology Instead Of An Employee – Payroll Savings – Shadow Work For The Customer

~ RASTSI-DHEWKT ~ Robotics Are Shaping The Service Industries – Displacing Human Exchanges With Kiosk Touchscreens

~ LWUMHS ~ Less Waiting Usually Means Higher Status

~ WCMBASW ~ Warehouse Clubs Mean Bargains And Shadow Work

~ ATK-T-KEIN-‘TTARP’ ~ A Typed Keyboard-To-Keyboard Exchange Is Not – “Talking To A Real Person”

~ WW-DCPOWTBPM ~ Wait Warping – Distorting Consumer’s Perceptions Of Waiting Time By Psychological Manipulation

~ IDSTAOUNHTB-ABB-A-AIO ~ It Does Seem That All Of Us Now Have Two Bodies – A Biological Body – And – An Informational One

~ SDC ~ Sexy Data Crunchers

~ DHEAANR-WTBT ~ Data Has Emerged As Another Natural Resource – Waiting To Be Tapped

~ DSNOEBAUAOAOO ~ Data Seekers Massage Our Egos By Asking Us About Ourselves And Our Opinions

~ NOKHMPRETAAMWTRO-PFADT ~ No One Knows How Many Phony Reviews Escape The Algorithm And Mingle With The Real Ones – Professional Forgers Are Definitely Trying

~ EAIAASWRCMTHEWABFWP ~ Establishing An Identity As A Shadow-Working Reviewer Can Massage The Hungry Ego With A Bona Fide Web Presence

~ EWYTOAA ~ Everyone Wants You To Open An Account

~ YPNOGATYDBMATPYP ~ Your Profile Not Only Guides Advertising To Your Doorstep But May Adjust The Price You Pay

~ TTTA-TLSSOSW-TLMI-BFCON-TCCABFSW ~ Taxation Trumps Them All – The Largest Single Source Of Shadow Work – The Law Mandates It – But Freely Chosen Or Not – Tax Compliance Counts As Bona Fide Shadow Work

~ PWOTDS-MPNRPSW ~ Privacy Was Once The Default Setting – Maintaining Privacy Now Requires Proactive Shadow Work

~ NSAUWAMS-‘PF’~ Nerd Serfdom Afflicts Us With A Modern Syndrome – “Password Fatigue”

~ DSTT ~ Deleting Spam Takes Time

~ TDGRIUW ~ The Data Gold Rush Is Under Way

~ R-IYGTTRACT-CAS-O-GPST ~ Resist – If Your Government Tries To Require All Citizens To – Carry A Smartphone – Or – GPS Transmitter

~ WOYD-YIB-MSBACAIATOO-AONR ~ Who Owns Your Data – Your Informational Body – May Someday Be As Contentious An Issue As The Ownership Of – Any Other Natural Resource

~ BAONLJSPAPS-TAALTADOTC ~ Business And Organizations No Longer Just Sell Products And Provide Series – They All Are Looking To Assemble Data On Their Customers

~ SWWG-IRBAOIWTAI ~ Shadow Work Will Grow – It Rewards Businesses And Organizations In Ways That Are Irresistible

~ ASWMIODR-IWA-SH-EP-A-L ~ As Shadow Work Merges Into Our Daily Routines – It Will Affect – Social Habits – Economic Patterns – And – Lifestyles

~ IIHTOTIOCWTRWOYOM-IIBTS ~ It Is Hard To Overstate The Importance Of Connecting With The Real World Outside Your Own Mind – Interconnectedness Is Basic To Survival

~ RMIBPTPAEOAS ~ Robots Might Instill Behavior Patterns That Produce An Epidemic Of Asperger Syndrome

~ TBOBIAHC-COTDTAEOSB-SSA-AWATDN-STTEMHAB ~ The Breakdown Of Bonds In A Human Community – Can Open The Door To An Epidemic Of Sociopathic Behavior – Some Social Analysts – As Well As The Daily News – Suggest That The Epidemic May Have Already Begun

~ TVOLIAMOTFCL ~ The Vanishing Of Leisure Is A Mystery Of Twenty-First Century Life

~ TMOSSRORSI ~ The Motive Of Social Status Routinely Outweighs Rational Self-Interest

~ TIOLMIVTTPOOB-ATAM-THDOOFT-STVAANRATS ~ The Innocence Of Leisure Makes It Vulnerable To The Predations Of Organized Bodies – And There Are Many – That Have Designs On Our Free Time – Something They View As A Natural Resource Awaiting Their Schemes

~ NA-W/M/T-TT-BTGOTI-T ~ Now Abide – Work / Money / Time – These Three – But The Greatest Of These Is – Time

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