~ AI-INA-ST-IIMLA-S ~ An Idea – Is Not A – Single Thing – It Is More Like A – Swarm

~ ISHATTGTT-‘EOC’ ~ Innovative Systems Have A Tendency To Gravitate Toward The – “Edge Of Chaos”

~ TAP-ATWIWTPCRI ~ The Adjacent Possible – All The Ways In Which The Present Can Reinvent Itself

~ GIANCOOTA-TABOOACOEP ~ Good Ideas Are Not Conjured Out Of Thin Air – They Are Built Out Of A Collection Of Existing Parts

~ TMPTFGGIR-ACOH-AAT-TS ~ The Most Productive Tool For Generating Good Ideas Remains – A Circle Of Humans – At A Table – Talking Shop

~ ASLNOTIITAOSCBATCLE ~ A Shockingly Large Number Of Transformative Ideas In The Annals Of Science Can Be Attributed To Contaminated Laboratory Environments

~ WWW-WHTCOA-ANS-WBOIODUNDITAP-B-IDFUTLFT ~ When We’re Wrong – We Have To Challenge Our Assumptions – Adopt New Strategies – Being Wrong On Its Own Doesn’t Unlock New Doors In The Adjacent Possible – But – It Does Force Us To Look For Them

~ IE-TO-UM-A-SWTDO-QC-OT ~ Innovative Environments – Thrive On – Useful Mistakes – And – Suffer When The Demands Of – Quality Control – Overwhelm Them

~ E-AODATOFASU-BT-TTGHFACDF ~ Exaptation – An Organism Develops A Trait Optimized For A Specific Use – But Then – The Trait Gets Hijacked For A Completely Different Function

~ MOHGIMTBACDCEWTOPWR ~ Many Of History’s Great Innovators Managed To Build A Cross-Disciplinary Coffeehouse Environment Within Their Own Private Work Routines

~ ‘ST’-OPTCSFASOHOD-YTOPLITMOCT ~ “Serial Tasking” – One Project Takes Center Stage For A Series Of Hours Or Days – Yet The Other Projects Linger In The Margins Of Consciousness Throughout

~ CFTCM ~ Chance Favours The Connected Mind

~ OA-OP-GI-CCFA ~ On An – Open Platform – Good Ideas – Can Come From Anywhere

~ HB-LTC-IEM-DBASI-B-MOTKTTPTIRWIOWTSC-‘CI’ ~ History Books – Like To Condense – Into Eureka Moments – Dominated By A Single Inventor – But – Most Of The Key Technologies That Powered The Industrial Revolution Were Instances Of What The Scholars Call – “Collective Invention”

~ AOTBE-FIWISI-TPI-AOTANE ~ All Other Things Being Equal – Financial Incentives Will Indeed Spur Innovation – The Problem Is – All Other Things Are Never Equal

~ FFU-TCINBDMACACS-MOTHOIAOTPCHLIALFSBTTR ~ Fortunately For Us – The Choice Is Not Between Decentralized Markets And Command-And-Control States – Much Of The History Of Intellectual Achievement Over These Past Centuries Has Lived In A Less Formal Space Between Those Two Regimes

~ TWOMLDNEEFTPCBPF-TAEF-ON ~ The Wonders Of Modern Life Did Not Emerge Exclusively From The Proprietary Clash Between Private Firms – They Also Emerged From – Open Networks

~ TMTGTOIAA-OP-IOA-CB-TBIWBFAOU-C-A-A-A-E-A ~ The More The Government Thinks Of Itself As An – Open Platform – Instead Of A – Centralized Bureaucracy – The Better It Will Be For All Of Us – Citizens – And – Activists – And – Entrepreneurs – Alike

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