~ RIALFTR ~ Rest Is A Luxury For The Rich

~ JFIAPTWAATH-WWWGTU?-WHVFOT ~ Junk Food Is A Pleasure That We Are Allowed To Have – Why Would We Give That Up? – We Have Very Few Of Them

~ NLPPP-BTJAEH ~ Nobody Likes Poor People Procreating – But They Judge Abortion Even Harder

~ NGETTD-YHTUTWKTWWNNFT-WWNFH-WWNGAV-E ~ Nobody Gives Enough Thought To Depression – You Have To Understand That We Know That We Will Never Not Feel Tired – We Will Never Feel Hopeful – We Will Never Get A Vacation – Ever

~ IS-IE-IATBO-WIATTTWOMS-ICSAGFAH-WIAEABDAIOAOMT-ICSAIFALB-JFAM ~ I Smoke – It’s Expensive – It’s Also The Best Option – When I Am Too Tired To Walk One More Step – I Can Smoke And Go For Another Hour – When I Am Enraged And Beaten Down And Incapable Of Accomplishing One More Thing – I Can Smoke And I Feel A Little Better – Just For A Minute

~ WYNHEMICTHM-IIHALOIITST ~ When You Never Have Enough Money It Ceases To Have Meaning – I Imagine Having A Lot Of It Is The Same Thing

~ PIBACOYLTB ~ Poverty Is Bleak And Cuts Off Your Long-Term Brain

~ WDPLTBIWDWJGOHB-IBNTH-YJTWYCGAYSI-ICSD-BIS-TA ~ We Don’t Plan Long Term Because If We Do We’ll Just Get Our Hearts Broken – It’s Best Not To Hope – You Just Take What You Can Get As You Spot It – It’s Certainly Self-Defeating – But Its’ Safer – That’s All

~ TISWLIFRATOTC ~ This Is Just What Life Is For Roughly A Third Of The Country

~ YCPADICA ~ You Can’t Pay A Doctor In Chickens Anymore

~ BHABPAGMEC-WK-WJCAI ~ Being Healthy And Being Poor Are Generally Mutually Exclusive Conditions – We Know – We Just Can’t Afford It

~ IHJRATTWI-TWL-TWHIWGTBUID-TBICHFWTNAOTTWHAOTO ~ I Had Just Realized Again That This Was It – This Was Life – This Was How It Was Going To Be Until I Died – The Best I Could Hope For Was That Not All Of These Things Would Happen At Once Too Often

~ INASMAIRT ~ I’m Not Angry So Much As I’m Really Tired

~ ICTMMEAAFDOLAW ~ I Can’t Tolerate More Mental Exercise After A Full Day Of Logistics And Worry

~ WSTDWAD-MPPDWUFRAR ~ We Start The Day With A Deficit – Most Poor People Don’t Wake Up Feeling Refreshed And Rested

~ AIOOTFETCPD-ISETPTTH-SAWLOPLMHOTOA-WCI-TA-ALFM-IASODN ~ Anger Is One Of The Few Emotions That Can Penetrate Depression – It’s Strong Enough To Punch Through The Haze – So A Whole Lot Of People Like Me Hold On To Our Anger – We Cherish It – The Alternative – At Least For Me – Is A Sort Of Dreary Nothing

~ NTYSSB-‘S’-O-‘R’-TBNTT-ILYBTFPTDSIH ~ Next Time You See Someone Being – “Sullen” – Or – “Rude” – Try Being Nice To Them – It’s Likely You’ll Be The First Person To Do So In Hours

~ TTW-WSLH ~ That’s The Worst – Watching Someone Lose Hope

~ P-O-P-O-WC-WLO-NE-YA-YFIIAMTW-IDTPWHNBPQUT ~ Poverty – Or – Poor – Or – Working Class – Whatever Level Of – Not Enough – You’re At – You Feel It In A Million Tiny Ways – I Don’t Think People Who Have Never Been Poor Quite Understand That

~ WSB-IA-F-Q-HOD ~ We Smoke Because – It’s A – Fast – Quick – Hit Of Dopamine

~ UYPTCMTSASAKMP-TP-SMTL-IKIBFM-IA-NA-TARTIS-ATRO-TKMA-TKMG ~ Unless You’re Prepared To Convince Me That Smoking And Smoking Alone Keeps Me Poor – Then Please – Spare Me The Lecture – I Know It’s Bad For Me – I’m Addicted – Not Addled – There Are Reasons That I Smoke – And They’re Reasonable Ones – They Keep Me Awake – They Keep Me Going

~ IHTUWTAFGAYIFSISMDTTTAAB ~ I Have Trouble Understanding Why Taking A Few Grand A Year In Food Stamps Is Somehow Magically Different Than Taking Trillions As A Bailout

~ YBAHLCWYP-SMOYBITUWPRCTTSLBAFOT-LL ~ Your Brain Actually Has Less Capacity When You’re Poor – So Much Of Your Brain Is Taken Up With Poverty-Related Concerns That There’s Simply Less Bandwidth Available For Other Things – Like Life

~ TSAMAIETLABOIQP ~ The Stress About Money Alone Is Equivalent To Losing A Bunch Of IQ Points

~ SMIATTE-WFRANLWFEETMITTD ~ Self-Medication Is A Thing That Exists – We Fake Rest And Nutrition Like We Fake Everything Else To Make It Through The Day

~ IKTAACOMCPWHTALPILCTSHEBLP ~ I Know That Any Actual Cure Of My Chronic Pain Would Have To At Least Partly Involve Lifestyle Changes That Simply Haven’t Ever Been Logistically Possible

~ ABDIOMDTTAM-AFYMDCOWFAWHBEFSMR ~ A Balanced Diet Is One More Detail To Throw At Me – And For Years My Diet Consisted Of Whatever Food At Work Had Become Expired For Service Most Recently

~ TRTPPWUCIWTSPSDITATCSCM ~ The Reason That Poor People Wind Up Coping In Ways That Seem Pointlessly Self-Destructive Is That All The Constructive Stuff Costs Money

~ BPII-YNH-TTT-TTHO-TMTDA-YLTMIPOYTTDOS ~ Being Poor Is Isolating – You Never Have – Time To Talk – Time To Hang Out – The Money To Do Anything – You Lose The Most Interesting Parts Of Yourself To The Demands Of Survival

~ WDNHBFWM ~ We Do Not Have Babies For Welfare Money

~ SCIWASCISTDWII:ASLAOSTTPAMTHWOCCLD-MBBSPL ~ Stop Calling It Welfare And Start Calling It Something That Describes What It Is: A Subsidy Like Any Other So That The People Actually Moving This Huge Wheel Of Capitalism Can Live Decent – Maybe Basic But Still Pleasant Lives

~ PIFE ~ Poverty Is Fucking Expensive

~ IIATTTWAACRM-ASAFPWM ~ It Is Amazing That The Things Which Are Absolute Crises For Me – Are Simple Annoyances For People With Money

~ OESTBROC-AIRDSPPW ~ Our Economy Seems To Be Run On Credit – And It Really Doesn’t Serve Poor People Well

~ BPIAC-IJFLI ~ Being Poor Isn’t A Crime – It Just Feels Like It

~ ISUTSPBPFTTHDW-IPMAHSIIVOAL ~ I’m So Used To Seeing People Being Punished For Things They Haven’t Done Wrong – I’m Pretty Much Always Half Sure I’m In Violation Of A Law

~ PSTBIAOTP-BGCATSE ~ People Seem To Be Increasingly Afraid Of The Poor – Building Gated Communities And Taking Separate Entrances

~ YGCTPTACPJETODEM-JSDTWPWY ~ You Guys Can Totally Pretend That Anyone Can Possibly Justify Earning Thousands Of Dollars Every Minute – Just Stop Demanding That We Pretend With You

~ YGLPRTAODAAUWSRCADATB ~ You Guys Look Pretty Ridiculous Talking About Our Drug And Alcohol Use While Swanky Rehab Centers Are Doing A Thriving Business

~ YCCATBAATASWPGP ~ You Cannot Cut Access To Birth Control And Then Act Surprised When People Get Pregnant

~ YCCBATOAADOACOOIWAHT ~ You Can’t Choose Between A Terrible Option And A Dreadful Option And Come Out Of It Whistling A Happy Tune

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