~ CBVEWTSIMASOGC-ATEATTFATRITW ~ Children Become Very Excited When They Succeed In Meeting A Series Of Graduated Challenges – And This Excitement Allows Them To Focus And Take Risks In Their Work

~ PCSTTITCWEIASOITABWTRG ~ People Cling Stubbornly To The Idea That Children Will Excel In A Subject Only If They Are Blessed With The Right Genes

~ AGBOEITSOCNSTTVMOCABWTATLAATTBIPUMLIL ~ A Growing Body Of Evidence In The Study Of Cognition Now Shows That The Vast Majority Of Children Are Born With The Ability To Learn Anything And That The Brain Is Plastic Until Much Later In Life

~ AAWOPTNEWHASOC ~ As Adults We Often Project The Negative Experiences We Had At School Onto Children

~ FSA-P-C-C-D-L-A-AF(EITS)-AAIATSASOOM ~ Factors Such As Passion – Confidence – Creativity – Diligence – Luck – And – Artistic Flair (Even In The Sciences) – Are As Important As The Speed And Sharpness Of One’s Mind

~ TLAFISIUL ~ The Least Acknowledged Factor In Success Is Undoubtedly Luck

~ TSESTCABWREP-ATWBOTILAMO-N-N-N ~ The Scientific Evidence Suggests That Children Are Born With Roughly Equal Potential – And That What Becomes Of Them Is Largely A Matter Of – Nurture – Not – Nature

~ BCLOCASOSWLDWTL-TCECADATBSOSASAOAI ~ Because Children’s Level Of Confidence And Sense Of Self Will Largely Determine What They Learn – Teachers Can Easily Create Artificial Differences Among Them By Singling Out Some As Superior And Others As Inferior

~ CMELTDWF-ATMLTSPTAEAOETS ~ Children Must Eventually Learn To Deal With Failure – And They Must Learn That Some Problems Take An Enormous Amount Of Effort To Solve

~ HAITMIJBOVLK-AWSTOJ ~ Humans Are Inclined To Make Instant Judgements Based On Very Little Knowledge – And We Stick To Our Judgements

~ IHTSEHASTECATTPWL-ICITWBLGAFR-B-ICAITTWBM ~ It’s Hard To Say Exactly How A Society That Educated Children According To Their Potential Would Look – I Can Imagine There Would Be Less Government And Fewer Regulations – But – I Can Also Imagine That There Would Be More

~ CNTDSQITATRTFPAMOS-TQ-WWCENICIWCT-A-ASOW-ASOR-ASOE-A-ASOH ~ Children Need To Develop Several Qualities If They Are To Realize Their Full Potential As Members Of Society – These Qualities – Which We Could Easily Nurture In Children If We Chose To – Are – A Sense Of Wonder – A Sense Of Risk – A Sense Of Empathy – And – A Sense Of Hope

~ OGLARUOCAE-OTRSOE-AHQSECA ~ Our Generation Lacks Any Real Understanding Of Cause And Effect – Of The Relative Size Of Effects – And How Quickly Small Effects Can Accumulate

~ TGAOCITPWPFTTHV-TGDITTWAPFTTAW ~ The Great Advantage Of Capitalism Is That People Will Pay For Things That Have Value – The Great Disadvantage Is That They Will Also Pay For Things That Are Worthless

~ CCWIPDHTNLOCAOUOTNWTCTRCOVOTGTPOTRIIPTG ~ Capitalism Can’t Work If People Don’t Have The Necessary Logical Or Conceptual Abilities Or Understanding Of The Natural World To Calculate The Real Cost Or Value Of The Goods They Produce Or The Risks Involved In Producing Those Goods

~ TITTFMWEAFORPFTTTFAWTBAS-ROHSOSTPWABASHTB-ICN ~ The Idea That The Free Market Will Establish A Fair Or Rational Price For The Things That Free Agents Wish To Buy And Sell – Regardless Of How Selfish Or Stupid The People Who Are Buying And Selling Happen To Be – Is Clearly Nonsense

~ CDHTCTPTOTF-ITCSAPISU-FMYTWB-ISOETTC-TTACODWTSTMTATIIWTSAAA-BTWNKTF ~ Children Do Have The Capacity To Pick Themselves Off The Floor – If They Can See A Point In Standing Up – For Many Years They Will Believe – In Spite Of Evidence To The Contrary – That They Are Capable Of Doing Whatever They Set Their Minds To And That It Is Worth Trying Something Again And Again – But They Will Not Keep Trying Forever

~ CWNFTEPUWRHIFTHSMPO ~ Children Will Never Fulfil Their Extraordinary Potential Until We Remember How It Felt To Have So Much Potential Ourselves

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