~ WADTTBS-MWGIAW ~ We’re All Desperately Trying To Be Somebody – Maybe We’ve Got It All Wrong

~ LITI ~ Living In The iEra

~ OCCO-C/M/N/TWOF-ETITWWBHOWWBE-B-MWGIW-MODAMAHWBFOWWFLDTHB ~ Our Contemporary Culture Of – Consumerism / Materialism / Narcissism / The Worship Of Fame – Encourages The Idea That We Will Be Happy Only When We Become Exceptional – But – Maybe We’ve Got It Wrong – Maybe Our Deepest And Most Authentic Happiness Will Be Found Only When We Finally Lay Down This Heavy Burden

~ TINASASTTEUTB-MS-P-MFOOOMNTWAA ~ There Is Not A Single Authentic Spiritual Tradition That Enjoins Us To Be – More Self-Preoccupied – More Full Of Ourselves Or More Narcissistic Than We Already Are

~ WICTAHIL-OWTSHTBIATB-NTS ~ When It Comes To Achieving Happiness In Life – Obsession With The Self Has Traditionally Been Identified As The Problem – Not The Solution

~ P-N-A-PD ~ Prosperity – Narcissism – And – Pandemic Depression

~ INSHIAAY ~ It’s Not Self-Help If It’s All About You

~ TADSTTCON-IF-MTOADS ~ There’s A Dark Side To The Culture Of Narcissism – In Fact – Maybe There’s Only A Dark Side

~ OGJCWWVOAGOOTSOSE ~ Our Greatest Joy Comes When We Vacate Ourselves And Give Ourselves Over To Something Or Someone Else

~ IIWWMT-‘SOOO’-E-TWEE ~ It Is When We Manage To – “Stand Outside Of Ourselves” – Exstasis – That We Experience Ecstasy

~ IIOWWSNTPBPOOLAASLIAUADWTWBRPAFE ~ It Is Only When We Stop Narrating The Play-By-Play Of Our Lives And Actually Start Living In An Unmediated And Direct Way That We Become Really Present And Fully Engaged

~ TDNTBSEMIACQTFSIOWOA ~ The Desperate Need To Be Special Easily Morphs Into A Competitive Quest To Feel Superior In One Way Or Another

~ IITAAOIAFTRTWAAATNIRMSTAE ~ It Is Truly An Act Of Independence And Freedom To Recognize That We’re All Alike And That Nobody Is Really More Somebody Than Anyone Else

~ SDMYSAMTTNTFSMYS ~ Suffering Doesn’t Make You Special Any More Than The Need To Feel Special Makes You Special

~ PIOOTPCODALSE-IIATNOOTSTLATHOTB ~ Pride Is One Of The Principal Causes Of Depression And Low Self-Esteem – It Is Actually The Narcissistic Overestimation Of The Self That Lies At The Heart Of This Beast

~ MSHNIASCOD ~ Medical Science Has Not Identified Any Single Cause Of Depression

~ JB-NR-IR-BL ~ Just Because – No Reason – It’s Random – Bad Luck

~ ATMNAOPITFTIIGACIFTOUWHI ~ Among The Many Nasty Aspects Of Pride Is The Fact That It Is Good At Concealing Itself From Those Of Us Who Have It

~ DIUCBTAOATT-AIEATITTAAOTO ~ Depression Is Ultimately Caused By Thinking About Oneself All The Time – And Is Experienced As The Inability To Think About Anyone Other Than Oneself

~ SDMUFBAO-WWKIWCIOOOE-AIFIMUFMW-DS Selfishness Doesn’t Make Us Feel Better About Ourselves – Which We Know If We Check In On Our Own Experience – And In Fact It Makes Us Feel Much Worse – Depressingly So

~ WSTOI-SWTS ~ We’re Slaves To Our Itches – So We Try Scratching

~ TGI ~ The Great Itchlessness

~ WCCTPITP ~ We Can’t Change The Present In The Present

~ WGWYWBATHFS-OWIJPSPATRFTW? ~ Would Getting What You Want Bring About The Hoped-For Satisfaction – Or Would It Just Provide Some Partial And Temporary Relief From The Wanting?

~ SWWCO-‘P’-IROSPOOPM-ASOPICC-OIOTPIIT ~ Since What We Call Our – “Past” – Is Really Only Some Part Of Our Present Mind – And Since Our Present Is Constantly Changing – Our Idea Of The Past Is Influx Too

~ O-ILTN-AH ~ Om – It’s Like This Now – Ah Hum

~ MAAJT-II-IF-POTNEO-TATBARRTADS ~ Mental Afflictions Always Justify Themselves – It Is – In Fact – Part Of The Negative Emotion’s Operandi – To Appear To Be A Reasonable Response To A Difficult Situation

~ SIDF-SC-NF-SI ~ Self-Improvement Derives From – Self-Control – Not From – Self-Indulgence

~ DI-DFTNEGUMPOT-WANO-J-P-E-A-O-D ~ De-Identification – Disassociating From The Negative Emotions Gives Us More Power Over Them – We Are Not Our – Jealousy – Pride – Envy – Anger – Or – Depression

~ IYCDIFY-T-DIFO ~ If You Can’t Do It For Yourself – Then – Do If For Others

~ BEIOQFSI-TAOANJO-IUOGR ~ But Even In Our Quest For Self-Improvement – Thinking About Others And Not Just Ourselves – Is Ultimately Our Greatest Resource

~ CY-CTW ~ Change You – Change The World

~ ASIITWSTWNAIIBAWA ~ And So It Is That We See The World Not As It Is But As We Are

~ GU ~ Getting Unbusy

~ COB ~ Cult Of Busyness

~ WDNTBOWIOLT-A-WDNTTOLTIW ~ We Don’t Need To Bring Our Work Into Our Leisure Time – And – We Don’t Need To Turn Our Leisure Time Into Work

~ FFCA ~ Freedom From Compulsive Activity

~ WAWWWNS? ~ Who Are We When We’re Not Somebody?

~ E-WB-TE-‘UAFD’ ~ Enlightenment – Will Be – The Ego’s – “Ultimate And Final Disappointment”

~ IYCBA-ALWABU ~ If You Can’t Be Anonymous – At Least Work At Being Unfabulous

~ NIE(AVV) ~ Nobody Is Everybody (And Vice Versa)

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