~ WHE-HY? ~ We’ve Have Enough – Have You?

~ OBAW-A-O-O-ITL ~ Our Beliefs About Work – Are – Outdated – Outmoded – Out To Lunch

~ TMWMPPAMS-UF-A-WPTAE ~ The Modern Workplace Makes People Physically And Mentally Sick – Undermines Families – And – Wastes Precious Time And Energy

~ ROWE ~ Results-Only Work Environment

~ BMBRIAMBMTTAYD ~ Being Measured By Results Is A Much Better Measure Than Time At Your Desk

~ P-YPPAPIT-BYNRDYJ ~ Presenteeism – You’re Physically Present And Putting In Time – But You’re Not Really Doing Your Job

~ EK-TFEPMTAALTMTA ~ Everyone Knows – That For Every Productive Meeting There Are At Least Two More That Aren’t

~ AGPOWIAIAM-TAEOI-CBHTE ~ A Good Portion Of What Is Accomplished In A Meeting – The Actual Exchange Of Information – Could Be Handled Through E-Mail

~ WISTBSEAMUFGAO-R?-TWICW ~ Work Isn’t Supposed To Build Self-Esteem And Make Us Feel Good About Ourselves – Right? – That’s Why It’s Called Work

~ ARFBTTW-YITCATATNTBPP-ATOATW ~ Always Redirect Focus Back To The Work – You Ignore The Comments About Time And The Need To Be Physically Present – And Talk Only About The Work

~ USMTTATAW-A-NS-MWGD-IARHTJPBOWDMWYFOWD ~ You Spend More Time Talking About The Actual Work – And – Not Surprisingly – More Work Gets Done – It’s Also Really Hard To Judge People Based On What Doesn’t Matter When You’re Focusing On What Does

~ EPIFTDWTW-WTW-ALATWGD ~ Each Person Is Free To Do Whatever They Want – Whenever They Want – As Long As The Work Gets Done

~ FS-AO ~ Flexible Schedule – An Oxymoron

~ ‘ALATWGD’-INST ~ “As Long As The Work Gets Done” – Is No Small Thing

~ SPPFACOTASPTFACOW ~ Stop Paying People For A Chunk Of Time And Start Paying Them For A Chunk Of Work

~ TEJITCVCGAE ~ The Employer’s Job Is To Create Very Clear Goals And Expectations

~ TTMPAAYTMDWLC-WTOSITC-TPAAYTFFWAP ~ Typical Time Management Programs Are Asking You To Make Do With Limited Control – When The Only Solution Is Total Control – These Programs Are Asking You To Find Freedom Within A Prison

~ IWTUHTDOTW-IHTMUREEFNBT ~ If Work Teaches Us How To Do One Thing Well – It’s How To Make Up Really Excellent Excuses For Not Being There

~ OOTIOTW:WOSNEITATWDGAVGGIGKTAT ~ One Of The Ironies Of The Workplace: We Put So Much Emphasis On Time And Yet We Don’t Have A Very Good Handle On How Long Things Actually Take

~ YDGYJD-YDGTKYJ-YDYJ-YGF ~ You Don’t Get Your Job Done – You Don’t Get To Keep Your Job – You Do Your Job – You Get Freedom

~ YHMR-NL-YARTYTMAYCTGYJD ~ You Have More Responsibility – Not Less – You Are Responsible To Your Team Members And Your Customers To Get Your Job Done

~ YCLTATGY ~ You Can Lose The Ability To Govern Yourself

~ WYTPLATWRLA ~ When You Treat People Like Adults They Will Respond Like Adults

~ WIAPYG-ISYD ~ Work Isn’t A Place You Go – It’s Something You Do

~ NSCAILR ~ Nothing Stifles Creativity And Innovation Like Resentment

~ TWGOIYBCHNMWYBI ~ The Work Going On In Your Brain Can Happen No Matter Where Your Brain Is

~ IIGWD-TAMIW-INGDTIJAESD-AFWOWT ~ If It Gets Work Done – Than A Meeting Is Work – If Nothing Gets Done Then It’s Just An Elaborate Social Dance – A Fancy Way Of Wasting Time

~ WAHSSUFAMSBTC-BTPTSOPAAMIAWOATP ~ We’ve All Had Someone Schedule Us For A Meeting Simply Because They Could – Because The Power To Schedule Other People At A Meeting Is A Way Of Asserting Their Power

~ WRNTBITM? ~ Who Really Needs To Be In This Meeting?

~ DTMENTTPOCWRIVE? ~ Does This Meeting Even Need To Take Place Or Can We Resolve It Via E-Mail?

~ SDAATIAWO-T ~ Stop Doing Any Activity That Is A Waste Of – Time

~ TAPWN-OFTN-TPILHTGTWD ~ There Are People Who Need – Or Feel They Need – To Put In Long Hours To Get The Work Done

~ ECIHTBAOBTAI ~ Even Commonsense Ideas Have To Be Argued Over Before They Are Implemented

~ TPHTDABWOWAL-NOIGTGTTU ~ The People Have To Demand A Better Way Of Working And Living – No One Is Going To Give This To Us

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