~ PA ~ Personal Analytics ~ Stephen Wolfram

~ CMBR ~ Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

~ TFLATEOTU ~ The Free Lunch At The End Of The Universe ~ Lawrence Krauss ~ A Universe From Nothing

~ BQA ~ Bosonic Quantum Angels ~ Lawrence Krauss ~ A Universe From Nothing

~ IDMNN-IDSM ~ I Don’t Mind Not Knowing – It Doesn’t’ Scare Me ~ Richard Feynman

~ TSOEFAAFOTIAPS-ATMWHMOCSTR ~ The Sanction Of Experienced Fact As A Face Of Truth Is A Profound Subject – And The Mainspring Which Has Moved Our Civilization Since The Renaissance ~ Jacob Bronowski

~ DON-WHTLOEAII-AWHTLIA ~ Dream Or Nightmare – We Have To Live Our Experience As It Is – And We Have To Live It Awake ~ Jacob Bronowski

~ NI ~ Networked Individualism ~ Bary Wellman

~ JBOCSIDMYSCI ~ Just Because Others Can’t See It Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Chase It ~ Francesco Marciuliano ~ You Need More Sleep – Advice From Cats

~ GA ~ Gaslighting America

~ ITLTIGTBVGFTDC ~ In The Long Term It’s Going To Be Very Good For The Dot-Communists ~ John Perry Barlow

~ LIU ~ Look It Up

~ PC&C ~ Plausibull, Credibull And Comprehensibull

~ PUAPAW ~ Pick Up A Pig And Walk ~ Fredrick Winslow Taylor

~ SHBAF ~ Society Has Become A Factory ~ Declaration ~ Antonio Negri

~ ETIBPNO(EOU)EBOD ~ Exploitation Today Is Based Primarily Not On (Equal Or Unequal) Exchange But On Debt ~ Declaration ~ Antonio Negri

~ P2P ~ Peer To Peer

~ TGLLSNTM-TAED-TLCCLOASTMAP ~ The Golf Links Lie So Near The Mill – That Almost Every Day – The Labouring Children Can Look Out And See The Men At Play ~ Sarah Gleghorn

~ IMBTTTLCCTH-BICRTH ~ It May Be True That The Law Cannot Change The Heart – But It Can Restrain The Heartless ~ Martin Luther King Junior ~ Social Justice ~ lecture ~ 18-12-1963

~ WADMHOMLCSIWOLWBLALN-TINRTSTSEWKTFMOEEMB ~ While Advanced Degrees May Help Our Modern Leviathans Construct Societies In Which Our Lives Will Be Longer And Less Nasty – There Is No Reason To Suspect That Such Expertise Will Keep Them From Making Our Existence Even More Brutish ~ Miguel Angel Centetno

~ WTUWDW-WHLLEWCCAFJ-ASO-IIAITWWUBAAWNCORL ~ When The Utopian Writers Deal With – Work, Health, Leisure, Life Expectancy, War, Crimes, Culture, Administration, Finance, Judges – And So On – It Is As If Their Words Were Uttered By An Automaton With No Conception Of Real Life ~ Thomas Molnar

~ WCSR ~ World Class Spill Response

~ COEL ~ Criminologies Of Everyday Life ~ David Garland ~ The Culture of Control

~ TDBDEOAMELUATTAWOFSFG ~ The Day-By-Day Experience Of A Managed Existence Leads Us All To Take A World Of Fictitious Substances For Granted ~ Ivan Illich

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