~ TFTNS ~ The Factory That Never Sleeps

~ WNKTNEWFMTIEN ~ We Now Know That Nearly Everybody Works Far More Then Is Economically Necessary

~ TFTATTPAIWMRUFTBOLHBSD-TROLHUBEEAGATKSBWWAJ ~ The Faith That All This Technological Progress And Inordinate Wealth Might Relieve Us From The Burden Of Labour Has Been Systematically Derailed – The Ritual Of Labour Has Undoubtedly Been Existentially Entrenched And Generalized As The Key Standard By Which We Are Judged

~ TRCFOAWFW ~ The Ruling Class’s Fear Of A Work-Free World

~ TMITOTWTITSAOLETNOGU-BIAFU ~ The Most Interesting Trait Of The Workforce Today Is The Sheer Amount Of Labour Exerted That Not Only Goes Unpaid – But Is Also Functionally Unessential

~ TIT-NRDHY ~ The Ideological Truth – Neoliberalism Really Does Hate You

~ TFU-NCOOTBCITBES ~ The Forever Unwaged – Now Constitutes One Of The Biggest Classes In The Global Economic System

~ POW ~ Planet Of Work

~ LFTFB ~ Learning From The Falling Banker

~ YAYJ-24/7 ~ You Are Your Job – 24/7

~ WHTTOTFPOW? ~ What Happens To Time On The Frozen Planet Of Work?

~ TIEPITOAWTAOD ~ There Is Enough Paranoia In The Office Already Without The Assistance Of Drugs

~ TPIOC ~ The Post-Industrial Office Cubicle

~ WIM? ~ What Is Managerialism?

~ ITOTMAWAA ~ It Turns Out That Managers Are Workers After All

~ MAAE ~ Managers As Abandonment Enablers

~ TCSOMI-MOWACIASW-CTTWTTANRW-SDNGTC ~ The Constant Shock Of Managerial Interventions – Many Of Which Appear Completely Irrational And Sometimes Weird – Communicates To The Workforce That They Are Not Really Welcome – So Do Not Get Too Comfortable

~ SRA-TCOMFHTTBTMPIATSTCBTACRROTOCTIOBM ~ Self-Referential Abstraction – The Concept Of Managerialism Fanatically Holds To The Belief That Managing People Is A Transferable Skill That Can Be Tradable And Cross-Referable Regardless Of The Organizational Context That Is Ostensibly Being Managed

~ MCSOWTJTOE ~ Managers Constantly Seek Out Ways To Justify Their Own Existence

~ PDR ~ Power-Display Rituals

~ CM-HTOJISWA-RTSWJDAOT ~ Corporate Managerialism – Has Transformed Our Jobs Into Something We Are – Rather Than Something We Just Do Among Other Things

~ CSR ~ Corporate Social Responsibility

~ PDCWYTAI ~ Power Doesn’t Care What You Think About It

~ TDNATBALTTCP-AFODAPGFTCM ~ There Does Not Appear To Be Any Limit To The Commodification Process – All Forms Of Dissent Are Potential Grist For The Commercial Mill

~ A-PAEMOA ~ Absentificaton – Political And Ethical Methods Of Absence

~ DAIFATOEIOTUI ~ Direct Action In Forming Alternatives To Organized Exploitation Is Of The Utmost Importance

~ WNTBPIIPADF ~ Work Needs To Be Put In Its Place And De-Fetishized

~ TTDW ~ The Three-Day Work Week

~ NEVIAAACTIP-LOIICOAATTDAW ~ No Economic Value Is Added After A Certain Threshold Is Passed – Little Of Interest Is Created Over And Above The Three Days A Week

~ TRRW-AOT-U-E-W-IDFU-WNKW-ISTQTSDTAECCPATHOS-ATCOE ~ The Real Reason Why – All Of This – Useless – Extra – Work – Is Demanded From Us – We Now Know Why – It Serves To Quell The Seething Discontent That An Extreme Class Contradiction Plants At The Heart Of Society – At The Centre Of Everything

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