~ TFOTS ~ The Folly Of Technological Solutionism

~ TSSNIHTGTCTSTCFA ~ The System Still Needs Imperfect Humans To Generate The Clicks To Suck The Cash From Advertisers

~ S-IIGE-S-IMBTP ~ Sometimes – Imperfect Is Good Enough – Sometimes – It’s Much Better Than Perfect

~ ACBC-B-SCC ~ Ambivalence Can Be Counterproductive – But – So Can Certitude

~ S ~ Solutionism

~ DOAAADADTD ~ Dreamlands Of Abstraction Are A Dime A Dozen These Days

~ IC-TFCTWALT-U-R-T-IWTPTNLH-EIUPC-A-TNT-‘FT’-RAHAE ~ Internet Centrism – The Firm Conviction That We Are Living Through – Unique – Revolutionary – Times – In Which The Previous Truths No Longer Hold – Everything Is Undergoing Profound Change – And – The Need To – “Fix Things” – Runs As High As Ever

~ TD-‘TI’-CMSAA ~ These Days – “The Internet” – Can Mean Just About Anything

~ IODTMOITACAPAR-WHABSTCTL-‘TI’– WTTBASAEDA ~ Instead Of Debating The Merits Of Individual Technologies And Crafting Appropriate Policies And Regulations – We Have All But Surrendered To Catchall Terms Like – “The Internet” – Which Try To Bypass Any Serious And Empirical Debate Altogether

~ HDWRAPW-‘TI’-IPTDATLAFANATOG? ~ How Did We Reach A Point Where – “The Internet” – Is Presumed To Develop According To Laws As Firm And Natural As Those Of Gravity?

~ IDHATTPOWAIOI ~ Ideologies Do Have A Tendency To Present Other Worldviews As Irrelevant Or Impossible

~ H&C ~ Hype And Consequences

~ AIDIAPTAWRD ~ An Inefficient Democracy Is Always Preferable To A Well-Run Dictatorship

~ WSTDOSVIVDUFCABVTAM? ~ Why Should The Defense Of Some Vague Internet Values Distract Us From Caring About Balancing Values That Actually Matter?

~ TPOIR ~ The Perils Of Information Reductionism

~ IOEATIPONTTPOAT-WMHLSOTDPNOTUTWTTAP ~ In Our Excitement About The Immense Potential Of New Technologies To Promote Openness And Transparency – We May Have Lost Sight Of The Deeply Political Nature Of The Uses To Which These Technologies Are Put

~ BDSAHTTWBUF-‘G’-POINLE ~ Building Data Sets And Hoping That They Will Be Used For – “Good” – Purposes Only Is No Longer Enough

~ WMNFOWTNAODTAUTDWFEWIWD ~ We Must Not Fixate On What This New Arsenal Of Digital Technologies Allows Us To Do Without First Enquiring What Is Worth Doing

~ I-C-HT-DP-TR-O-D-A-R-I-A-U-O-A-P-SBVOTAW-‘TI’ ~ Internet-Centrism – Has The – Disturbing Power – To Recast – Old – Discarded – And – Retrograde – Ideas – As – Unique – Original – And – Progressive – Sheerly By Virtue Of Their Association With – “The Internet”

~ DITAS ~ Drowning In The Algorithmic Sea

~ TMIWMYF ~ The Meme Industry Will Make You Famous

~ ‘DWTG’-STG ~ “Down With The Gatekeepers” – Say The Gatekeepers

~ TROUC ~ The Rise Of Uncritical Critics

~ PIIAGPTPF-‘BD’–’PP’ ~ Policing – Is In A Good Position To Profit From – “Big Data” – “Predicative Policing”

~ TPPPA:TPOAQRLOT ~ The Perennial Problem Of Algorithms: Their Presumed Objectivity And Quite Real Lack Of Transparency

~ SCP ~ Situational Crime Prevention

~ ASSTTBIAIIVBS ~ Advanced Security Systems Tend To Become Institutionalized And Integrated Into Vast Bureaucratic Systems

~ AITAORPIML ~ Abundance In The Absence Of Robust Political Institutions Means Little

~ TWNAND-‘TI’ ~ Technology Wants Nothing And Neither Does – “The Internet”

~ D-RD-OREATPLATTDIS ~ Datasexuals – Relentlessly Digital – Obsessively Record Everything About Their Personal Lives And Think That Data Is Sexy

~ AAQAQOAAS-A-SIABA-EWCIOAPADIFOSMAM ~ Attempts At Quantification Are Quite Often Attempts At Simplification – And – Simplification Is Anything But Apolitical – Especially When Competing Interpretations Of A Problem Are Discarded In Favor Of Something Measurable And Manageable

~ WFAMOW ~ When Facts Are Made Of Water

~ IMB-AMIP-LIR ~ It Might Be – As More Is Preserved – Less Is Remembered

~ TTITHCBFATHALRINGTGUVF ~ Trying To Improve The Human Condition By First Assuming That Humans Are Like Robots Is Not Going To Get Us Very Far

~ BEETDGOE ~ But Even Established Truths Do Get Overturned Eventually

~ OTRSDCSTIIL ~ Only Through Radical Self-Doubt Can Solutionism Transcend Its Inherent Limitations

~ MITVAIGOTOCALID ~ Most Internet Theorists Venerate An Imaginary God Of Their Own Creation And Live In Denial

~ TINTE-OEITRARPSWRW ~ Technology Is Not The Enemy – Our Enemy Is The Romantic And Revolutionary Problem Solver Who Resides Within

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