~ AATDT-‘C’-OC-MITCOPIAPOTC ~ Any Attempt To Define The – “Content” – Of Change – Must Include The Consequences Of Pace Itself As Part Of That Content

~ UISATTCI-MOHBWFT-ID-PITDRWTE ~ Unless Intelligent Steps Are Taken To Combat It – Millions Of Human Beings Will Find Themselves – Increasingly Disoriented – Progressively Incompetent To Deal Rationally With Their Environments

~ TSIOANCOAOO-HOLAPINAUS ~ The Super-Imposition Of A New Culture On An Old One – Hammering Our Lives And Psyches Into New And Unfamiliar Shapes

~ TTAS ~ The Throw-Away Society

~ WDATAMTMOTAP ~ We Develop A Throw-Away Mentality To Match Our Throw-Away Products

~ TCOH ~ The Collapse Of Hierarchy

~ BLNBGTWOPOOB ~ Before Long Nations May Go To War Over Patches Of Ocean Bottom

~ EHGDIATCAC ~ Economists Have Great Difficulty Imagining Alternatives To Communism And Capitalism

~ NISWBOTTCBIHBABTOBETIIPL ~ No Important Service Will Be Offered To The Consumer Before It Has Been Analyzed By Teams Of Behavioral Engineers To Improve Its Psychic Loading

~ EI ~ Experiential Industries

~ TEOS ~ The Economics Of Sanity

~ TFF ~ The Fractured Family

~ TM ~ Temporary Marriage

~ FTCATWC-RTFTI-BS-C-D-A-C-TITIIO ~ For There Comes A Time When Choice – Rather Than Freeing The Individual – Becomes So – Complex – Difficult – And – Costly – That It Turns Into Its Opposite

~ TFS ~ The Fun Specialists

~ DS-CANBTPPODM ~ Decision Stress – Change And Novelty Boost The Psychic Price Of Decision-Making

~ EOTP ~ Enclaves Of The Past

~ OTPI-BTSEAPHAE ~ Our Technological Powers Increase – But The Side Effects And Potential Hazards Also Escalate

~ OLIVEAR ~ On-Line Interactive Vicarious Expediter And Responder

~ WSBRFCTAEOT? ~ Who Should Be Responsible For Correcting The Adverse Effects Of Technology?

~ ATPIVOTF-TAPOTFTNPDS-T-OWFWC ~ Arguing That Planning Imposes Values On The Future – The Anti-Planners Overlook The Fact That Non-Planning Does So – Too – Often With Far Worse Consequence

~ EPABSDAHSWIBTCACN-TTDTVISEFTMOC ~ Econocentric Premises Are Buried So Deeply And Held So Widely In Both The Capitalist And Communists Nations – That They Distort The Very Information Systems Essential For The Management Of Change

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