~ WIBWTLIAWWPWHBSVAOW-LTJATA? ~ Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful To Live In A World Where Pundits Who Had Been So Vocally And Openly Wrong – Lost Their Jobs And Their Audiences?

~ TCEHNOUTTW-IIGFMP-NL ~ The Chinese Economy Has Not Opened Up To The World – It Is Getting Far More Protectionist – Not Less

~ TWOCWANRTAL ~ The Wages Of China’s Workers Are Not Rising To American Levels

~ AEIRFTTWSWIMCSAUUEA ~ America’s Economy Is Rapidly Falling To Third World Standards With Its Middle Class Shrinking And Under Unparalleled Economic Attack

~ TAEIBSNBIIPA‘WI’ – BBIIFTAWOVTAIC ~ The American Economy Is Being Stifled Not Because It Is Protectionist And “Walled In” – But Because It Is Free Trade And Wide-Open Vulnerable To All Its Competitors

~ TCGINBEIKICALAPIDI-IIBS ~ The Chinese Government Is Not Being Evil In Keeping Its Currency Artificially Low And Protecting Its Domestic Industries – It Is Being Smart

~ WMNFIGDTOCTBFWADOTC-TBISTTL-NTOWA ~ When Major Nations Fall Into Gigantic Debt To Other Countries They Become Far Weaker And Dependent On Those Countries – The Borrower Is Servant To The Lender – Never The Other Way Around

~ TSAITOPFMIE-O-NOUFTO-IAULOHTHBUPIECSTIRBIEAQOAMA ~ The Superiority And Inevitable Triumph Of Protected Free-Market Industrial Economies – Over – Naively Open, Unregulated Free-Trade Ones – Is A Universal Law Of History That Has Been Unerringly Proved In Every Case Since The Industrial Revolution Began In England A Quarter Of A Millennium Ago

~ TIAFFTHBTFTGNATAHES-IISTBASEAFEATLOG ~ The Intellectual Argument For Free Trade Has Been Taught For Three Generations Now Across The American Higher Educational System – It Is Supposed To Be As Self-Evident And Factually Established As The Law Of Gravity

~ TCFFTIF-IINMTAIF-UFTITATIEIF-BIDNEIF-INHAINW ~ The Case For Free Trade Is False – It Is Nothing More Than An Intellectual Fantasy – Universal Free Trade In Theory Assumes That It Exists In Fact – But It Does Not Exist In Fact – It Never Has And It Never Will

~ TAACTUFTIAGTDATETTC-NOTRAWAFJASKATCAISMOIAHTJFAWTUFOT-TNITTOJWEBOTCAI ~ They Are All Convinced That Universal Free Trade Is A Good Thing Despite All The Evidence To The Contrary – None Of Them Raised A Whisper As First Japan And South Korea And Then China And India Sucked Millions Of Industrial And High-Tech Jobs From American Workers Through Unfair Terms Of Trade – They Never Imagine That Their Own Jobs Will Ever Be Outsourced To China And India

~ TDIOABITAWIEASIQ-OCCIS ~ The Dominate Ideology Of American Business Is That A Workforce Is Expendable And So Is Quality – Only Cutting Costs Is Sacred

~ FTWWWIT-TOTITIBIRTENWLASETPIIR ~ Free Trade Works Wonderfully Well In Theory – The Only Trouble Is That It Brings Inevitable Ruin To Every Nation Whose Leaders Are Stupid Enough To Practice It In Reality

~ WSOTPFYHRAFTPAI-TWTG-TMTFIFTAAFWI ~ Wall Street Over The Past Forty Years Hasn’t Raised A Finger To Protect American Industry – The Worse Things Got – The More Their Faith In Free Trade And A Flat World Increased

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