~ WMPLICP-B-ALPOTATI-D-U-C-TESIPAROE ~ When Many People Live In Close Proximity – But – A Large Portion Of Them Are Trapped In – Deprived – Unhealthy – Conditions – The Entire Society Is Put At Risk Of Extinction

~ MFB-WEOPCEPTCEI-‘SL’-GFNBGALSOC ~ Many Famines Begin – When Economic Or Political Circumstances Encourage People To Convert Environments Into – “Specialized Landscapes” – Good For Nothing But Growing A Limited Set Of Crops

~ IYHNM-YHNVITM ~ If You Have No Money – You Have No Voice In The Market

~ ESAF ~ Every Surface A Farm

~ TAGTGW ~ Things Are Going To Get Weird

~ ALAWKE-HIGTS ~ As Long As We Keep Exploring – Humanity Is Going To Survive

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