~ DYKWMYH? ~ Do You Know What Makes You Happy?

~ IMBHTBTSTA-R-B-A-PH-HOASTALIOAH-BTEIF ~ It May Be Hard To Believe That Such Things As – Riches – Beauty – And – Perfect Health – Have Only A Short-Term And Limited Influence On Achieving Happiness – But The Evidence Is Formidable

~ NOBYKOSTYHHYTA ~ No One But You Knows Or Should Tell You How Happy You Truly Are

~ HINOTFUTF-IIU ~ Happiness Is Not Out There For Us To Find – It’s Inside Us

~ HBARAABRATSOPC ~ Human Beings Are Remarkably Adept At Becoming Rapidly Accustomed To Sensory Or Physiologic Changes

~ THSP-YGDPFH(OU)AF50%OTDBYAEE ~ The Happiness Set Point – Your Genetically Determined Predisposition For Happiness (Or Unhappiness) Accounts For 50 Percent Of The Differences Between You And Everyone Else

~ TAGDORTIOHBTTWD ~ There’s A Great Deal Of Room To Improve Our Happiness By The Things We Do – Our Intentional Activities

~ TFOHCBF-IHYB-WYT-AWGYSEDOYL ~ The Fountain Of Happiness Can Be Found – In How You Behave – What You Think – And What Goals You Set Every Day Of Your Life

~ HYT-AY-YW-A-OP-IMITYHTTOCOYL ~ How You Think – About Yourself – Your World – And – Other People – Is More Important To Your Happiness Than The Objective Circumstances Of Your Life

~ EGDPALLOCI-AHATMB-CHY-A-MO-A-PBA ~ Expressing Gratefulness During Personal Adversity Like Loss Or Chronic Illness – As Hard As That Might Be – Can Help You – Adjust – Move On – And – Perhaps Begin Anew

~ GJ ~ Gratitude Journal

~ TEOGMBPEWDD ~ The Expression Of Gratitude May Be Particularly Effective When Done Directly

~ SWAGL-ANSOODI-ETPSBIH ~ Simply Writing A Gratitude Letter – And Not Sending Or Otherwise Delivering It – Enough To Produce Substantial Boosts In Happiness

~ BOIACAHYSTW-IDMDTNOAAUI-IADMCTTCSTCBC ~ Being Optimistic Involves A Choice About How You See The World – It Doesn’t Mean Denying The Negative Or Avoiding All Unfavorable Information – It Also Doesn’t Mean Constantly Trying To Control Situations That Cannot Be Controlled

~ OA-M-NL-VORAT(TDHTBO)-AOAVMATPOADOTE(TDWAFGTTH) ~ Optimists Are – More – Not Less – Vigilant Of Risks And Threats (They Don’t Have Their Blinders On) – And Optimists Are Very Much Aware That Positive Outcomes Are Dependent On Their Efforts (They Don’t Wait Around For Good Things To Happen)

~ SFR ~ Self-Focused Rumination

~ TETOIBFYINVAO ~ The Evidence That Overthinking Is Bad For You Is Now Vast And Overwhelming

~ TMSCYM-TMLYATEUC-ATMSYATSC-TMLYATSTNC ~ The More Social Comparisons You Make – The More Likely You Are To Encounter Unfavorable Comparisons – And The More Sensitive You Are To Social Comparisons – The More Likely You Are To Suffer Their Negative Consequences

~ YCBEAHATST ~ You Can’t Be Envious And Happy At The Same Time

~ DOT ~ Dodge Overthinking Triggers

~ TITBP ~ Take In The Big Picture

~ IISC ~ Investing In Social Connections

~ PAOKINOGFTRBAGFTD-TIVBBGAWTSMPH ~ Practicing Acts Of Kindness Is Not Only Good For The Recipient But Also Good For The Doer – This Is Because Being Generous And Willing To Share Makes People Happy

~ ASTIKBIAEWTEH ~ A Strategy To Increase Kind Behaviors Is An Effective Way To Elevate Happiness

~ WDDKDMPH?-LUCTW ~ Why Does Doing Kind Deeds Make People Happy? – Let Us Count The Ways

~ ‘HH’ ~ “Helper’s High”

~ PFC ~ Problem-Focused Coping

~ EFC ~ Emotion-Focused Coping

~ SS-OOTMECSTE ~ Social Support – One Of The Most Effective Coping Strategies That Exist

~ TQOSSIJAIAWYHI ~ The Quality Of Social Support Is Just As Important As Whether You Have It

~ FM ~ Finding Meaning

~ TBOEJW-FYTOAI-WAEHSAM-ISMMMAC ~ The Benefits Of Expressive Journal Writing – Forces You To Organize And Integrate – When An Experience Has Structure And Meaning – It Seems Much More Manageable And Controllable

~ TD-DOCYOPT ~ Thought Disputation – Disputing Or Challenging Your Own Pessimistic Thoughts

~ FMBTOFTCDTCOAAVIWWOFO ~ Forgiveness May Be The One Factor That Can Disrupt The Cycle Of Avoidance And Vengeance In Which We Often Find Ourselves

~ FINR-IDNNITROTRWTT ~ Forgiveness Is Not Reconciliation – It Does Not Necessarily Involve The Reestablishment Of The Relationship With The Transgressor

~ FDNM-E-O-DOH-O-UTAWHO ~ Forgiveness Does Not Mean – Excusing – Or – Denial Of Harm – Or Unwillingness To Accept What Had Occurred

~ CTBOHHYMTTOOYHY-ERCTI ~ Clinging To Bitterness Or Hate Harms You More Than The Object Of Your Hatred – Empirical Research Confirms This Insight

~ TITFIAWPRODOR-WFAAPTMO ~ The Inability To Forgive Is Associated With Persistent Rumination Or Dwelling On Revenge – While Forgiving Allows A Person To Move On

~ ABF ~ Appreciate Being Forgiven

~ IF ~ Imagine Forgiveness

~ ROE ~ Relish Ordinary Experiences

~ DYNASTPOTD-ODYDTT? ~ Do You Notice And Savor The Pleasures Of The Day – Or Do You Dash Through Them?

~ CGN ~ Celebrate Good News

~ BOTBAE ~ Be Open To Beauty And Excellence

~ SWYC ~ Savor With Your Camera

~ IG-WTGTAPIARTYIMLTBYHTWTGTANFC ~ Intrinsic Goals – Working Toward Goals That Are Personally Involving And Rewarding To You Is More Likely To Bring You Happiness Than Working Toward Goals That Are Not Freely Chosen

~ OYG ~ Own Your Goals

~ C-WP ~ Commit – With Passion

~ CIEPWMIFOOP ~ Commitment Is Especially Potent When Made In Front Of Other People

~ CSFP ~ Create Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

~ BF ~ Be Flexible

~ SMAP ~ Seek Meaning And Purpose

~ FTSIOL ~ Find The Sacred In Ordinary Life

~ AAOSHSTMHMPEOAPHAPE ~ An Avalanche Of Studies Has Shown That Meditation Has Multiple Positive Effects On A Person’s Happiness And Positive Emotions

~ TSAGMBABGIAM ~ That Seriousness And Greatness Must Be Accompanied By Grumpiness Is A Myth

~ TIOVIDBBEAAE ~ The Importance Of Variety Is Demonstrated By Both Empirical And Anecdotal Evidence

~ TWOMACE ~ The Wonders Of Motivated And Committed Effort

~ TCFUIH ~ The Cure For Unhappiness Is Happiness

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