~ TIABWIG-TPDOTOOCOSOCSOJAWATAA ~ There Is A Basic Weakness In Governments – Their Power Depends On The Obedience Of Citizens, Of Soldiers, Of Civil Servants, Of Journalists And Writers And Teachers And Artists

~ IINATCTA-BIYDHNOBOAC-IIITIPWD ~ It Is Not Accurate To Call Them Accidents – Because If You Drop Huge Numbers Of Bombs On A City – It Is Inevitable That Innocent People Will Die

~ TLNAWTHBSL-IDOATIBAU-IIAMV ~ To Live Now As We Think Human Beings Should Live – In Defiance Of All That Is Bad Around Us – Is Itself A Marvelous Victory

~ WOGOMAOIOHL-SCEFRAIO-WHTRTSTMI ~ When Our Government, Our Media, And Our Institutions Of Higher Learning – Select Certain Events For Remembering And Ignore Others – We Have The Responsibility To Supply The Missing Information

~ HSWLOLIASTMBHMAMD? ~ How Shall We Live Our Lives In A Society That Makes Being Human More And More Difficult?

~ WMRTWCDOTGOTWTAW-BTATEITRBFW-T-WTPOTW-MTUTC ~ We Must Recognize That We Cannot Depend On The Governments Of The World To Abolish War – Because They And The Economic Interests They Represent Benefit From War – Therefore – We, The People Of The World – Must Take Up The Challenge

~ WYLATHOW-YSHWCEI ~ When You Look At The History Of Wars – You See How War Corrupts Everyone Involved

~ TCTGP=TO-BOSC-BWANBTHTC ~ The Committees That Give Prizes Are – Too Often – Bereft Of Social Conscience – But We Are Not Bound To Honor Their Choices

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