~ PINOWYH-B-WTETYH ~ Power Is Not Only What You Have – But – What The Enemy Thinks You Have

~ NGOTEOYP-TRI-C-F-A-R ~ Never Go Outside The Experience Of Your People – The Result Is – Confusion – Fear – And – Retreat

~ WPGOOTOTE-C-C-F-A-R ~ Whenever Possible Go Outside Of The Experience Of The Enemy – Cause – Confusion – Fear – And – Retreat

~ MTELUTTOBOR ~ Make The Enemy Live Up To Their Own Book Of Rules

~ RITMPW-IIAITCR ~ Ridicule Is [The] Most Potent Weapon – It Is Almost Impossible To Counterattack Ridicule

~ AGTIOTYPE ~ A Good Tactic Is One That Your People Enjoy

~ ATTDOTLBAD ~ A Tactic That Drags On Too Long Becomes A Drag

~ KTPO-WDTAA-AUAEOTPFYP ~ Keep The Pressure On – With Different Tactics And Actions – And Utilize All Events Of The Period For Your Purpose

~ TTIUMTTTTI ~ The Threat Is Usually More Terrifying Than The Thing Itself

~ TMPFTITDOOTWMACPUTO ~ The Major Premise For Tactics Is The Development Of Operations That Will Maintain A Constant Pressure Upon The Opposition

~ IYPANHADEIWBTIIC ~ If You Push A Negative Hard And Deep Enough It Will Break Through Into Its Counterside

~ TPOASAIACA-YCRBTB-SAAS-‘WDKWTD’ ~ The Price Of A Successful Attack Is A Constructive Alternative – You Cannot Risk Being Trapped By – Sudden Agreement And Saying – “We Don’t Know What To Do”

~ P-TT-FI-PI-A-PI ~ Pick – The Target – Freeze It – Personalize It – And – Polarize It

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