~ CAVE ~ Citizens Against Virtually Everything

~ BANANA ~ Build Absolutely Nothing Anymore Near Anyone

~ NOPE ~ Not On Planet Earth

~ CHBE ~ Corporations Have Been Enthroned ~ Abraham Lincoln

~ EE-EP-EM ~ Establishment Economics – Establishment Politics – Establishment Media ~ Bernie Sanders

~ OI ~ Organized Irresponsibility ~ William Dugger ~ Corporate Hegemony

~ IOTAP-NEHWMAAE-PHD-SBPSPPEFACC-BNAH-M-IWEW ~ In Other Times And Places – Not Everyone Has Wanted Money Above All Else – People Have Desired – Salvation, Beauty, Power, Strength, Pleasure, Propriety, Explanation, Food, Adventure, Conquest, Comfort – But Now And Here – Money – Is What Everyone Wants ~ Jacob Needleman

~ EFI ~ Exotic Financial Instruments

~ HINJAG-HITFG ~ Hockey Is Not Just A Game – Hockey Is The First Game ~ George Fosty + Darril Fosty ~ Splendid Is The Sun

~ IYWTBASOTB-APTCOYOS-TLTBCM ~ If You Want To Be Slave Of The Bankers – And Pay The Costs Of Your Own Slavery – Then Let The Banks Create Money ~ Josiah Stamp

~ DGBTWWCFTDOBMMAM ~ Don’t Go Blaming The White Working Class For The Dysfunction Of Big Money, Media And Manipulation ~ Charlie Angus

~ TTPIAPOTMVC-TTRTRATSFTWSTB-IINAWL ~ This Troubled Planet Is A Place Of The Most Violent Contrasts – Those That Receive The Rewards Are Totally Separated From Those Who Shoulder The Burdens – It Is Not A Wise Leadership ~ Spock ~ “The Cloud Minders” ~ Star Trek ~ 28-02-1969

~ IKAHT-TATTWSOTNBI-BLGBHWIIRACP-AAA-LFBPN ~ Ideas, Knowledge, Art, Hospitality, Travel – These Are The Things Which Should Of Their Nature Be International – But Let Goods Be Homespun Whenever It Is Reasonably And Conveniently Possible – And Above All – Let Finance Be Primarily National ~ John Maynard Keynes

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