~ ROWE ~ Results Only Work Environment

~ PAALSDAATIAWO-TT-TCT-O-TCT ~ People At All Levels Stop Doing Any Activity That Is A Waste Of – Their Time – The Customer’s Time – Or – The Company’s Time

~ EHTFTWAWTW ~ Employees Have The Freedom To Work Any Way They Want

~ EFLS ~ Everyday Feels Like Saturday

~ PHAUAO-‘PTO’-ALATWGD ~ People Have An Unlimited Amount Of – “Paid Time Off” – As Long As The Work Gets Done

~ WIAPYG-ISYD ~ Work Isn’t A Place You Go – It’s Something You Do

~ NTAHMHTW ~ Nobody Talks About How Many Hours They Work

~ EMIO ~ Every Meeting Is Optional

~ IOTGSOAWM-CAMOATA-O-TANOATA ~ It’s Okay To Grocery Shop On A Wednesday Morning – Catch A Movie On A Tuesday Afternoon – Or Take A Nap On A Thursday Afternoon

~ TANWS ~ There Are No Work Schedules

~ TAALMFD ~ There Aren’t Any Last-Minute Fire Drills

~ TINJAHYSYT ~ There Is No Judgment About How You Spend Your Time


~ WHE-HY? ~ We’ve Have Enough – Have You?

~ OBAW-A-O-O-ITL ~ Our Beliefs About Work – Are – Outdated – Outmoded – Out To Lunch

~ TMWMPPAMS-UF-A-WPTAE ~ The Modern Workplace Makes People Physically And Mentally Sick – Undermines Families – And – Wastes Precious Time And Energy

~ ROWE ~ Results-Only Work Environment

~ BMBRIAMBMTTAYD ~ Being Measured By Results Is A Much Better Measure Than Time At Your Desk

~ P-YPPAPIT-BYNRDYJ ~ Presenteeism – You’re Physically Present And Putting In Time – But You’re Not Really Doing Your Job

~ EK-TFEPMTAALTMTA ~ Everyone Knows – That For Every Productive Meeting There Are At Least Two More That Aren’t

~ AGPOWIAIAM-TAEOI-CBHTE ~ A Good Portion Of What Is Accomplished In A Meeting – The Actual Exchange Of Information – Could Be Handled Through E-Mail

~ WISTBSEAMUFGAO-R?-TWICW ~ Work Isn’t Supposed To Build Self-Esteem And Make Us Feel Good About Ourselves – Right? – That’s Why It’s Called Work

~ ARFBTTW-YITCATATNTBPP-ATOATW ~ Always Redirect Focus Back To The Work – You Ignore The Comments About Time And The Need To Be Physically Present – And Talk Only About The Work

~ USMTTATAW-A-NS-MWGD-IARHTJPBOWDMWYFOWD ~ You Spend More Time Talking About The Actual Work – And – Not Surprisingly – More Work Gets Done – It’s Also Really Hard To Judge People Based On What Doesn’t Matter When You’re Focusing On What Does

~ EPIFTDWTW-WTW-ALATWGD ~ Each Person Is Free To Do Whatever They Want – Whenever They Want – As Long As The Work Gets Done

~ FS-AO ~ Flexible Schedule – An Oxymoron

~ ‘ALATWGD’-INST ~ “As Long As The Work Gets Done” – Is No Small Thing

~ SPPFACOTASPTFACOW ~ Stop Paying People For A Chunk Of Time And Start Paying Them For A Chunk Of Work

~ TEJITCVCGAE ~ The Employer’s Job Is To Create Very Clear Goals And Expectations

~ TTMPAAYTMDWLC-WTOSITC-TPAAYTFFWAP ~ Typical Time Management Programs Are Asking You To Make Do With Limited Control – When The Only Solution Is Total Control – These Programs Are Asking You To Find Freedom Within A Prison

~ IWTUHTDOTW-IHTMUREEFNBT ~ If Work Teaches Us How To Do One Thing Well – It’s How To Make Up Really Excellent Excuses For Not Being There

~ OOTIOTW:WOSNEITATWDGAVGGIGKTAT ~ One Of The Ironies Of The Workplace: We Put So Much Emphasis On Time And Yet We Don’t Have A Very Good Handle On How Long Things Actually Take

~ YDGYJD-YDGTKYJ-YDYJ-YGF ~ You Don’t Get Your Job Done – You Don’t Get To Keep Your Job – You Do Your Job – You Get Freedom

~ YHMR-NL-YARTYTMAYCTGYJD ~ You Have More Responsibility – Not Less – You Are Responsible To Your Team Members And Your Customers To Get Your Job Done

~ YCLTATGY ~ You Can Lose The Ability To Govern Yourself

~ WYTPLATWRLA ~ When You Treat People Like Adults They Will Respond Like Adults

~ WIAPYG-ISYD ~ Work Isn’t A Place You Go – It’s Something You Do

~ NSCAILR ~ Nothing Stifles Creativity And Innovation Like Resentment

~ TWGOIYBCHNMWYBI ~ The Work Going On In Your Brain Can Happen No Matter Where Your Brain Is

~ IIGWD-TAMIW-INGDTIJAESD-AFWOWT ~ If It Gets Work Done – Than A Meeting Is Work – If Nothing Gets Done Then It’s Just An Elaborate Social Dance – A Fancy Way Of Wasting Time

~ WAHSSUFAMSBTC-BTPTSOPAAMIAWOATP ~ We’ve All Had Someone Schedule Us For A Meeting Simply Because They Could – Because The Power To Schedule Other People At A Meeting Is A Way Of Asserting Their Power

~ WRNTBITM? ~ Who Really Needs To Be In This Meeting?

~ DTMENTTPOCWRIVE? ~ Does This Meeting Even Need To Take Place Or Can We Resolve It Via E-Mail?

~ SDAATIAWO-T ~ Stop Doing Any Activity That Is A Waste Of – Time

~ TAPWN-OFTN-TPILHTGTWD ~ There Are People Who Need – Or Feel They Need – To Put In Long Hours To Get The Work Done

~ ECIHTBAOBTAI ~ Even Commonsense Ideas Have To Be Argued Over Before They Are Implemented

~ TPHTDABWOWAL-NOIGTGTTU ~ The People Have To Demand A Better Way Of Working And Living – No One Is Going To Give This To Us


~ TEOCOFINIIFS ~ The Era Of Colonizing Open Frontiers Is Now In Its Final Stage

~ WHNROOTTRCOEIILWTROAFW ~ We Have No Real Option Other Than To Re-Create Our Economic Institutions In Line With The Reality Of A Full World

~ TCTACBTOEM-CTRMPOTIE ~ The Countries That Are Consuming Beyond Their Own Environmental Means – Control The Rule-Making Process Of The International Economy

~ TGI ~ The Growth Illusion

~ IOSAEDHRSNE-AEGDNNCTP-ICHNST ~ Indicators Of Social And Environmental Disintegration Have Risen Sharply Nearly Everywhere – Although Economic Growth Did Not Necessarily Create These Problems – It Certainly Has Not Solved Them

~ SEABN-L-N-N-A-N-TAEMBLTBM ~ Social Economies Are By Nature – Local – Nonwaged – Nonmonetized – And – Nonmarket – They Are Energized More By Love Than By Money

~ I-IITCIRTTHITDTPAOSAIB ~ Increasingly – It Is The Corporate Interest Rather Than The Human Interest That Defines The Policy Agendas Of States And International Bodies

~ TPWSCBASITWON ~ These Practices Were Strongly Condemned By Adam Smith In The Wealth Of Nations

~ WRAAFOPRTP-OTWPHR ~ When Rights Are A Function Of Property Rather Than Personhood – Only Those With Property Have Rights

~ TOCCO-NE-T-‘VFO’-ROTQPTADIOAVFIIIBSOFR ~ The Oft-Cited Claim Of – Neoclassical Economics – To – “Value-Free Objectivity” – Rests On The Questionable Premise That A Decision Is Objective And Value Free If It Is Based Solely On Financial Return

~ TPTTPROLICMBBUBTOPTPTTTNTITOLINC ~ The Possibility That The Productive Resources Of Low Income Countries Might Better Be Used By Their Own People To Produce The Things They Need To Improve Their Own Lives Is Never Considered

~ TWWWO-M-C-A-P-G-A-OI-FTCARSSSAWTCLI-TTDNSOIOFFOJTJATC ~ Those Who Work Within Our – Major – Corporate – Academic – Political – Governmental – And – Other Institutions – Find The Culture And Reward Systems So Strongly Aligned With The Corporate Libertarian Ideology – That They Dare Not Speak Out In Opposition For Fear Of Jeopardizing Their Jobs And Their Careers

~ CTTBCOCL-TWDNP-BRTSIFOTM-R-IPBREIOBRAL-IFODP ~ Contrary To The Boastful Claims Of Corporate Libertarians – The West Did Not Prosper – By Rejecting The State In Favor Of The Market – Rather – It Prospered By Rejecting Extremist Ideologies Of Both Right And Left – In Favor Of Democratic Pluralism

~ TCSOTSPWNACOAAS-IWTCOAEITEEETS ~ The Consequent Suffering Of The Soviet People Was Not A Consequence Of An Activist State – It Was The Consequence Of An Extremist Ideology That Excluded Everything Except The State

~ AESCRVOALASHMTCTCAAOBSAMP-A-TEOT-N-S-A-MC-TSACE ~ An Economic System Can Remain Viable Only As Long As Society Has Mechanisms To Counter The Concentration And Abuse Of Both State And Market Power – And – The Erosion Of The – Natural – Social – And – Moral Capital – That Such Abuses Commonly Exacerbate

~ ATME-F-H-SE-HM-RLO-A-AFODCRITMTCOEMF-IEACI ~ A True Market Economy – Features – Human-Scale Enterprise – Honest Money – Rooted Local Ownership – And – A Framework Of Democratically Chosen Rules Intended To Maintain The Conditions Of Efficient Market Function – Including Equity And Cost Internalization

~ IOTCM-TIGRTCTPWASIFTDROTTRAIPTDTPI ~ Illusions Of The Cloud Minders – There Is Good Reason To Conclude That People Who Are So Isolated From The Daily Reality Of Those They Rule Are Ill Prepared To Define The Public Interest

~ CC ~ Corporate Colonialism

~ BEC-TINC-TIPT-TCAMAIFW ~ Building Elite Consensus – There Is No Conspiracy – Though In Practical Terms – The Consequences Are Much As If There Were

~ BOD-MCPR ~ Buying Out Democracy – Mobilizing Corporate Political Resources

~ CITC ~ Corporations In The Classroom

~ ITPM ~ If The Poor Mattered

~ TWHJALB ~ The World’s Highest Judicial And Legislative Body

~ GITCI ~ Governance In The Corporate Interest

~ TNCCINMACOIHFTWTOSC-IIACOCCBOTPOEI ~ The New Corporate Colonialism Is No More A Consequence Of Immutable Historical Forces Than Was The Old State Colonialism – It Is A Consequence Of Conscious Choices Based On The Pursuit Of Elite Interest

~ ARFS ~ A Rouge Financial System

~ DMFV ~ Delinking Money From Value

~ TGMM ~ The Great Money Machine

~ TDOTFSAIBMBCOTBOEMFWTSOORMAAPA ~ The Decisions Of The Financial System Are Increasingly Being Made By Computers On The Basis Of Esoteric Mathematical Formulas With The Sole Objective Of Replicating Money As A Pure Abstraction

~ TGFSHBAPPTLOTFOIH-TPE ~ The Global Financial System Has Become A Parasitic Predator That Lives Off The Flesh Of Its Host – The Productive Economy

~ PF ~ Predatory Finance

~ PFV ~ Profiting From Volatility

~ WOSR ~ Weeding Out Social Responsibility

~ NPFP ~ No Place For People

~ EBTSSOTM-WCUTLETWPIOM-A-OTELEGFSI ~ Entranced By The Siren Song Of The Market – We Consistently Undervalue The Life Energy That We Put Into Obtaining Money – And – Overvalue The Expected Life Energy Gains From Spending It

~ DTL ~ Disempowering The Local

~ TATS-WMRO-‘GI’-TWWPTAITETWNBNRFR-TNZ ~ To Achieve True Sustainability – We Must Reduce Our – “Garbage Index” – That Which We Permanently Throw Away Into The Environment That Will Not Be Naturally Recycled For Reuse – To Near Zero

~ MFODABHRGITSPTGFFTIHTPAST-WCDFI-LAOFOG-T-C-S-A-P-SBTRAHT ~ Many Forms Of Derivatives Are Basically High-Risk Gambling Instruments That Serve Primarily To Generate Fees For The Investment Houses That Package And Sell Them – While Creating Dangerous Financial Instability – Like Any Other Form Of Gambling – Their – Creation – Sale – And – Purchase – Should Be Tightly Regulated And Heavily Taxed

~ WRSGTPTGDCOTWF ~ Welfare Reform Should Give Top Priority To Getting Dependent Corporations Off The Welfare Rolls

~ EIETEPTCTEROTW ~ Extreme Inequality Enables The Economically Powerful To Colonize The Environmental Resources Of The Weak

~ AILPWBCAPE-AGI-MSC ~ An Idea Long Popular With Both Conservative And Progressive Economists – A Guaranteed Income – Merits Serious Consideration

~ FCRTCS ~ From Corporate Rule To Civil Society

~ TE-WOGI-P-S-E-TCTCOTCGE-NM-BPB-WABOMP ~ The Elites – Who Once Gathered In – Peaceful – Secluded – Elegance – To Chart The Course Of The Corporate Global Economy – Now Meet – Behind Police Barricades – With A Backdrop Of Mass Protests

~ TGFSHBEMSSAU ~ The Global Financial System Has Become Even More Short-Sighted And Unstable

~ CIC ~ Casinos In Cyberspace

~ DFS ~ Democracy For Sale

~ THASOPANITOTMOP ~ The Health And Security Of People And Nature Is The Only True Measure Of Prosperity

~ FATFOCJITUS-IISTNOSACOCC-AIIFOASTMMSCSPBC ~ For All The Current Focus On Criminal Justice In The United States – It Is Striking That No Official Statistics Are Compiled On Corporate Crime – Although It Is Flourishing On A Scale That Makes Most Street Crime Seem Petty By Comparison

~ TCFOR ~ The Changing Face Of Resistance

~ TTFOOSDM ~ Taking The Fun Out Of Secret Deal Making

~ RO-RI ~ Reaching Out – Redefining Issues

~ TOBMALTFPBASTISTF-TWY-AATTNFDTC-A-TFTIRWDOTL ~ Tired Of Being Manipulated And Lied To For Profit By A System That Is Stealing Their Future – The World’s Youth – Are Awakening To The Need For Deep Transformative Change – And – The Fact That Its Realization Will Depend On Their Leadership

~ STD ~ Slowing The Damage

~ BA ~ Building Alternatives

~ FCCTPA ~ From Cultural Consciousness To Political Action

~ TLDM-MPNBIITACOTF-BBTQOLOE ~ The Living Democracy Movement – Measures Progress Not By Increases In The Aggregate Consumption Of The Few – But By The Quality Of Life Of Everyone

~ AC ~ Awakening Consciousness

~ CJ ~ Culture Jamming

~ TPOSTFVIAIWTHLFOPAPACRIIWD ~ The Pursuit Of Short-Term Financial Values Is As Incompatible With The Healthy Living Function Of People And Planet As Corporate Rule Is Incompatible With Democracy


~ ‘IWDDT-WMNHAEOM’ ~ “If We Don’t Do This – We May Not Have An Economy On Monday”

~ CSDFE-AIWC-AIWTD ~ Corporations Substituted Debt For Equity – As It Was Cheaper – And Interest Was Tax-Deductible

~ DNDEG-STWNHTPOAPOYWABOTAOD ~ Debt Now Drove Economic Growth – Spending That Would Normally Have Taken Place Over A Period Of Years Was Accelerated Because Of The Availability Of Debt

~ DCBB-WTEAGISTRTB-B-TBODSTL1980WE-BRC ~ Debt Can Be Beneficial – Where The Economic Activity Generated Is Sufficient To Repay The Borrowing – But – The Buildup Of Debt Since The Late 1980s Was Excessive – Beyond Repayment Capacity

~ ILEAAPUTTSORAHB ~ Increasing Life Expectancies And Aging Populations Ultimately Threaten The Sustainability Of Retirement And Healthcare Benefits

~ TBTFBHBL-NS-IIBSAC ~ Too-Big-To-Fail Banks Have Become Larger – Not Smaller – Increasing In Both Size And Concentration

~ IOFR-PI-L-C-L-A-TC-O-DE ~ Instead Of Fundamental Reform – Policymakers Introduced – Labyrinthine – Capital – Liquidity – And – Trading Controls – Of – Dubious Efficacy

~ GHCUL-SA-UCF-F-H-AC-A-RB ~ Governments Have Consistently Understated Liabilities – Such As – Unfinanced Commitments For – Future – Healthcare – Aged Care – And – Retirement Benefits

~ IWAFP ~ It Was All Financial Pettifoggery

~ TIOEPWDRTPP-WTCWTROTPS ~ The Influence Of Economic Policymakers Was Directly Related To Postwar Prosperity – Which They Claimed Was The Result Of Their Prudent Stewardship

~ TENUWRRITMAMPBA ~ Their Every Gnomic Utterance Was Reported Reverently In The Media And Meticulously Parsed By Analysts

~ IR-EIR-WDS-CERAOA-KAA-RMB-EM-SP-A-E-AU-MFAU ~ In Realty – Economics Is Religion – With Different Sects – Clannish Economists Rarely Agree On Anything – Key Assumptions About – Rational Maximization Behavior – Efficient Markets – Stable Preferences – And – Equilibriums – Are Unrealistic – Model Forecasts Are Unreliable

~ EACBWLEOBOMMMIEOC-CWWK-KWD-A-DWN ~ Economists And Central Bankers With Little Experience Of Business Or Markets Move Mainly In Each Other’s Company – Confusing Wisdom With Knowledge – Knowledge With Data – And – Data With Noise

~ U-CPSCETEM-WRFT-F-S-P-A-H-C ~ Unfortunately – Complex Phenomena Seldom Conform Exactly To Economic Models – When Removed From Their – Fuzzy – Sociological – Political – And – Historical – Contexts

~ PFGF-TLOLCO-AV-HCASARPA ~ Pressure For Grant Funding – The Lure Of Lucrative Commercial Opportunities – And Vanity – Have Corrupted Academic Standards And Reduced Professional Accountability

~ ESSANABDAG ~ Empirical Studies Show A Negative Association Between Debt And Growth

~ IR-GDREGR-IIAMOSTDAMIC-AMDTBR-TLOTSDDOAMOF ~ In Reality – Government Debt Rarely Ever Gets Repaid – It Is A Matter Of Servicing The Debt And Maintaining Investor Confidence – Allowing Maturing Debt To Be Refinanced

~ ZIRP ~ Zero Interest Rate Policy

~ CBCWTFP-DMDTATEOTP ~ Central Banks Continued With The Failed Policies – Decision-Makers Deluded Themselves About The Efficacy Of Their Policies

~ WGDATHLER-BEBLRWBRUAHR-TBFAL ~ With Global Debt At The Highest Levels Ever Recorded – Borrowing Encouraged By Low Rates Will Become Rapidly Unsustainable At Higher Rates – Triggering Business Failure And Losses

~ PAMIUATGA ~ Policymakers Are Making It Up As They Go Along

~ PIEAATS-ITATAD ~ Problems In Economics Are Always The Same – It’s The Answers That Are Different

~ ADDHEA ~ A Democracy Deficit Harms Economic Activity

~ IRAM-FI-TTW-ALL ~ Increasingly Reviled And Mistrusted – Financial Institutions – Throughout The World – Are Losing Legitimacy

~ TCOCBAETVPOVACM-BTAOCTU-INC ~ The Claim Of Central Bankers And Economists To Vast Powers On Vital And Complex Matters – Beyond The Ability Of Citizens To Understand – Is Now Challenged

~ TWGB-TVACOTP-ATPABC-TTTCTMS ~ The Widening Gap Between – The Views And Concerns Of The People – And The Political And Bureaucratic Classes – Threatens The Trust Central To Modern Societies

~ TMAPCWOSOAO-AAWORUPAIATCGAS-NFTOTOD ~ The Middle And Professional Classes Who Once Supported Outsourcing And Offshoring – As A Way Of Reducing Union Power And Increasing Access To Cheaper Goods And Services – Now Face Their Own Threat Of Displacement

~ TSE-IR-RODEBAMRC ~ The Sharing Economy – In Reality – Relies On Disintermediating Existing Businesses And Minimizing Regulatory Costs

~ MWHBRTTNP ~ Many Workers Have Been Reduced To The Nouveau Poor

~ T-OPE-AFTL ~ Today – Ordinary People Everywhere – Are Fakebooking Their Lives

~ PGAPIAI ~ Perpetual Growth And Progress Is An Illusion

~ SGMCFTRE ~ Sustainable Growth Must Come From The Real Economy

~ TWIRSAANMC ~ The World Is Remarkably Sanguine About A New Major Crisis

~ SOL-E-HTSDTABOC ~ Sooner Or Later – Everybody – Has To Sit Down To A Banquet Of Consequences


~ TFTNS ~ The Factory That Never Sleeps

~ WNKTNEWFMTIEN ~ We Now Know That Nearly Everybody Works Far More Then Is Economically Necessary

~ TFTATTPAIWMRUFTBOLHBSD-TROLHUBEEAGATKSBWWAJ ~ The Faith That All This Technological Progress And Inordinate Wealth Might Relieve Us From The Burden Of Labour Has Been Systematically Derailed – The Ritual Of Labour Has Undoubtedly Been Existentially Entrenched And Generalized As The Key Standard By Which We Are Judged

~ TRCFOAWFW ~ The Ruling Class’s Fear Of A Work-Free World

~ TMITOTWTITSAOLETNOGU-BIAFU ~ The Most Interesting Trait Of The Workforce Today Is The Sheer Amount Of Labour Exerted That Not Only Goes Unpaid – But Is Also Functionally Unessential

~ TIT-NRDHY ~ The Ideological Truth – Neoliberalism Really Does Hate You

~ TFU-NCOOTBCITBES ~ The Forever Unwaged – Now Constitutes One Of The Biggest Classes In The Global Economic System

~ POW ~ Planet Of Work

~ LFTFB ~ Learning From The Falling Banker

~ YAYJ-24/7 ~ You Are Your Job – 24/7

~ WHTTOTFPOW? ~ What Happens To Time On The Frozen Planet Of Work?

~ TIEPITOAWTAOD ~ There Is Enough Paranoia In The Office Already Without The Assistance Of Drugs

~ TPIOC ~ The Post-Industrial Office Cubicle

~ WIM? ~ What Is Managerialism?

~ ITOTMAWAA ~ It Turns Out That Managers Are Workers After All

~ MAAE ~ Managers As Abandonment Enablers

~ TCSOMI-MOWACIASW-CTTWTTANRW-SDNGTC ~ The Constant Shock Of Managerial Interventions – Many Of Which Appear Completely Irrational And Sometimes Weird – Communicates To The Workforce That They Are Not Really Welcome – So Do Not Get Too Comfortable

~ SRA-TCOMFHTTBTMPIATSTCBTACRROTOCTIOBM ~ Self-Referential Abstraction – The Concept Of Managerialism Fanatically Holds To The Belief That Managing People Is A Transferable Skill That Can Be Tradable And Cross-Referable Regardless Of The Organizational Context That Is Ostensibly Being Managed

~ MCSOWTJTOE ~ Managers Constantly Seek Out Ways To Justify Their Own Existence

~ PDR ~ Power-Display Rituals

~ CM-HTOJISWA-RTSWJDAOT ~ Corporate Managerialism – Has Transformed Our Jobs Into Something We Are – Rather Than Something We Just Do Among Other Things

~ CSR ~ Corporate Social Responsibility

~ PDCWYTAI ~ Power Doesn’t Care What You Think About It

~ TDNATBALTTCP-AFODAPGFTCM ~ There Does Not Appear To Be Any Limit To The Commodification Process – All Forms Of Dissent Are Potential Grist For The Commercial Mill

~ A-PAEMOA ~ Absentificaton – Political And Ethical Methods Of Absence

~ DAIFATOEIOTUI ~ Direct Action In Forming Alternatives To Organized Exploitation Is Of The Utmost Importance

~ WNTBPIIPADF ~ Work Needs To Be Put In Its Place And De-Fetishized

~ TTDW ~ The Three-Day Work Week

~ NEVIAAACTIP-LOIICOAATTDAW ~ No Economic Value Is Added After A Certain Threshold Is Passed – Little Of Interest Is Created Over And Above The Three Days A Week

~ TRRW-AOT-U-E-W-IDFU-WNKW-ISTQTSDTAECCPATHOS-ATCOE ~ The Real Reason Why – All Of This – Useless – Extra – Work – Is Demanded From Us – We Now Know Why – It Serves To Quell The Seething Discontent That An Extreme Class Contradiction Plants At The Heart Of Society – At The Centre Of Everything


~ TPOEC ~ The Problem Of Extreme Complexity

~ WBOJATCTRTAC ~ We Believe Our Jobs Are Too Complicated To Reduce To A Checklist

~ TFOHMAA ~ The Fallibility Of Human Memory And Attention

~ CSATDA-ETE-AFIMMTTWR-TPAKOCN-TCMFIIAOU-FOMAAAT ~ Checklists Seem Able To Defend Anyone – Even The Experienced – Against Failure In Many More Tasks Than We Realized – They Provide A Kind Of Cognitive Net – They Catch Mental Flaws Inherent In All Of Us – Flaws Of Memory And Attention And Thoroughness

~ UCOTC-WTKRETOAIAUR-ETDESFTCWF-PNRTAAA ~ Under Conditions Of True Complexity – Where The Knowledge Required Exceeds That Of Any Individual And Unpredictability Reigns – Efforts To Dictate Every Step From The Center Will Fail – People Need Room To Act And Adapt

~ FTWTR-TMBCOA ~ First There Was The Recipe – The Most Basic Checklist Of All

~ EAMCHTEODP ~ Even A Modest Checklist Had The Effect Of Distributing Power

~ TRCIA-‘AP’-GPACTSSATSSTATSOPARATWTSU ~ The Researchers Called It An – “Activation Phenomenon” – Giving People A Chance To Say Something At The Start Seemed To Activate Their Sense Of Participation And Responsibility And Their Willingness To Speak Up

~ TCCBL-KITBFANI-WITLOWM-TSTAMDTSASON-TWSBSAN ~ The Checklist Cannot Be Lengthy – Keep It To Between Five And Nine Items – Which Is The Limit Of Working Memory – The Steps That Are Most Dangerous To Skip And Sometimes Overlooked Nonetheless – The Wording Should Be Simple And Neat

~ ACHTBTITRW-KTUTCWC ~ A Checklist Has To Be Tested In The Real World – Keep Testing Until The Checklist Works Consistently

~ UTCIA-MCC-AW-ASI-A-R-A-E ~ Using The Checklist Involved A – Major Cultural Change – As Well – A Shift In – Authority – Responsibility – And – Expectations

~ HSTCMA-IYAUTGAWO-IIITRINAASP ~ However Straightforward The Checklist Might Appear – If You Are Used To Getting Along Without One – Incorporating It Into The Routine Is Not Always A Smooth Process

~ ETMEAUCGFSOTPOMAFAPAFCIP-BWWDI? ~ Even The Most Expert Among Us Can Gain From Searching Out The Patterns Of Mistakes And Failures And Putting A Few Checks In Place – But Will We Do It?

~ JTBINTUGH-EACOTADI ~ Just Ticking Boxes Is Not The Ultimate Goal Here – Embracing A Culture Of Teamwork And Discipline Is

~ WABFNAE-NFCATD-DISWHTWA ~ We Are Built For Novelty And Excitement – Not For Careful Attention To Detail – Discipline Is Something We Have To Work At

~ WKTP-WSTC-ITTTSE-TAC ~ We Know The Patterns – We See The Costs – Its’ Time To Try Something Else – Try A Checklist