~ AM&AW ~ A Man And A Woman

~ DD ~ Dirty Day

~ AIWIY ~ All I Want Is You
~ D ~ Desire
~ LRM ~ Love Rescue Me
~ P ~ Please

~ MW ~ Mysterious Ways
~ OL ~ Ordinary Love
~ TGBHF ~ The Ground Beneath Her Feet
~ B ~ Breathe
~ EBTTRT ~ Even Better Than The Real Thing
~ SYCMIOYO ~ Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own

~ TIWYCRMN ~ This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now
~ THBAO ~ Two Hearts Beat As One
~ OSC ~ One Step Closer

~ MOS ~ Moment Of Surrender
~ EBW ~ Every Breaking Wave
~ ST ~ Sweetest Thing
~ WAS ~ With A Shout

~ M ~ Magnificent
~ R ~ Rejoice

~ S ~ Seconds


~ SA ~ Sunny Afternoon
~ YLF ~ You’re Lookin’ Fine

~ TYH ~ Trust Your Heart
~ INY ~ I Need You
~ IAYM ~ I Am Your Man
~ YMIAW ~ You Make It All Worthwhile

~ GTBF ~ Got To Be Free
~ SMF ~ Set Me Free
~ IAF ~ I Am Free

~ LMTTSS ~ Love Me Till The Sun Shines
~ TWLUTB ~ The Way Love Use To Be
~ TTEOTD ~ Till The End Of The Day

~ PTPOEO ~ People Take Pictures Of Each Other

~ LOL ~ Labour Of Love
~ NG ~ Natural Gift
~ E ~ Education

~ GU ~ Get Up

~ YRGM ~ You Really Got Me
~ S&B ~ Skin And Bone
~ SN ~ Sleepless Night
~ THW ~ The Hard Way
~ BT ~ Better Things
~ R ~ Repetition

~ TH ~ Too Hot
~ CON ~ Come On Now
~ CTTW ~ Close To The Wire
~ NR ~ No Return
~ OTE ~ Over The Edge

~ DY ~ Did Ya

~ DIA ~ Do It Again


~ (ICGN)S ~ (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

~ LSTNT ~ Let’s Spend The Night Together
~ ATPTB ~ Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
~ CYHMK? ~ Can’t You Hear Me Knocking?

~ UOTN ~ Undercover Of The Night

~ SMU ~ Start Me Up

~ LIS ~ Love Is Strong

~ C ~ Connection

~ IGW ~ I Go Wild
~ PWF ~ Play With Fire
~ HS ~ Hot Stuff
~ ICBS ~ I Can’t Be Satisfied
~ YGMR ~ You Got Me Rocking
~ YGM ~ You Gotta Move
~ A&A ~ Around And Around
~ CDA ~ Coming Down Again

~ DW ~ Dirty Work
~ H ~ Happy

~ AAY ~ All About You
~ ICAHYS ~ I Can Almost Hear You Sigh
~ CO ~ Come On

~ RO ~ Rocks Off

~ IAON ~ It’s All Over Now

~ H ~ Heaven


~ WIGH ~ When I Get Home
~ WDWDIITR? ~ Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?
~ TOU ~ Two Of Us
~ HP ~ Honey Pie
~ WHP ~ Wild Honey Pie

~ RL ~ Real Love
~ FMTY ~ From Me To You
~ AYNIL ~ All You Need Is Love

~ IWBYM ~ I Wanna Be Your Man
~ IWTHYH ~ I Want To Hold Your Hand
~ IWTTY ~ I Want To Tell You
~ IWY(SSH) ~ I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
~ INY ~ I Need You

~ LMD ~ Love Me Do
~ LYT ~ Love You To
~ PPM ~ Please Please Me
~ HMT ~ Hold Me Tight

~ AML ~ All My Loving
~ WYWY ~ Within You Without You
~ HTAE ~ Here, There And Everywhere
~ ELT ~ Every Little Thing
~ YRGAHOM ~ You Really Got A Hold On Me
~ DI ~ Dig It

~ LLL ~ Long, Long, Long

~ IGAF ~ I’ve Got A Feeling
~ IATM ~ It’s All Too Much
~ IWBL ~ It Won’t Be Long
~ ATAA ~ Any Time At All

~ H! ~ Help!

~ W ~ Wait
~ GB ~ Get Back
~ ATN ~ All Together Now

~ CT ~ Come Together

~ HCTS ~ Here Comes The Sun

~ S ~ Shout

~ O!D ~ Oh! Darling


~ WADTTBS-MWGIAW ~ We’re All Desperately Trying To Be Somebody – Maybe We’ve Got It All Wrong

~ LITI ~ Living In The iEra

~ OCCO-CMNATWOF-ETITWWBHOWWBE-BMWGIW-MODAMAHWBFOWWFLDTHB ~ Our Contemporary Culture Of – Consumerism, Materialism, Narcissism, And The Worship Of Fame – Encourages The Idea That We Will Be Happy Only When We Become Exceptional – But Maybe We’ve Got It Wrong – Maybe Our Deepest And Most Authentic Happiness Will Be Found Only When We Finally Lay Down This Heavy Burden

~ TINASASTTEUTB-MSPMFOOOMNTWAA ~ There Is Not A Single Authentic Spiritual Tradition That Enjoins Us To Be – More Self-Preoccupied, More Full Of Ourselves Or More Narcissistic Than We Already Are

~ WICTAHIL-OWTSHTBIATB-NTS ~ When It Comes To Achieving Happiness In Life – Obsession With The Self Has Traditionally Been Identified As The Problem – Not The Solution

~ PN&PD ~ Prosperity, Narcissism, And Pandemic Depression

~ INSHIAAY ~ It’s Not Self-Help If It’s All About You

~ TADSTTCON-IF-MTOADS ~ There’s A Dark Side To The Culture Of Narcissism – In Fact – Maybe There’s Only A Dark Side

~ OGJCWWVOAGOOTSOSE ~ Our Greatest Joy Comes When We Vacate Ourselves And Give Ourselves Over To Something Or Someone Else

~ IIWWMT-‘SOOO’-E-TWEE ~ It Is When We Manage To – “Stand Outside Of Ourselves” – Exstasis – That We Experience Ecstasy

~ IIOWWSNTPBPOOLAASLIAUADWTWBRPAFE ~ It Is Only When We Stop Narrating The Play-By-Play Of Our Lives And Actually Start Living In An Unmediated And Direct Way That We Become Really Present And Fully Engaged

~ TDNTBSEMIACQTFSIOWOA ~ The Desperate Need To Be Special Easily Morphs Into A Competitive Quest To Feel Superior In One Way Or Another

~ IITAAOIAFTRTWAAATNIRMSTAE ~ It Is Truly An Act Of Independence And Freedom To Recognize That We’re All Alike And That Nobody Is Really More Somebody Than Anyone Else

~ SDMYSAMTTNTFSMYS ~ Suffering Doesn’t Make You Special Any More Than The Need To Feel Special Makes You Special

~ PIOOTPCODALSE-IIATNOOTSTLATHOTB ~ Pride Is One Of The Principal Causes Of Depression And Low Self-Esteem – It Is Actually The Narcissistic Overestimation Of The Self That Lies At The Heart Of This Beast

~ MSHNIASCOD ~ Medical Science Has Not Identified Any Single Cause Of Depression

~ JB-NR-IR-BL ~ Just Because – No Reason – It’s Random – Bad Luck

~ ATMNAOPITFTIIGACIFTOUWHI ~ Among The Many Nasty Aspects Of Pride Is The Fact That It Is Good At Concealing Itself From Those Of Us Who Have It

~ DIUCBTAOATT-AIEATITTAAOTO ~ Depression Is Ultimately Caused By Thinking About Oneself All The Time – And Is Experienced As The Inability To Think About Anyone Other Than Oneself

~ SDMUFBAO-WWKIWCIOOOE-AIFIMUFMW-DS Selfishness Doesn’t Make Us Feel Better About Ourselves – Which We Know If We Check In On Our Own Experience – And In Fact It Makes Us Feel Much Worse – Depressingly So

~ WSTOI-SWTS ~ We’re Slaves To Our Itches – So We Try Scratching

~ TGI ~ The Great Itchlessness

~ WCCTPITP ~ We Can’t Change The Present In The Present

~ WGWYWBATHFS-OWIJPSPATRFTW? ~ Would Getting What You Want Bring About The Hoped-For Satisfaction – Or Would It Just Provide Some Partial And Temporary Relief From The Wanting?

~ SWWCO ‘P’ IROSPOOPM-ASOPICC-OIOTPIIT ~ Since What We Call Our “Past” Is Really Only Some Part Of Our Present Mind – And Since Our Present Is Constantly Changing – Our Idea Of The Past Is Influx Too

~ O-ILTN-AH ~ Om – It’s Like This Now – Ah Hum

~ MAAJT-IIIFPOTNEO-TATBARRTADS ~ Mental Afflictions Always Justify Themselves – It Is, In Fact, Part Of The Negative Emotion’s Operandi – To Appear To Be A Reasonable Response To A Difficult Situation

~ SIDF-SC-NF-SI ~ Self-Improvement Derives From – Self-Control – Not From – Self-Indulgence

~ DI-DFTNEGUMPOT-WANO-JPEAOD ~ De-Identification – Disassociating From The Negative Emotions Gives Us More Power Over Them – We Are Not Our – Jealousy, Pride, Envy, Anger, Or Depression

~ IYCDIFY-T-DIFO ~ If You Can’t Do It For Yourself – Then – Do If For Others

~ BEIOQFSI-TAOANJO-IUOGR ~ But Even In Our Quest For Self-Improvement – Thinking About Others And Not Just Ourselves – Is Ultimately Our Greatest Resource

~ CY-CTW ~ Change You – Change The World

~ ASIITWSTWNAIIBAWA ~ And So It Is That We See The World Not As It Is But As We Are

~ GU ~ Getting Unbusy

~ COB ~ Cult Of Busyness

~ WDNTBOWIOLT-A-WDNTTOLTIW ~ We Don’t Need To Bring Our Work Into Our Leisure Time – And – We Don’t Need To Turn Our Leisure Time Into Work

~ FFCA ~ Freedom From Compulsive Activity

~ WAWWWNS? ~ Who Are We When We’re Not Somebody?

~ EWBTE’UAFD’ ~ Enlightenment Will Be The Ego’s “Ultimate And Final Disappointment”

~ IYCBA-ALWABU ~ If You Can’t Be Anonymous, At Least Work At Being Unfabulous

~ NIE(AVV) ~ Nobody Is Everybody (And Vice Versa)


~ JUP ~ Jacking Up Prices

~ TROFP ~ The Rise Of Falling Prices

~ PP ~ Promises, Promises

~ RBTL ~ Reading Between The Lines

~ CPU ~ Corporate Power Unlimited

~ OWFCAD-ATUERTSAESTCTTFOMTT ~ Oligarchs Were Forever Conspiring Against Democracy – Attempting To Undermine Economic Rules That Serve All Equally So They Could Tilt The Flow Of Money To Themselves

~ T-OBTP-P-ATEITBOIITBEIC ~ The – Original Boston Tea Party – Protesting – A Tax Exemption Intended To Bail Out Investors In The British East India Company

~ EITYFAI-CWRWDS ~ Early In The Years Following American Independence – Corporations Were Regarded With Deep Suspicion

~ SCC/SPR ~ Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad

~ C/FEC ~ Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

~ HHI ~ Herfindahl-Hirschman Index

~ ITNPAFF ~ In Twenty-Ninth Place And Fading Fast

~ PUC ~ Profits Upkeep Commissions

~ FF ~ Fee Fatigue

~ AFOF ~ A Festival Of Fees

~ NBSCDMDTAEAASTF-TPLAVU ~ No Business Sector Can Do More Damage To An Economy And A Society Than Finance – The Potential Losses Are Virtually Unlimited

~ T2008MCETFPIAHOHJ ~ The 2008 Meltdown Cost Every Thirty-Fourth Person In America His Or Her Job

~ SPUBWAT ~ Solving Problems Usually Begins With Acknowledging Them

~ TATBBDNEOIAISF-BTAUNE ~ To Assume That Bad Behavior Does Not Exist Or Is Anomalous Is Sheer Folly – But That Assumption Underlies Neoclassical Economics

~ SCD-TCTTNRTWOPFTP ~ So-Called Deregulation – The Changes Tend Toward New Rules That Wipe Out Protections For The Powerless

~ RI ~ Restore Integrity

~ WCUAATTTRHPI-TCIBAI-ETTHNET-TBPDYWAPUYTB ~ When Companies Use Accounting And Tax Tricks To Report Huge Profits In – The Cayman Islands, Bermuda And Ireland – Even Though They Have No Employees There – They Both Push Down Your Wages And Push Up Your Tax Burdens

~ OCFIOLU:OTWCWWDNHSCFTAIGFTWCWWWHSA ~ One Crucial Fact Is Often Left Unsaid: Our Trade With Countries Where We Do Not Have So-Called Free Trade Agreements Is Growing Faster Than With Countries With Which We Have Such Agreements

~ BHMWWTHCWWTGAS-NWSDATCIFOT ~ Businesses Hire More Workers When They Have Customers Who Want Their Goods And Services – Not When Someone Dangles A Tax Cut In Front Of Them

~ FATTOPIA-TNTAS ~ For All The Talk Of Prosperity In America – The Numbers Tell Another Story

~ EHCSWEMOTFGTBWSAIC ~ Eliminating Holding-Company Structures Would End Many Of The Financial Games That Benefit Wall Street And Its Clients

~ DUTSF ~ Don’t Underestimate The Shame Factor

~ NMTD-YHTPYTI-WSBBBTD? ~ No More Tax Deferrals – You Have To Pay Your Taxes Immediately – Why Shroud Big Business Be Treated Differently?

~ WABRBBRTTPFFHBITFP ~ We Are Being Robbed Blind By Rules That The Politically Favored Few Have Buried In The Fine Print

~ TPCF-WWTCAGGTWTRITF-ATWUTDOCM ~ The Politically Connected Few – Who Write The Contracts And Get Governments To Write The Rules In Their Favor – All The While Undoing The Disciple Of Competitive Markets

~ UWFB-TEEWCTSTP-WWMASTFIOTVMDTSOOS-NOEWDTJ ~ Unless We Fight Back – The Economic Elite Will Continue To Stuff Their Pockets – While Weakening Markets And Stagnant-To-Failing Incomes Of The Vast Majority Damage The Stability Of Our Society – No One Else Will Do This Job

~ MYIDAP ~ Make Yourself Informed, Dedicated And Powerful

~ RCCFTBU ~ Real Change Comes From The Bottom Up

~ RBWY ~ Reform Begins With You


~ TWIFOP ~ The World Is Full Of Priesthoods

~ SHNTDWMTMS ~ Securitization Has Nothing To Do With Making Things More Secure

~ TWJWFYTSTSTCTYWTD ~ They Were Just Waiting For You To Stop Talking So They Could Tell You What To Do

~ IN-IIMARPC-CTPTEWO ~ In Practice – It Is Mainly A Rich People’s Club – Committed To Preserving The Existing World Order

~ MJAWAMCCITCMOEC ~ Musicians, Journalists, And Writers Are Middle-Class Canaries In The Coal Mine Of Economic Change

~ IATIS ~ It’s About The Inequality, Stupid

~ TMIQI-WASSAIPFTCOIRCAIRMPES-IOTCOTFEE ~ The More Important Question Is – Whether A Society Should Arrange Itself Primarily For The Convenience Of Its Richest Citizens And Its Richest, Most Powerful Economic Sector – Irrespective Of The Consequences Of That For Everyone Else

~ ATTSAAC ~ And Then Things Suddenly And Abruptly Change

~ BI ~ Bail-In

~ BTN ~ Beggar Thy Neighbor

~ BVN ~ Bullshit Versus Nonsense

~ CREAM ~ Cash Rules Everything Around Me

~ CW ~ Currency Wars

~ ETL ~ Eating Their Lunch

~ E&P ~ Extend And Pretend

~ FU ~ Falling Upwards

~ FFM ~ Fat-Finger Mistakes

~ COLEWI ~ Cost Of Living Extremely Well Index

~ GFC ~ Global Financial Crisis

~ GFT ~ Greater Fool Theory

~ HFT ~ High-Frequency Trading

~ HNWI ~ High Net Worth Individual

~ HO ~ Hollowing Out

~ HM ~ Hot Money

~ IMF ~ International Monetary Fund

~ LC ~ Laffer Curve

~ LI ~ Leading Indicators

~ LOLR ~ Lender Of Last Resort

~ MI ~ Misery Index

~ M&M ~ Monopoly And Monopsony

~ MH ~ Moral Hazard

~ OECD ~ Organization For Economic Cooperation And Development

~ OTC ~ Over The Counter

~ PLOG ~ Persistent Large Output Gap

~ P2P ~ Peer To Peer

~ PF ~ Paradis Fiscal

~ PPI ~ Payment Protection Insurance

~ PC ~ Producer Capture

~ QE ~ Quantitative Easing

~ RC ~ Resource Curse

~ SB ~ Shadow Banks

~ SV ~ Shareholder Value

~ SME ~ Small And Medium Enterprises

~ SFTR ~ Socialism For The Rich

~ SCAD ~ Stars, Cows, And Dogs

~ TOSC ~ Tyranny Of Sunk Costs

~ VC ~ Venture Capital

~ VOSL ~ Value Of A Statistical Life

~ WATCY? ~ Where Are The Customers’ Yachts?

~ ZIRP ~ Zero-Interest-Rate Policy

~ ZB ~ Zombie Bank


~ TFOTS ~ The Folly Of Technological Solutionism

~ TSSNIHTGTCTSTCFA ~ The System Still Needs Imperfect Humans To Generate The Clicks To Suck The Cash From Advertisers

~ SIIGE-SIMBTP ~ Sometimes Imperfect Is Good Enough – Sometimes, It’s Much Better Than Prefect

~ ACBC-B-SCC ~ Ambivalence Can Be Counterproductive – But – So Can Certitude

~ S ~ Solutionism

~ DOAAADADTD ~ Dreamlands Of Abstraction Are A Dime A Dozen These Days

~ IC-TFCTWALTURT-IWTPTNLH-EIUPC-A-TNT‘FT’RAHAE ~ Internet Centrism – The Firm Conviction That We Are Living Through Unique, Revolutionary Times – In Which The Previous Truths No Longer Hold – Everything Is Undergoing Profound Change – And – The Need To “Fix Things” Runs As High As Ever

~ TD-‘TI’-CMSAA ~ These Days – “The Internet” – Can Mean Just About Anything

~ IODTMOITACAPAR-WHABSTCTL-‘TI’– WTTBASAEDA ~ Instead Of Debating The Merits Of Individual Technologies And Crafting Appropriate Policies And Regulations – We Have All But Surrendered To Catchall Terms Like – “The Internet” – Which Try To Bypass Any Serious And Empirical Debate Altogether

~ HDWRAPW‘TI’IPTDATLAFANATOG? ~ How Did We Reach A Point Where “The Internet” Is Presumed To Develop According To Laws As Firm And Natural As Those Of Gravity?

~ IDHATTPOWAIOI ~ Ideologies Do Have A Tendency To Present Other Worldviews As Irrelevant Or Impossible

~ H&C ~ Hype And Consequences

~ AIDIAPTAWRD ~ An Inefficient Democracy Is Always Preferable To A Well-Run Dictatorship

~ WSTDOSVIVDUFCABVTAM? ~ Why Should The Defense Of Some Vague Internet Values Distract Us From Caring About Balancing Values That Actually Matter?

~ TPOIR ~ The Perils Of Information Reductionism

~ IOEATIPONTTPOAT-WMHLSOTDPNOTUTWTTAP ~ In Our Excitement About The Immense Potential Of New Technologies To Promote Openness And Transparency – We May Have Lost Sight Of The Deeply Political Nature Of The Uses To Which These Technologies Are Put

~ BDSAHTTWBUF‘G’POINLE ~ Building Data Sets And Hoping That They Will Be Used For “Good” Purposes Only Is No Longer Enough

~ WMNFOWTNAODTAUTDWFEWIWD ~ We Must Not Fixate On What This New Arsenal Of Digital Technologies Allows Us To Do Without First Enquiring What Is Worth Doing

~ IC-HTDPTRODARIAUOAPSBVOTAW-‘TI’ ~ Internet-Centrism – Has The Disturbing Power To Recast Old, Discarded, And Retrograde Ideas As Unique, Original, And Progressive Sheerly By Virtue Of Their Association With – “The Internet”

~ DITAS ~ Drowning In The Algorithmic Sea

~ TMIWMYF ~ The Meme Industry Will Make You Famous

~ ‘DWTG’-STG ~ “Down With The Gatekeepers” – Say The Gatekeepers

~ TROUC ~ The Rise Of Uncritical Critics

~ PIIAGPTPF ‘BD’–‘PP’ ~ Policing Is In A Good Position To Profit From “Big Data” – “Predicative Policing”

~ TPPPA:TPOAQRLOT ~ The Perennial Problem Of Algorithms: Their Presumed Objectivity And Quite Real Lack Of Transparency

~ SCP ~ Situational Crime Prevention

~ ASSTTBIAIIVBS ~ Advanced Security Systems Tend To Become Institutionalized And Integrated Into Vast Bureaucratic Systems

~ AITAORPIML ~ Abundance In The Absence Of Robust Political Institutions Means Little

~ TWNAND‘TI’ ~ Technology Wants Nothing And Neither Does “The Internet”

~ D-RD-OREATPLATTDIS ~ Datasexuals – Relentlessly Digital – Obsessively Record Everything About Their Personal Lives And Think That Data Is Sexy

~ AAQAQOAAS-A-SIABA-EWCIOAPADIFOSMAM ~ Attempts At Quantification Are Quite Often Attempts At Simplification – And – Simplification Is Anything But Apolitical – Especially When Competing Interpretations Of A Problem Are Discarded In Favor Of Something Measurable And Manageable

~ WFAMOW ~ When Facts Are Made Of Water

~ IMB-AMIP-LIR ~ It Might Be – As More Is Preserved – Less Is Remembered

~ TTITHCBFATHALRINGTGUVF ~ Trying To Improve The Human Condition By First Assuming That Humans Are Like Robots Is Not Going To Get Us Very Far

~ BEETDGOE ~ But Even Established Truths Do Get Overturned Eventually

~ OTRSDCSTIIL ~ Only Through Radical Self-Doubt Can Solutionism Transcend Its Inherent Limitations

~ MITVAIGOTOCALID ~ Most Internet Theorists Venerate An Imaginary God Of Their Own Creation And Live In Denial

~ TINTE-OEITRARPSWRW ~ Technology Is Not The Enemy – Our Enemy Is The Romantic And Revolutionary Problem Solver Who Resides Within


~ YMNYBMMTIT ~ Your Mind Needs Your Body Much More Than It Thinks

~ WNOBBWUTI ~ We Neglect Our Bodies Because We Underestimate Their Intelligence

~ MNDNNTTIBOTM-TITBADVAMASDIOH ~ Many Neuroscientists Do Not Now Think That Intelligence Belongs Only To Minds – The Idea That Bodies Are Dumb Vehicles And Minds Are Smart Drivers Is Old Hat

~ TPAOIWTARIF-IACB-AVM-TMS ~ The Predominant Association Of Intelligence With Thinking And Reasoning Isn’t Fact – It Is A Cultural Belief – A Virulent Meme – That Misdirects Us

~ WDNHB-WAB ~ We Do Not Have Bodies – We Are Bodies

~ T‘M’WITFWPC‘TEG’ ~ The ‘Mind’ Was Invented To Fill What Philosophers Call ‘The Explanatory Gap’

~ WTWDT-TWTAT-TWMD-AFWA-BINLTAA ~ We Think We See Things – Then We Think About Them – Then We Make Decisions – And Finally We Act – But It’s Not Like That At All

~ WAFBFA-NFTOU-TIARETFSSA ~ We Are Fundamentally Built For Action – Not For Thinking Or Understanding – Thinking Is A Recently Evolved Tool For Supporting Smart Action

~ BIS-NM-OTB-IAC-NAD ~ Brain Is Servant – Not Master – Of The Body – It’s A Chatroom – Not A Directorate

~ TASTEBCAWIGOIIOHD ~ Thoughts Are Stories The Embodied Brain Constructs About What Is Going On In Its Own Hidden Depths

~ CHIOP-WCMMTWLTT ~ Consciousness Has Its Own Priorities – We Confabulate Much More Than We Like To Think

~ ISOICTOFAOITTWU-WYPUAFT-YBLIIIIROYB-IBAMAPOYBATHI ~ Internal Streaming Of Information Continues Through Our Fingertips And Out Into The Tools We Use – When You Pick Up A Familiar Tool – Your Brain Literally Incorporates It Into Its Representation Of Your Body – It Becomes As Much A Part Of Your Body As The Hand Itself

~ YAABS ~ You Are A Biochemical Soup

~ YAACADS ~ You Are A Complex Adaptive Dynamic System

~ TIB ~ The Interwoven Brain

~ PIAF-AH-BIIAHTICBTF-IIPTTTOETAA-AIIW-IS ~ Perception Is A Fabrication – A Hallucination – But It Is A Hallucination That Is Constrained By The Facts – It Is Put To The Test Of Experience Time And Again – And If It Works – It Stays

~ M&L ~ Moots And Loops

~ CTCV-TINBBITBWFTRADP-TBISG-IILAMM-AMTCRACOBAPORAAD ~ Contrary To Cartesian View – There Is No Big Boss In The Brain Who Forces Through Resolutions And Dictates Policy – The Body Is Self-Governing – It Is Like A Medieval Moot – A Meeting That Can Reach A Conclusion Only By A Process Of Respectful And Attentive Debate

~ MOTWOTBDHRS-SNBBCIN ~ Much Of The Work Of The Body Does Have Routine Solutions – So No Brain-Based Conversation Is Needed

~ TBINJITBOTTBWTD-BAIFBAJAMATOWR ~ The Brain Is Not Just In The Business Of Telling The Body What To Do – Bodily Activity Is Influencing Brain Activity Just As Much As The Other Way Round

~ BABATTSIASRTIMNSTLAT‘I’IOANITO ~ Body And Brain Are Tied Together So Intricately And So Rapidly That It Makes No Sense To Locate All The “Intelligence” In One And None In The Other

~ SWIYB-IAOYB-A-WIYB?-IICOIFACOYB ~ So Where Is Your Brain? – It Is All Over Your Body – And – What Is Your Brain? – It Is Currents Of Information From All Corners Of Your Body

~ TATWWWWHGEWOHRTOH-BRAEALPWOTOEOT-NSE ~ There Are Times When We Wish We Had Gone With Our Head Rather Than Our Heart – But Reason And Emotion Are Lifelong Partners Who Occasionally Tread On Each Other’s Toes – Not Sworn Enemies

~ TGVNITOBEABI‘DS’OOWES-WFEWWPSABTACOETHACKOS-TFAIN-OTAIAOOWB ~ The General View Now Is That Our Basic Emotions Are Built-In ‘Default Settings’ Of Our Whole Embodied Systems – We Feel Emotional When We Perceive Something As Belonging To A Class Of Events That Has A Characteristic Kind Of Significance – That Fulfil An Important Need – Or Threaten An Important Aspect Of Our Well-Being

~ EAIRTETARTWWV-AWWVHIRFITPB ~ Emotions Are Intelligent Responses To Events That Are Relevant To What We Value – And What We Value Has Its Roots Firmly In The Physical Body

~ SAWBABPIWRNJTSET-BTSAPOTE ~ Survival And Well-Being Are Better Protected If We Respond Not Just To Significant Events Themselves – But To Signals And Portents Of Those Events

~ TCOE ~ The Complexification Of Emotion

~ TIADLBBSLATATECOFTAA-ITALOETKTPCPOATIA ~ There Is A Direct Link Between Blood Sugar Levels And The Ability To Exert Control Over Feelings, Thoughts And Actions – It Takes A Lot Of Energy To Keep The Prefrontal Cortex Pumping Out All That Inhibitory Activation

~ IYVYM-YWLDTFTSP ~ If You Vary Your Mood – You Will Learn Different Things From The Same Presentation

~ TEM ~ The Embodied Mind

~ WMSOTW-EWIIRA-BGRTAOIOIWI ~ We Make Sense Of The World – Even When It Is Rather Abstract – By Getting Ready To Act On It Or Interact With It

~ WCCTWWTFAB-JBCOPOOB ~ We Can Change The Way We Think, Feel And Behave – Just By Changing Our Posture Or Our Breathing

~ SPSTHMTDTMFTBMTO ~ Some People Seem To Have Managed To Disconnect Their Minds From Their Bodies More Than Others

~ AAFEOPPTITOTHYARFIOC-TPDSTHBMA ~ Adopting A Facial Expression Or Physical Posture That Is The Opposite To How You Are Really Feeling Improves Our Creativity – The Physical Dissonance Seems To Help Break Mental Assumptions

~ MOOBBIPPWWCA-AKOVCAITAGOIU ~ Much Of Our Body-Brain Intelligence Proceeds Perfectly Well Without Conscious Awareness – All Kinds Of Very Clever And Intricate Things Are Going On In Us

~ EE ~ Espaliered Experience

~ TABOTIEITPOU-IIAFOTWDBBS ~ The Actual Business Of Thinking Is Embedded In The Process Of Unfurling – It Is A Function Of The Whole Dynamic Body-Brain System

~ HOA ~ Habits Of Attention

~ TRSTWCRFOBATT-ATTTAIFWDRFTI-BTAOW ~ The Research Shows That We Confabulate Reasons For Our Behaviour All The Time – And Then Treat Them As If They Were Direct Readouts From The Interior – But They Are Often Wrong

~ TAB ~ The Augmented Body

~ DC ~ Distributed Cognition

~ SR ~ Social Resonance

~ MN-WWAAOION-OBAIASOCRWTAU-OTWMBROI ~ Mirror Neurons – Whether We Are Aware Of It Or Not – Our Bodies Are In A State Of Continual Resonance With Those Around Us – Or Those We May Be Remembering Or Imagining

~ ATT-WASARTTAUIWTOCMSDNN ~ All The Time – We Are Sensitive And Responsive To Those Around Us In Ways That Our Conscious Mind Simply Does Not Notice

~ TISAOSMIWRMTWNGA-BWADCFI ~ There Is Something About Our Skilful, Muscular Involvement With Real Material That Will Not Go Away – Because We Are Deeply Configured For It

~ AIIASAVC ~ Attention Is Itself A Skilled And Variegated Capability

~ BIAYAFIA-DBSIYTOTBAA ~ But If All You Aim For Is Automation – Don’t Be Surprised If You Turn Out To Be An Automaton

~ WCOPAMWD-ABLC-AAR ~ We Can Overthink Problems And Make Worse Decisions – And Be Less Creative – As A Result

~ EIEUFPOMFTEOA ~ Exercise Is Especially Useful For Protecting Our Minds From The Effects Of Ageing

~ AMSODHS-TBWTLTOITLTY ~ As Many Studies Of Deception Have Shown – The Best Way To Lie To Others Is To Lie To Yourself

~ OEASISIWIOB ~ Our Emotional And Social Intelligence Suffers If We Ignore Our Bodies

~ SLISI ~ Screen Life Is Sensorily Impoverished