~ TROCC ~ The Rise Of Collaborative Consumption

~ SSS ~ Self-Storage Self

~ BFTMPII‘JS’WNLWCOHBPTSA ~ But For The Most Part, It Is “Just Stuff” We No Longer Want Cluttering Our Homes But Pay To Store Anyway

~ TTYOEUOY ~ The Things You Own End Up Owning You

~ WWHTAMSBFUBTIASBBAFTITP ~ We Work Hard To Acquire More Stuff But Feel Unfulfilled Because There Is Always Something Better, Bigger, And Faster Than In The Present

~ NODTTWOFUOCAOL-BTAFOM ~ Not Only Do The Things We Own Fill Up Our Closets And Our Lives – But They Also Fill Our Minds

~ GT ~ Gruen Transfer

~ ‘PO’A‘CFCS’-OWNBNJITPI-BIOM ~”Perceived Obsolescence” And “Change For Change’s Sake” – Obsolescence Was Now Built Not Just Into The Product Itself – But Into Our Minds

~ TMSATWSDTASIOL-TLRWHFOP ~ The More Space And Time We Spend Dedicated To Accumulating Stuff In Our Lives – The Less Room We Have For Other People

~ ‘AC’ ~ “Autistic Capitalism”

~ M&R-AHB-AATCOOE ~ Mutualism And Reciprocity – Are Hardwired Human Behaviors – And Are The Core Of Our Existence

~ WARHTCVOOSAORIWTBPSIWTGOTLC ~ We Are Relearning How To Create Value Out Of Shared And Open Resources In Ways That Balance Personal Self-Interest With The Good Of The Larger Community

~ CCHPBMTTAAI ~ Communities Can Help People Become More Than They Are As Individual

~ CI ~ Collaborative Individualism

~ PSS-PFTBOAP-WNTOTPO ~ Product Service Systems – Pay For The Benefit Of A Product – Without Needing To Own The Product Outright

~ SIOAUCOCC ~ Sustainability Is Often An Unintended Consequence Of Collaborative Consumption

~ ACGOLAFU-PACMO‘SP’TTFOCCASOST-TCTPBTOEANB ~ A Core Group Of Loyal And Frequent Users – Provide A Critical Mass Of “Social Proof” That These Forms Of Collaborative Consumption Are Something Others Should Try – To Cross The Psychological Barrier That Often Exists Around New Behaviors

~ SP ~ Social Proofing

~ ESPWJOUCCCVFAP-EITWNTI ~ Every Single Person Who Joins Or Uses Collaborative Consumption Creates Value For Another Person – Even If This Was Not The Intention

~ BTO ~ Better Than Ownership

~ CWM ~ Collective Wisdom Of Members

~ PTPR ~ Peer-To-Peer Renting

~ TSE ~ The Service Economy

~ TFE ~ The Functional Economy

~ IHY-SEHM ~ I’ll Help You – Someone Else Helps Me

~ ‘GE’ ~ “Gift Economy”

~ OILOF ~ Our Inner Ledger Of Fairness

~ SOTF ~ Shadow Of The Future

~ WAAITT ~ We Are All In This Together

~ FDO-CCB-IITC ~ From Day One – Collaborative Consumption Brands – Invest In The Community

~ RBA ~ Reputation Bank Account

~ RIAPRTIIBUWRACTNOO ~ Reputation Is A Personal Reward That Is Intimately Bound Up With Respecting And Considering The Needs Of Others

~ RC-ACTBTBS-A-MOBITC ~ Reputation Capital – A Currency To Build Trust Between Strangers – And – Manage Our Belief In The Commons

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