~ OOWTF ~ Our Obsession With The Future

~ CT ~ Chasing Tomorrow

~ LM-LSHWST ~ Language Matters – Language Shapes How We See Things

~ TFNISOML-AOMLSHWTTSLAFIPS ~ The Future-Now Ideology Shapes Our Mental Landscape – And Our Mental Landscape Shapes How We Think Things Should Look And Feel In Physical Space

~ CAPTHTOSATVN ~ Companies Actually Pay To Have Their Offices Stripped Away To Virtually Nothing

~ GTTFBTFGTY ~ Get To The Future Before The Future Gets To You

~ TOOSAD-B-TDSTDA ~ The Odds Of Success Are Daunting – But – This Doesn’t Seem To Deter Anyone

~ TF ~ Teaching Future

~ CFDSITNNA ~ Crusty Fuddy-Duddies Stuck In Time Need Not Apply

~ STEM ~ Science / Technology / Engineering / Math

~ TMIS-TPIAWL0BTFITOTTM ~ The Message Isn’t Subtle – The Past Is A Wasteful Luxury – Building The Future Is The Only Thing That Matters

~ WALTHAPWCFOWCNABIBAED ~ We Are Looking To Hire A Person Who Can Figure Out What’s Coming Next And Build It Before Anyone Else Does

~ TIOPFI(NS)SBSTRITI ~ The Ideology Of Permanent Future Is (Not So) Slowly But Surely Taking Root In The Institution

~ AWTT ~ Again With The Tricorder

~ DH ~ Data Harvest

~ OTFAEII ~ Owning The Future And Everyone In It

~ CRIME ~ Consolidated Records Intelligence Mining Environment

~ ATMWDBPIPITIVECBUAATTFEP ~ Among The Many Ways Data-Based Prediction Is Problematic Is That It Very Easily Can Be Used As A Tool To Further Entrench Prejudices

~ TAAINOCWBPITHCODATTBCOWIC ~ There Are An Increasing Number Of Companies Whose Business Plan Is To Harvest Cast-Off Data And Turn That Bumper Crop Of Weeds Into Cash

~ BDUAETH-IIEATETF ~ Big Data Underpins Almost Everything That Happens – It Is Emerging As The Essential Technological Framework

~ BD-“ANCOEA” ~ Big Data – “A New Class Of Economic Asset”

~ KWIGTHIFMETRTEATF-ASCWIGTHIMEOA ~ Knowing What Is Going To Happen Is Far More Efficient Than Responding To Events After The Fact – And Systematically Controlling What Is Going To Happen Is Most Efficient Of All

~ ALOPACANMALOMOOOD-BWANMAC ~ A Lot Of People And Corporations Are Now Making A Lot Of Money Off Of Our Data – But We Are Not Making A Cent

~ EIYWTOOOBD-IWBI ~ Even If You Wanted To Opt Out Of Big Data – It Would Be Impossible

~ OMAVTTPOTF ~ Our Minds Are Vulnerable To The Pull Of The Future

~ PII ~ Psychologically Irresistible Ideology

~ WTMBTI ~ When The Magic Became The Information

~ IOGSCTTCAIICFEOATWWLI-WALFTQF ~ Instead Of Generating Social Certainty Through The Collective Actions Inherent In Caring For Each Other And The World We Live In – We Are Looking For The Quick Fix

~ IITPOPAFPHNBG ~ Interest In The Psychology Of Prediction And Future Perception Has Never Been Greater

~ TFITFAM-ITNP-ITNN ~ The Future Isn’t The Future Any More – It’s The Next Present – It’s The New Now

~ WBOIWACBBOTF ~ We’ve Built Our Incredible Wealth And Comfort By Borrowing On The Future

~ TMBAW-WSTO-FUTKDWWAD ~ There Must Be A Way – We Say To Ourselves – For Us To Keep Doing What We’ve Always Done

~ THR ~ The Human Robot

~ HEID ~ Homo Economicus In Decline

~ UATFINE ~ Uncertainty About The Future Is Now Endemic

~ FSAA ~ Future Shock And Awe

~ AF ~ Anxiety Factory

~ TDTP-TFATR-AJWIWASTPO-TRC ~ They Did Their Part – They Followed All The Rules – And Just When It Was All Supposed To Pay Off – The Rules Changed

~ BTI ~ Biology Trumps Ideology

~ OBHDOACLOS-TKTWHTWBPSTWHY ~ Our Brain’s Health Depends On A Certain Level Of Stability – The Knowledge That What Happens Tomorrow Will Be Pretty Similar To What Happened Yesterday

~ IYDSUYWRMOOWBPLYAGTBDN-CYTTR? ~ If You Don’t Sign Up You Will Risk Missing Out On What Beautiful People Like You Are Going To Be Doing Next – Can You Take That Risk?

~ WWA-MAA-MFO-IOFTTAOC-WFNC-BTWWFTEC-WFBLB-WFLO ~ What We Are – Most Anxious About – Most Fearful Of – Is Our Failure To Take Advantage Of Change – We Fear Not Change – But That We Will Fail To Embrace Change – We Fear Being Left Behind – We Fear Losing Out

~ EFTPF ~ Escape From The Permanent Future

~ TPOH ~ The Problem Of Hope

~ TTOMO-AMFTSMOAWWAWLH(F)EA ~ The Trees-On-Mars Option – A Metaphor For The Singular Moment Of Arrival When We All Will Live Happily (For)Ever After

~ AEFATG ~ An Enthusiasm For All Things Gadget

~ TTF-WINDMI-SDFAAIPOTPTW(T)WSA ~ The Techno-Futurists – Whose Ideas Now Dominate Mainstream Ideology – See Destabilizing Fragmentation As An Inevitable Part Of The Perfect Thing We (They) Will Soon Achieve

~ WDWTBITGBSP3DPITS ~ Who Doesn’t Want To Believe In The Great Big Solar-Powered 3-D Printer In The Sky

~ E-WSTETTGHOFIJATC-A-WAATWTB ~ Everyday – We See The Evidence That The Great Hope Of Future Is Just Around The Corner – And – We Are All Too Willing To Believe

~ ETMWMDSTHTFTGOAGF-CWAHPT-S-S-IAP ~ Even The Most Well-Meaning Devices Seeking To Harness Technology For The Goal Of A Greener Future – Comes With A Hidden Price That – Someone – Somewhere – Is Already Paying

~ IIRTBTWCIOWOOTCTIHFUI? ~ Is It Rational To Believe That We Can Innovate Our Way Out Of The Corner That Innovation Has Forced Us Into?

~ ASHSWLITSOOC-LFTFPOFLMR?-WSLBSTMSOIA-BNCTFPAMIOBW ~ And So How Should We Live In The Shadow Of Ongoing Collapse – Liberated From The False Promise Of Future’s Last Minute Redemption? – We Should Live By Struggling To Make Sense Of It All – By Never Ceasing To Find Purpose And Meaning In Our Broken World

~ TTSOHWGH ~ Tell The Story Of How We Got Here

~ EWDMM-TU-A-TTAU ~ Everything We Do Makes Meaning – To Us – And – To Those Around Us

~ WCCOWTPOP ~ We Can Carry On Without The Pretense Of Pretending


~ BWIHEDNH ~ But What I Had Expected Did Not Happen

~ BIHNR-IWE-WTIOMMMU-TFOMT-TAH ~ But I Had Not Reckoned – It Was Evident – With The Idiosyncrasies Of My Mental Make-Up – The Facts Of My Temperament – Training And Habits

~ TM-MBM-ONE ~ The Miracle – Moment By Moment – Of Naked Existence

~ TBV-SCA-BAB ~ The Beatific Vision – Sat Chit Ananda – Being-Awareness-Bliss

~ SWST-B-IHLIP ~ Space Was Still There – But – It Had Lost Its Predominance

~ TMWPC-NWMAL-BWBAM ~ The Mind Was Primarily Concerned – Not With Measures And Location – But With Being And Meaning

~ AEMCITT-TSTBPOI ~ An Even More Complete Indifference To Time – There Seems To Be Plenty Of It

~ AWWESWTILAWIIIS ~ A World Where Everything Shone With The Inner Light And Was Infinite In Its Significance

~ MAL ~ Mind At Large

~ HE-SCNBTTTSF ~ However Expressive – Symbols Can Never Be The Things They Stand For

~ TGKOS ~ The Great Knowers Of Suchness

~ TPA ~ The Plastic Arts

~ TFOMGFTWCW‘I’ ~ The Folds Of My Gray Flannel Trousers Were Charged With “Is-ness”

~ C-ANLTB-G-O-P-O-D-TDNAARPIOMW-DNFINT-R-S-O-GTFOTP ~ Contemplatives – Are Not Likely To Become – Gamblers – Or – Procurers – Or – Drunkards – They Do Not As A Rule Preach Intolerance Or Make War – Do Not Find It Necessary To – Rob – Swindle – Or – Grind The Faces Of The Poor

~ AOEUTD-TIR-OWNBATS-TNWOTO ~ And Once Embarked Upon The Downward – The Infernal Road – One Would Never Be Able To Stop – That Now Was Only Too Obvious

~ TRDAWGAWAFOAS ~ The Revelation Dawned And Was Gone Again Within A Fraction Of A Second

~ THALWEBATDWAPSVU ~ That Humanity At Large Will Ever Be Able To Dispense With Artificial Paradises Seems Very Unlikely

~ WKSAGDMODASTWPOE ~ We Now Spend A Good Deal More On Drink And Smoke Than We Spend On Education


~ NFISLATIOGSFN ~ No Fraud Is So Lovable As The Illusion Of Getting Something For Nothing

~ ASB‘SN’ ~ America Soon Became “Shareholder Nation”

~ SSPNRITSS-GNALUTLPLTOLITOW ~ Supply-Side Policies Never Really Increased The Supply Side – Government Never Actually Lightened Up To Let People Live Their Own Lives In Their Own Ways

~ AAEM-TICBMAMET ~ As An Empire Matures – The Imperial Citizens Believe More And More Extravagant Things

~ TLOTDATDOTUWBI-I-ATSTMWCITHAN ~ The Lessons Of The Dead And The Desires Of The Unborn Were Both Ignored – Instead – All That Seemed To Matter Was Consumption In The Here And Now

~ TTWTTFJBCSTM;TTT-A-TOTTMHBUTITFHBAIFONMCD ~ The Trouble Was That The Facts Had Been Corrupted So They No Longer Told The Truth – And – The Old Theories That Might Have Been Used To Interpret The Facts Had Been Abandoned In Favor Of New More Convenient Delusions

~ ACNRUAMDATW-STNT ~ Americans Could Now Run Up As Much Debt As They Wanted – Said The New Theorists

~ AOSIPOWAATDTATOE-IWH-TS-IWG-IWS ~ Abuse Of Statistics Is Part Of What Allowed Americans To Deceive Themselves About Their Own Economy – It Was Healthy – They Said – It Was Growing – It Was Stable

~ IWOTAWBTTAI-TAETSMTIEIID-BTTFAEWTSS ~ It Was Obvious To Anyone Who Bothered To Think About It – That An Economy That Spends More Than It Earns Is In Decline – But Try To Find An Economist Willing To Say So

~ AF-HCFG-IILBTFTKW ~ At First – Higher Consumption Feels Good – It Is Like Burning The Furniture To Keep Warm

~ RTALABTDFTWRTWA-TCPATUSFRDFT-HTCKEWLRSALAICENHNBE ~ Rather Than Allow Lenders And Borrowers To Decide For Themselves What Rates They Would Accept – The Central Planners At The U.S. Federal Reserve Decided For Them – How They Can Know Exactly What Lending Rate Such A Large And Infinitely Complex Economy Needs Has Never Been Explained

~ MIF ~ Modern Imperial Finance

~ GAID ~ Globalization And Its Discontents

~ TEOHHBAST-B-TNSTA ~ The End Of History Has Been Announced Several Times – But – It Never Seems To Arrive

~ WARNWNASB-BACSB-PWS-BOC-NFP ~ What America Really Needed Was Not A Consumer Binge – But A Capital Spending Boom – People Were Spending – But On Consumption – Not Future Production

~ CDRTIHLIH-TEWTIBAOTW-A-TTTUSFTWLCTIBD ~ Consumer Debt Rose To Its Highest Level In History – The Effect Was To Inspire Bubbles All Over The World – And – To Transform The United States From The World’s Largest Creditor To Its Biggest Debtor

~ UTDC-YNKQWYA-B-FEITCA-TADOEIRTPI-A-ALHTPIRTBI ~ Until The Disaster Comes – You Never Know Quite Where You Are – Because – For Every Imbecility That Comes Along – There Are Dozens Of Eager Intellectuals Ready To Promote It – And – At Least Half The Population Is Ready To Believe It

~ MEBWNLNF-TTTIRHMMGTTGU ~ Many Economists Believed We No Longer Needed Factories – They Thought The Information Revolution Had Many More Good Things To Give Us

~ NBHPBETBSMIT-B-P-NBHSMITST ~ Never Before Had People Been Expected To Believed So Many Impossible Things – But – Perhaps – Never Before Had So Many Impossible Things Seemed True

~ FDB ~ Fin De Bubble

~ TBHT;IDBTTTTTBWI ~ They Believed Happy Things; It Didn’t Bother Them That The Things They Believed Were Impossible

~ AIHLALOMIOB-TPCWUTNOCA ~ After Investors Have Lost A Lot Of Money In One Bubble – They Practically Can’t Wait Until The Next One Comes Along

~ TCC ~ The Coming Correction

~ NBTDNE ~ Nothing Begins That Does Not End

~ PL-M-F-A-CT-EWIFT ~ People Love – Myth – Fraud – And – Claptrap – Especially When It Flatters Them

~ WYMLTPWCPTMB-TIOACOSDA ~ When You Make Loans To People Who Can’t Pay The Money Back – Trouble Is Only A Couple Of Standard Deviations Away

~ NPL ~ Nobel Prize Losers

~ TFIWWC-B-IWJDWIAD-SFFTM ~ The Financial Industry Was Widely Criticized – But – It Was Just Doing What It Always Does – Separating Fools From Their Money

~ NIETSTAS ~ Nobody Is Easier To Scam Then A Scammer

~ IWASKOLF-CWTCD ~ It Was A Strange Kind Of Laissez-Faire – Capitalism Without The Creative Destruction

~ IABS-TSWEOATAWNANMTPZ-ISOALATAENCTCTPMTTOO-AIAPS-TFOITSDVW ~ In A Broad Sense – The Social Welfare Economies Of All The Advanced Western Nations Are Nothing More Than Ponzi Schemes – It Survives Only As Long As There Are Enough New Contributors To Cover The Promises Made To The Old Ones – As In Any Ponzi Scheme – The First Ones Into The System Do Very Well

~ TWSIBD-MLICBR-TEODIC ~ The Whole System Is Breaking Down – Mostly Likely – It Cannot Be Repaired – The Empire Of Debt Is Collapsing

~ CB-AEK-A-R&S ~ Central Bankers – As Everyone Knows – Are – Rascals And Scalawags

~ IIETBSTTBG-TWTASMSP-ASFGO ~ It Is Easier To Be Smart Than To Be Good – That’s Why There Are So Many Smart People – And So Few Good Ones

~ TNGSTHNRWF-TVOTG-O-TFOTG-TDTWOTD-ALUTUWD ~ The Newest Generation Seems To Have No Regard Whatever For – The Virtues Of Their Grandparents – Or – The Futures Of Their Grandchildren – They Disregard The Wisdom Of The Dead – And Load Up The Unborn With Debt

~ B-C-W-TIPCM ~ Bread – Circuses – War – The Imperial Program Costs Money

~ TLTRS-TMPBCTTWNC-ALATCBDB-WNHMSOI? ~ The Longer Things Remain Stable – The More People Become Convinced That They Will Never Change – As Long As The Camel’s Back Doesn’t Break – Why Not Heap More Straw On It?


~ UTRYF-TIAMRTI-GTSR-WLTHETYAETAH-AWA-TCR-TAOME ~ Understanding The Risk You Face – This Is A Multipart Requirement That Involves – Grasping The Statistical Risk – What’s Likely To Happen Each Time You Are Exposed To A Hazard – As Well As – The Cumulative Risk – That Arises Over Multiple Exposures

~ YMCTETWTFDB-TPOM-A-TCSAAECTP ~ You Must Come To Emotional Terms With The Fundamental Difference Between – The Probability Of Mishap – And – The Consequences Should An Adverse Event Come To Pass

~ ABID-TIOAGBOIUOARAOEAOID ~ Avoid Being In Denial – There Is Often A Gap Between Our Intellectual Understanding Of A Risk And Our Emotional Acceptance Of Its Danger

~ PATWSAEW-MCMASEHTTAATF-A-MPDSENMBT-‘BO’-H ~ Pay Attention To Weak Signals And Early Warnings – Many Complex Machines And Systems Exhibit Hints That They Are Abut To Fail – And – Many Poorly Designed Systems Experience Near Misses Before The – “Big One” – Hits

~ IIENTSTCTACTOC-IIATETFOOO ~ It Is Essential Not To Subordinate The Chance To Avoid Catastrophe To Other Considerations – It Is All Too Easy To Focus On Other Objectives

~ DDBWFAPOPTA ~ Don’t Delay By Waiting For Absolute Proof Or Permission To Act