~ WMPLICP-BALPOTATIDUC-TESIPAROE ~ When Many People Live In Close Proximity – But A Large Portion Of Them Are Trapped In Deprived, Unhealthy Conditions – The Entire Society Is Put At Risk Of Extinction

~ MFB-WEOPCEPTCEI-‘SL’-GFNBGALSOC ~ Many Famines Begin – When Economic Or Political Circumstances Encourage People To Convert Environments Into – “Specialized Landscapes” – Good For Nothing But Growing A Limited Set Of Crops

~ IYHNM-YHNVITM ~ If You Have No Money – You Have No Voice In The Market

~ ESAF ~ Every Surface A Farm

~ TAGTGW ~ Things Are Going To Get Weird

~ ALAWKE-HIGTS ~ As Long As We Keep Exploring – Humanity Is Going To Survive


~ WTNCFTC-IRS-IWNAC ~ When The Nazis Came For The Communists – I Remained Silent – I Was Not A Communist

~ WTLUTSD-IRS-IWNASD ~ When They Locked Up The Social Democrats – I Remained Silent – I Was Not A Social Democrat

~ WTCFTTU-IDNSO-IWNATU ~ When They Came For The Trade Unionists – I Did Not Speak Out – I Was Not A Trade Unionist

~ WTCFTJ-IRS-IWNAJ ~ When They Came For The Jews – I Remained Silent – I Was Not A Jew

~ WTCFM-TWNOLTSO ~ When They Came For Me – There Was No One Left To Speak Out


~ CBVEWTSIMASOGC-ATEATTFATRITW ~ Children Become Very Excited When They Succeed In Meeting A Series Of Graduated Challenges – And This Excitement Allows Them To Focus And Take Risks In Their Work

~ PCSTTITCWEIASOITABWTRG ~ People Cling Stubbornly To The Idea That Children Will Excel In A Subject Only If They Are Blessed With The Right Genes

~ AGBOEITSOCNSTTVMOCABWTATLAATTBIPUMLIL ~ A Growing Body Of Evidence In The Study Of Cognition Now Shows That The Vast Majority Of Children Are Born With The Ability To Learn Anything And That The Brain Is Plastic Until Much Later In Life

~ AAWOPTNEWHASOC ~ As Adults We Often Project The Negative Experiences We Had At School Onto Children

~ FSAPCCDLAAF(EITS)-AAIATSASOOM ~ Factors Such As Passion, Confidence, Creativity, Diligence, Luck And Artistic Flair (Even In The Sciences) – Are As Important As The Speed And Sharpness Of One’s Mind

~ TLAFISIUL ~ The Least Acknowledged Factor In Success Is Undoubtedly Luck

~ TSESTCABWREP-ATWBOTILAMONNN ~ The Scientific Evidence Suggests That Children Are Born With Roughly Equal Potential – And That What Becomes Of Them Is Largely A Matter Of Nurture, Not Nature

~ BCLOCASOSWLDWTL-TCECADATBSOSASAOAI ~ Because Children’s Level Of Confidence And Sense Of Self Will Largely Determine What They Learn – Teachers Can Easily Create Artificial Differences Among Them By Singling Out Some As Superior And Others As Inferior

~ CMELTDWF-ATMLTSPTAEAOETS ~ Children Must Eventually Learn To Deal With Failure – And They Must Learn That Some Problems Take An Enormous Amount Of Effort To Solve

~ HAITMIJBOVLK-AWSTOJ ~ Humans Are Inclined To Make Instant Judgements Based On Very Little Knowledge – And We Stick To Our Judgements

~ IHTSEHASTECATTPWL-ICITWBLGAFR-B-ICAITTWBM ~ It’s Hard To Say Exactly How A Society That Educated Children According To Their Potential Would Look – I Can Imagine There Would Be Less Government And Fewer Regulations – But – I Can Also Imagine That There Would Be More

~ CNTDSQITATRTFPAMOS-TQ-WWCENICIWCT-A-ASOW-ASOR-ASOE-A-ASOH ~ Children Need To Develop Several Qualities If They Are To Realize Their Full Potential As Members Of Society – These Qualities – Which We Could Easily Nurture In Children If We Chose To – Are – A Sense Of Wonder – A Sense Of Risk – A Sense Of Empathy – And – A Sense Of Hope

~ OGLARUOCAE-OTRSOE-AHQSECA ~ Our Generation Lacks Any Real Understanding Of Cause And Effect – Of The Relative Size Of Effects – And How Quickly Small Effects Can Accumulate

~ TGAOCITPWPFTTHV-TGDITTWAPFTTAW ~ The Great Advantage Of Capitalism Is That People Will Pay For Things That Have Value – The Great Disadvantage Is That They Will Also Pay For Things That Are Worthless

~ CCWIPDHTNLOCAOUOTNWTCTRCOVOTGTPOTRIIPTG ~ Capitalism Can’t Work If People Don’t Have The Necessary Logical Or Conceptual Abilities Or Understanding Of The Natural World To Calculate The Real Cost Or Value Of The Goods They Produce Or The Risks Involved In Producing Those Goods

~ TITTFMWEAFORPFTTTFAWTBAS-ROHSOSTPWABASHTB-ICN ~ The Idea That The Free Market Will Establish A Fair Or Rational Price For The Things That Free Agents Wish To Buy And Sell – Regardless Of How Selfish Or Stupid The People Who Are Buying And Selling Happen To Be – Is Clearly Nonsense

~ CDHTCTPTOTF-ITCSAPISU-FMYTWB-ISOETTC-TTACODWTSTMTATIIWTSAAA-BTWNKTF ~ Children Do Have The Capacity To Pick Themselves Off The Floor – If They Can See A Point In Standing Up – For Many Years They Will Believe – In Spite Of Evidence To The Contrary – That They Are Capable Of Doing Whatever They Set Their Minds To And That It Is Worth Trying Something Again And Again – But They Will Not Keep Trying Forever

~ CWNFTEPUWRHIFTHSMPO ~ Children Will Never Fulfil Their Extraordinary Potential Until We Remember How It Felt To Have So Much Potential Ourselves


~ CAVE ~ Citizens Against Virtually Everything

~ BANANA ~ Build Absolutely Nothing Anymore Near Anyone

~ NOPE ~ Not On Planet Earth

~ CHBE ~ Corporations Have Been Enthroned ~ Abraham Lincoln

~ EE-EP-EM ~ Establishment Economics – Establishment Politics – Establishment Media ~ Bernie Sanders

~ OI ~ Organized Irresponsibility ~ William Dugger ~ Corporate Hegemony

~ IOTAP-NEHWMAAE-PHD-SBPSPPEFACC-BNAH-M-IWEW ~ In Other Times And Places – Not Everyone Has Wanted Money Above All Else – People Have Desired – Salvation, Beauty, Power, Strength, Pleasure, Propriety, Explanation, Food, Adventure, Conquest, Comfort – But Now And Here – Money – Is What Everyone Wants ~ Jacob Needleman

~ EFI ~ Exotic Financial Instruments

~ HINJAG-HITFG ~ Hockey Is Not Just A Game – Hockey Is The First Game ~ George Fosty + Darril Fosty ~ Splendid Is The Sun

~ IYWTBASOTB-APTCOYOS-TLTBCM ~ If You Want To Be Slave Of The Bankers – And Pay The Costs Of Your Own Slavery – Then Let The Banks Create Money ~ Josiah Stamp

~ DGBTWWCFTDOBMMAM ~ Don’t Go Blaming The White Working Class For The Dysfunction Of Big Money, Media And Manipulation ~ Charlie Angus

~ TTPIAPOTMVC-TTRTRATSFTWSTB-IINAWL ~ This Troubled Planet Is A Place Of The Most Violent Contrasts – Those That Receive The Rewards Are Totally Separated From Those Who Shoulder The Burdens – It Is Not A Wise Leadership ~ Spock ~ “The Cloud Minders” ~ Star Trek ~ 28-02-1969

~ IKAHT-TATTWSOTNBI-BLGBHWIIRACP-AAA-LFBPN ~ Ideas, Knowledge, Art, Hospitality, Travel – These Are The Things Which Should Of Their Nature Be International – But Let Goods Be Homespun Whenever It Is Reasonably And Conveniently Possible – And Above All – Let Finance Be Primarily National ~ John Maynard Keynes


~ ISHATTGTT‘EOC’ ~ Innovative Systems Have A Tendency To Gravitate Toward The “Edge Of Chaos”

~ TAP-ATWIWTPCRI ~ The Adjacent Possible – All The Ways In Which The Present Can Reinvent Itself

~ GIANCOOTA-TABOOACOEP ~ Good Ideas Are Not Conjured Out Of Thin Air – They Are Built Out Of A Collection Of Existing Parts

~ TMPTFGGIR-ACOH-AAT-TS ~ The Most Productive Tool For Generating Good Ideas Remains – A Circle Of Humans – At A Table – Talking Shop

~ ASLNOTIITAOSCBATCLE ~ A Shockingly Large Number Of Transformative Ideas In The Annals Of Science Can Be Attributed To Contaminated Laboratory Environments

~ WWW-WHTCOA-ANS-WBOIODUNDITAP-BIDFUTLFT ~ When We’re Wrong – We Have To Challenge Our Assumptions – Adopt New Strategies – Being Wrong On Its Own Doesn’t Unlock New Doors In The Adjacent Possible – But It Does Force Us To Look For Them

~ MOHGIMTBACDCEWTOPWR ~ Many Of History’s Great Innovators Managed To Build A Cross-Disciplinary Coffeehouse Environment Within Their Own Private Work Routines

~ ‘ST’-OPTCSFASOHOD-YTOPLITMOCT ~ “Serial Tasking” – One Project Takes Center Stage For A Series Of Hours Or Days – Yet The Other Projects Linger In The Margins Of Consciousness Throughout

~ CFTCM ~ Chance Favours The Connected Mind

~ OAOP-GICCFA ~ On An Open Platform – Good Ideas Can Come From Anywhere

~ HB-LTC-IEM-DBASI-BMOTKTTPTIRWIOWTSC-‘CI’ ~ History Books – Like To Condense – Into Eureka Moments – Dominated By A Single Inventor – But Most Of The Key Technologies That Powered The Industrial Revolution Were Instances Of What The Scholars Call – “Collective Invention”

~ AOTBE-FIWISI-TPI-AOTANE ~ All Other Things Being Equal – Financial Incentives Will Indeed Spur Innovation – The Problem Is – All Other Things Are Never Equal

~ FFU-TCINBDMACACS-MOTHOIAOTPCHLIALFSBTTR ~ Fortunately For Us – The Choice Is Not Between Decentralized Markets And Command-And-Control States – Much Of The History Of Intellectual Achievement Over These Past Centuries Has Lived In A Less Formal Space Between Those Two Regimes

~ TWOMLDNEEFTPCBPF-TAEFON ~ The Wonders Of Modern Life Did Not Emerge Exclusively From The Proprietary Clash Between Private Firms – They Also Emerged From Open Networks

~ TMTGTOIAAOP-IOACB-TBIWBFAOU-CAAAEA ~ The More The Government Thinks Of Itself As An Open Platform – Instead Of A Centralized Bureaucracy – The Better It Will Be For All Of Us – Citizens And Activists And Entrepreneurs Alike


~ OCD ~ Online Crap Detection ~ Howard Rheingold ~ Netsmart

~ TLAFISIUL ~ The Least Acknowledged Factor In Success Is Undoubtedly Luck ~ John Mighton ~ The End Of Ignorance

~ THD ~ The Historically Disenfranchised ~ Dave Chappelle

~ TBTTMFIBYNT ~ The Best Time To Make Friends Is Before You Need Them ~ Ethel Barrymore

~ WTMSG-ID-ICSOS ~ When The Monster Stops Growing – It Dies – It Can’t Stay One Size ~ John Steinbeck ~ The Grapes Of Wrath (1939)

~ TCTAMLTCTYT-ATIHMFTYWHT ~ The Crisis Takes A Much Longer Time Coming Than You Think – And Then It Happens Much Faster Than You Would Have Thought ~ Rudiger Dornbusch

~ ITE-TSOPKLO-ATSOPKW ~ In The End – The Same Old People Keep Losing Out – And The Same Old People Keep Winning ~ Michelle Bachelet

~ WTCDOACBABPOTAOAC-TJILTBID ~ When The Capital Development Of A Country Becomes A By-Product Of The Activities Of A Casino – The Job Is Likely To Be Ill Done ~ John Keynes ~ General Theory Of Employment, Interest And Money (1936)

~ LCAPDWTBSA ~ Legal Chicanery And Pitch Darkness Were The Banker’s Stoutest Allies ~ Ferdinand Pecora ~ Wall Street Under Oath (1939)

~ ARLIGAAPU ~ A Risk-Loving Industry Guaranteed As A Public Utility ~ Martin Wolf ~ Why Banking Is An Accident Waiting To Happen

~ YSMAHUS-AIWSYAPS ~ You Show Me A Highly Unequal Society – And I Will Show You A Police State ~ Nick Hanauer ~ 2014

~ FG-FM-FJ-FFS-FIN-A-FIG ~ Fake Growth – Fake Money – Fake Jobs – Fake Financial Stability – Fake Inflation Numbers – And – Fake Income Growth ~ Paul Singer

~ MOTTYCCDC-MOTTYCCRC ~ Many Of The Things You Can Count Don’t Count – Many Of The Things You Can’t Count Really Count ~ William Bruce Cameron ~ Informal Sociology (1963)

~ APAACATL ~ All Professions Are A Conspiracy Against The Laity ~ George Shaw ~ The Doctor’s Dilemma (1906)

~ ACE ~ Acute Crisis Event

~ SCATATOHHARTWU ~ Some Critics Argue That A Tsunami Of Hogwash Has Already Rendered The Web Useless ~ Howard Rheingold ~ Netsmart

~ ESAF ~ Every Surface A Farm ~ Annalee Newitz ~ Scatter, Adapt, And Remember

~ PRTHMSS-T1980-FTDAAGCOOATT ~ Political Rituals That Haven’t Made Sense Since – The 1980s – Feathered Tribesmen Dancing Around A God Carved Out Of A Tree Trunk ~ Marc Munroe Dion ~ Fall River Herald-News ~ 04-10-2015

~ TPSS ~ Third-Party Spy Service ~ Who Owns The Future ~ Jason Lanier

~ UMDAWOAD ~ Ultrasecret Mega-Dossiers About What Others Are Doing ~ Who Owns The Future ~ Jason Lanier

~ FTFYM~ Flabby Think-For-Yourself Muscles ~ Howard Rheingold ~ Netsmart

~ TIYBOTI ~ This Is Your Brain On The Internet

~ TCOCTTPEDMAYITROI-TTOULTAASTTMOG-BFNSFVAR ~ The Carnival Of Carnage That Takes Place Every Day, Month And Year In The Realm Of Industry – The Thousands Of Useful Lives That Are Annually Sacrificed To The Moloch Of Greed – Brings Forth No Shout For Vengeance And Reparation ~ 1898

~ MIHSIC ~ Medical Insurance Health System Industrial Complex

~ AB-JF ~ Ain’t Broken – Just Fixed

~ TEEIWMLIHMMVIAE-IFCTTOMAAIS ~ The Exaggerated Esteem In Which My Lifework Is Held Makes Me Very Ill At Ease – I Feel Compelled To Think Of Myself As An Involuntary Swindler ~ Albert Einstein

~ RC ~ Rational Carelessness ~ Andrew Haldane

~ NHISIDTL ~ Moral Hazard Is Something I Don’t Take Lightly ~ Henry Paulson ~ 15-09-2008

~ NE ~ New Economy ~ Alan Greenspan

~ TC-DC-PTC;PTB-WPESTITSPOS ~ They Count – Deluded Creatures – On The Continued Liberality Of The Banks – Whose Persuasive Entreaties Seduced Them Into The Slippery Paths Of Speculation ~ Willam Legget ~ 1833

~ RO ~ Respectable Opinion

~ SWASAO-TTDIFTB-FLLTIOAWI ~ Something We Are Seeing All Over – The Top Detaching Itself From The Bottom – Feeling Little Loyalty To It Or Affiliation With It ~ Peggy Noonan ~ 11-08-2016

~ INSTBWSBARN-AINSWMTMITWG ~ I’m Not Sure These Big Wall Street Banks Are Really Necessary – And I’m Not Sure We’d Miss Them Much If They Were Gone ~ Steven Landsburg

~ CRP ~ Corporate Rights Pact

~ NMWYVF-TGAGI ~ No Matter Who You Vote For – The Government Always Gets In


~ PTAWTHTSWTWT ~ People Take Action When They Hear Themselves Say Why They Want To

~ PCTYADLTTWTCDS-BWTTYWTWTDI-TWTSTH ~ People Can Tell You All Day Long That They Wish They Could Do Something – But When They Tell You Why They Want To Do It – That’s When Things Start To Happen

~ GSTTYW-AAIASTF ~ Get Someone To Tell You Why – And Action Is Almost Sure To Follow

~ FOATBOMWMBTAAR-ETSHOMWMB ~ Focusing On Any Tiny Bit Of Motivation Works Much Better That Asking About Resistance – Even The Slightest Hint Of Motivation Works Much Better

~ WTTIOBTTATTTTWHITDDWWWTTO-OTOMWB ~ We Try To Influence Others By Telling Them All The Terrible Things That Will Happen If They Don’t Do What We Want Them To Do – Other Types Of Motivation Work Better

~ GF-SITFOROMPMR-WRAAFOMALTHPR-TBOD-RTTDOND ~ Gain Framing – Studies Indicate That Focusing On Resistance Only Makes People More Resistant – Whereas Reinforcing Autonomy And Focusing On Motivation Are Likely To Have Positive Results – The Benefits Of Doing – Rather Than The Downside Of Not Doing

~ WTTGHUOTH ~ We Tend To Get Hung Up On The How