~ LFTP ~ Learn From The Past

~ DDSC-EARSCCLTBABT-ASHC-CCROPC ~ Don’t Despise Small Changes – Even A Really Small Change Can Lead To Bigger And Better Things – A Single Healthy Change – Can Create Ripples Of Positive Change

~ TBNITYD-TGNITYD ~ The Bad News Is That You’re Dissatisfied – The Good News Is That You’re Dissatisfied

~ WYD-DLY ~ When You’re Dreaming – Don’t Limit Yourself

~ EYRTNTAI ~ Expose Yourself Regularly To New Thoughts And Ideas

~ IY ~ Inspire Yourself

~ TCFTCR-MADAFIT ~ The Cure For The Common Rut – Make A Decision And Follow It Through

~ EYTBI ~ Expose Yourself To Bigger Ideas

~ LYWAVSEFAW ~ Leave Your World And Visit Someone Else’s For A While

~ VYSIADS ~ Volunteer Your Services In A Different Setting

~ YWC?-FYLWETMY-A-T-O-F-IWTDFYRCZ ~ You Want Change? – Fill Your Life With Experiences That Make You – Act – Think – Or – Feel – In Ways That Differ From Your Regular Comfort Zone

~ FYTWTKOEAMTTHTPTRYW ~ Fill Your Time With The Kind Of Encouraging And Motivating Things That Have The Potential To Rock Your World

~ TOSPYKWAADI-ATTSWYTTFHTPTHETTBSS-WATDTICIIML? ~ Think Of Six People You Know Who Are Already Doing It – Ask Them To Share With You Three To Five Habits They Practice That Have Enabled Them To Be So Successful – What Are They Doing That I Can Incorporate Into My Life?

~ YWTEATH?-SAIWSG ~ You Want To End A Troublesome Habit? – Start Associating It With Something Gross

~ TSS-DHAHEDTCAPOMADCT-YWBSAWYCABAAFMADOAEPOT ~ The Sitcom Solution – Devote Half An Hour Every Day To Completing A Project Or Making A Dream Come True – You Will Be Surprised At What You Can Accomplish By Applying A Few Minutes A Day Over An Extended Period Of Time

~ EAPDHUSAMATPWGTTEAP ~ Events And People Don’t Hold Us Back As Much As The Power We Give To Those Events And People

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