~ ALB ~ Alt-Left Bogeyman

~ RATB ~ Read A Third Book

~ N-G ~ Navel-Gazing

~ TISJEETEHOMOEBODIP-B-SNQEETFAITDSMASDIJ ~ There Is Somehow Just Enough Evidence To Extract Hundreds Of Millions Or Even Billions Of Dollars In Penalties – But – Somehow Not Quite Enough Evidence To Force Any Individual To Do So Much As A Day In Jail ~ Matt Taibbi ~ The Divide

~ TMWWTGOSAQAOQAEP-A-OOTIMEHA ~ The Modern World Worships The Gods Of Speed And Quantity And Of Quick And Easy Profit – And – Out Of This Idolatry Monstrous Evils Have Arisen ~ Rachel Carson ~ Lost Woods

~ WMCAV-ATAO40-ISALOE ~ What Most Consider A Virtue – After The Age Of 40 – Is Simply A Loss Of Energy ~ Voltaire

~ TMTOPODHDTEWBACIIUBEA ~ The Modern Theory Of Perpetuation Of Debt Has Drenched The Earth With Blood And Crushed Its Inhabitants Under Burdens Ever Accumulating ~ Thomas Jefferson ~ 1813

~ SK-PM ~ Servi Kaffe – Pereat Mundis ~ Bill Bonner ~ Hormegeddon

~ TEOPWE ~ The Epoch Of Permanent War Economy ~ Walter Oakes ~ Toward A Permanent War Economy

~ PWE ~ Permanent War Economy ~ Walter Oakes ~ Toward A Permanent War Economy

~ SEM ~ Simpleton’s Economic Model ~ Bill Bonner ~ Hormegeddon

~ CD-TAMOL-AMBLMG-WDAOI ~ Countless Decisions – That Affect Millions Of Lives – Are Made By Like-Minded Groups – Who Don’t Allow Outside Input ~ Dean Burnett ~ The Idiot Brain

~ PAWTBR-JNTFR ~ People Are Willing To Be Rebels – Just Not The First Rebel ~ Dean Burnett ~ The Idiot Brain

~ TWATWEWNSC-NSBAA-NSA-A-NSD ~ There Was A Time When Economists Were Not So Conceited – Not So Bold And Arrogant – Not So Ambitious – And – Not Such Dumbbells ~ Bill Bonner ~ Hormegeddon

~ AYWTIWCFDI ~ Anything You Write That Is Worthwhile Comes From Deep Inside ~ Jimi Hendrix ~ 11-09-1970

~ IWOAKOIS ~ I’m Working On A Kind Of Interspace Symphony ~ Jimi Hendrix ~ 11-09-1970

~ BMEHDETAMPTATTFTLOTRW-TGMBDIDBICGFIDDTLY ~ But Modern Economists Have Developed Elaborate Theories And Mathematical Proofs That Allow Them To Flout The Limitations Of The Real World ~ Bill Bonner ~ Hormegeddon

~ HDJWTBPOAG-TWAHRRII ~ Humans Don’t Just Want To Be Part Of A Group – They Want A High-Ranking Role In It ~ Dean Burnett ~ The Idiot Brain

~ IOSUGITFY-TFAI ~ Instead Of Storing Up Grain In The Fat Years – The Feds Ate It ~ Bill Bonner ~ Hormegeddon

~ TMPACSLI-THIIFTTATNAIOTWO-B-ALAWDDSSLPTMPPICORC ~ The More Privileged And Comfortable Someone’s Life Is – The Harder It Is For Them To Appreciate The Needs And Issues Of Those Worse Off – But – As Long As We Don’t Do Something Stupid Like Put The Most Pampered People In Charge Of Running Countries – We Should Be OK ~ Dean Burnett ~ The Idiot Brain

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