~ BWIHEDNH ~ But What I Had Expected Did Not Happen

~ BIHNR-IWE-WTIOMMMU-TFOMT-TAH ~ But I Had Not Reckoned – It Was Evident – With The Idiosyncrasies Of My Mental Make-Up – The Facts Of My Temperament – Training And Habits

~ TM-MBM-ONE ~ The Miracle – Moment By Moment – Of Naked Existence

~ TBV-SCA-BAB ~ The Beatific Vision – Sat Chit Ananda – Being-Awareness-Bliss

~ SWST-B-IHLIP ~ Space Was Still There – But – It Had Lost Its Predominance

~ TMWPC-NWMAL-BWBAM ~ The Mind Was Primarily Concerned – Not With Measures And Location – But With Being And Meaning

~ AEMCITT-TSTBPOI ~ An Even More Complete Indifference To Time – There Seems To Be Plenty Of It

~ AWWESWTILAWIIIS ~ A World Where Everything Shone With The Inner Light And Was Infinite In Its Significance

~ MAL ~ Mind At Large

~ HE-SCNBTTTSF ~ However Expressive – Symbols Can Never Be The Things They Stand For

~ TGKOS ~ The Great Knowers Of Suchness

~ TPA ~ The Plastic Arts

~ TFOMGFTWCW-‘I’ ~ The Folds Of My Gray Flannel Trousers Were Charged With – “Is-ness”

~ C-ANLTB-G-O-P-O-D-TDNAARPIOMW-DNFINT-R-S-O-GTFOTP ~ Contemplatives – Are Not Likely To Become – Gamblers – Or – Procurers – Or – Drunkards – They Do Not As A Rule Preach Intolerance Or Make War – Do Not Find It Necessary To – Rob – Swindle – Or – Grind The Faces Of The Poor

~ AOEUTD-TIR-OWNBATS-TNWOTO ~ And Once Embarked Upon The Downward – The Infernal Road – One Would Never Be Able To Stop – That Now Was Only Too Obvious

~ TRDAWGAWAFOAS ~ The Revelation Dawned And Was Gone Again Within A Fraction Of A Second

~ THALWEBATDWAPSVU ~ That Humanity At Large Will Ever Be Able To Dispense With Artificial Paradises Seems Very Unlikely

~ WKSAGDMODASTWPOE ~ We Now Spend A Good Deal More On Drink And Smoke Than We Spend On Education

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