~ NMWCTGCP-TEOTWLTTITS ~ No Matter What Circumstances Trigger Great Collective Persecutions – The Experience Of Those Who Live Through Them Is The Same ~ Rene Girard ~ The Scapegoat

~ TLFWIDTTL ~ Total Liberty For Wolves Is Death To The Lambs ~ Isaiah Berlin

~ TBIMTHD ~ The Brain Is Merely The Heart’s Dupe ~Jean-Baptiste de La Rochefoucauld

~ LISTBAAP-B-WIRAIPE-IBACF-MAAP ~ Libertarianism Is Supposed To Be All About Principles – But – What It’s Really About Is Political Expedience – It’s Basically A Corporate Front – Masked As A Philosophy ~ Thomas Frank ~ What’s The Matter With Kansas?

~ APATTVBTCTDHAIR ~ All Persecutors Attribute To Their Victims Both The Capacity To Do Harm And Its Reverse ~ Rene Girard ~ The Scapegoat

~ TBOR ~ The Barbarism Of Reflection ~ Giambattista Vico

~ TLFPINRISBIW ~ The Lust For Power Is Not Rooted In Strength But In Weakness ~ Eric Hoffer ~ The True Believer

~ ARMMAAHAFNBIDAP-B-BTRIOFTABAMOAIE ~ A Rising Mass Movement Attracts And Holds A Following Not By Its Doctrine And Promises – But – By The Refuge It Offers From The Anxieties, Barrenness, And Meaninglessness Of An Individual Existence ~ Eric Hoffer ~ The True Believer

~ PABITEOTC-BIR-THWAC ~ Persecutors Always Believe In The Excellence Of Their Cause – But In Reality – They Hate Without A Cause ~ Rene Girard ~ The Scapegoat

~ ECEC ~ Early Childhood Education And Care

~ ACFC ~ A Cure For Cancel ~ Gavin Crawford

~ WOIF ~ Wheel Of Inherited Fortune ~ Gavin Crawford

~ BIRG ~ Basking In Reflected Glory ~ Robert Cialdini

~ IIWTWTC-T-IIWTPFTW ~ If It’s Wrong To Wreak The Climate – Then – It Is Wrong To Profit From That Wreckage ~ Bill Mckibben

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