~ TPOEC ~ The Problem Of Extreme Complexity

~ WBOJATCTRTAC ~ We Believe Our Jobs Are Too Complicated To Reduce To A Checklist

~ TFOHMAA ~ The Fallibility Of Human Memory And Attention

~ CSATDA-ETE-AFIMMTTWR-TPAKOCN-TCMFIIAOU-FOMAAAT ~ Checklists Seem Able To Defend Anyone – Even The Experienced – Against Failure In Many More Tasks Than We Realized – They Provide A Kind Of Cognitive Net – They Catch Mental Flaws Inherent In All Of Us – Flaws Of Memory And Attention And Thoroughness

~ UCOTC-WTKRETOAIAUR-ETDESFTCWF-PNRTAAA ~ Under Conditions Of True Complexity – Where The Knowledge Required Exceeds That Of Any Individual And Unpredictability Reigns – Efforts To Dictate Every Step From The Center Will Fail – People Need Room To Act And Adapt

~ FTWTR-TMBCOA ~ First There Was The Recipe – The Most Basic Checklist Of All

~ EAMCHTEODP ~ Even A Modest Checklist Had The Effect Of Distributing Power

~ TRCIA-‘AP’-GPACTSSATSSTATSOPARATWTSU ~ The Researchers Called It An – “Activation Phenomenon” – Giving People A Chance To Say Something At The Start Seemed To Activate Their Sense Of Participation And Responsibility And Their Willingness To Speak Up

~ TCCBL-KITBFANI-WITLOWM-TSTAMDTSASON-TWSBSAN ~ The Checklist Cannot Be Lengthy – Keep It To Between Five And Nine Items – Which Is The Limit Of Working Memory – The Steps That Are Most Dangerous To Skip And Sometimes Overlooked Nonetheless – The Wording Should Be Simple And Neat

~ ACHTBTITRW-KTUTCWC ~ A Checklist Has To Be Tested In The Real World – Keep Testing Until The Checklist Works Consistently

~ UTCIA-MCC-AW-ASI-A-R-A-E ~ Using The Checklist Involved A – Major Cultural Change – As Well – A Shift In – Authority – Responsibility – And – Expectations

~ HSTCMA-IYAUTGAWO-IIITRINAASP ~ However Straightforward The Checklist Might Appear – If You Are Used To Getting Along Without One – Incorporating It Into The Routine Is Not Always A Smooth Process

~ ETMEAUCGFSOTPOMAFAPAFCIP-BWWDI? ~ Even The Most Expert Among Us Can Gain From Searching Out The Patterns Of Mistakes And Failures And Putting A Few Checks In Place – But Will We Do It?

~ JTBINTUGH-EACOTADI ~ Just Ticking Boxes Is Not The Ultimate Goal Here – Embracing A Culture Of Teamwork And Discipline Is

~ WABFNAE-NFCATD-DISWHTWA ~ We Are Built For Novelty And Excitement – Not For Careful Attention To Detail – Discipline Is Something We Have To Work At

~ WKTP-WSTC-ITTTSE-TAC ~ We Know The Patterns – We See The Costs – Its’ Time To Try Something Else – Try A Checklist

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