~ PTAWTHTSWTWT ~ People Take Action When They Hear Themselves Say Why They Want To

~ PCTYADLTTWTCDS-BWTTYWTWTDI-TWTSTH ~ People Can Tell You All Day Long That They Wish They Could Do Something – But When They Tell You Why They Want To Do It – That’s When Things Start To Happen

~ GSTTYW-AAIASTF ~ Get Someone To Tell You Why – And Action Is Almost Sure To Follow

~ FOATBOMWMBTAAR-ETSHOMWMB ~ Focusing On Any Tiny Bit Of Motivation Works Much Better That Asking About Resistance – Even The Slightest Hint Of Motivation Works Much Better

~ WTTIOBTTATTTTWHITDDWWWTTO-OTOMWB ~ We Try To Influence Others By Telling Them All The Terrible Things That Will Happen If They Don’t Do What We Want Them To Do – Other Types Of Motivation Work Better

~ GF-SITFOROMPMR-WRAAFOMALTHPR-TBOD-RTTDOND ~ Gain Framing – Studies Indicate That Focusing On Resistance Only Makes People More Resistant – Whereas Reinforcing Autonomy And Focusing On Motivation Are Likely To Have Positive Results – The Benefits Of Doing – Rather Than The Downside Of Not Doing

~ WTTGHUOTH ~ We Tend To Get Hung Up On The How

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