~ IOU-TWUHTWWIFOUIM ~ Illusion Of Understanding – That We Understand How Things Work When In Fact Our Understanding Is Meager

~ OMS-WCOABOI-A-WWKILMTAFOUWCRU ~ On Most Subjects – We Connect Only Abstract Bits Of Information – And – What We Know Is Little More Than A Feeling Of Understanding We Can’t Really Unpack

~ WLIACOK ~ We Live In A Community Of Knowledge

~ TMSBTBTI-TB-TE-APOTO-STSOTMCBRTTSOTB ~ The Mind Stretches Beyond The Brain To Include – The Body – The Environment – And People Other Than Oneself – So The Study Of The Mind Cannot Be Reduce To The Study Of The Brain

~ WFDKWWDK ~ We Frequently Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

~ BPAVDRHLTU ~ Both Politicians And Voters Don’t Realize How Little They Understand

~ IOAC-PTTAWOOASD ~ Instead Of Appreciating Complexity – People Tend To Affiliate With One Or Another Social Dogma

~ BOKIEWTOO-TCSOBAA ~ Because Our Knowledge Is Enmeshed With That Of Others – The Community Shapes Our Beliefs And Attitudes

~ IISHTRAOSBOPTTOWDETTECBOTM-WLOGDOTFU ~ It Is So Hard To Reject An Opinion Shared By Our Peers That Too Often We Don’t Even Try To Evaluate Claims Based On Their Merits – We Let Our Group Do Our Thinking For Us

~ ATCNOKSMUMRAWDOBAV ~ Appreciating The Communal Nature Of Knowledge Should Make Us More Realistic About What’s Determining Our Beliefs And Values

~ BWTC-WTTOIT-IIIO-WLBWWTWO ~ Because We Think Communally – We Tend To Operate In Teams – Individual Intelligence Is Overrated – We Learn Best When We’re Thinking With Others

~ IoED ~ Illusion Of Explanatory Depth

~ Deliberation Is Only A Tiny Part Of What Goes On When We Think – Most Of Cognition Consists Of Intuitive Thought That Occurs Below The Surface Of Consciousness

~ MOTFOTHBISATM ~ Much Of The Functionality Of The Human Brain Is Still A Total Mystery

~ PA-DOBAPOS-THOWTAHSPOMCS ~ Pavlovian Associations – Don’t Occur Between Arbitrary Pairs Of Stimuli – They Happen Only When The Association Has Some Possibility Of Making Causal Sense

~ WKJETGB ~ We Know Just Enough To Get By

~ IAOS-TRKLE ~ Intuitions Are Only Superficial – The Real Knowledge Lies Elsewhere

~ TWOBATW ~ Thinking With Our Bodies And The World

~ EI ~ Embodied Intelligence

~ WDCATWBOSG ~ We Draw Conclusions About The World Based On Small Glimpses

~ OBPFTMUAAWU ~ Our Bodies Produce Feelings To Make Us Aware And Warn Us

~ TDNTPOASITB-TUK-I-TB-TB-A-TWMG-TSIA ~ Thought Does Not Take Place On A Stage Inside The Brain – Thought Uses Knowledge – In – The Brain – The Body – And – The World More Generally – To Support Intelligent Action

~ TWOP-SI-ABHTITSIWOSTWATC ~ Thinking With Other People – Shared Intentionality – A Basic Human Talent Is To Share Intentions With Others So That We Accomplish Things Collaboratively

~ TMIASE ~ The Mind Is A Social Entity

~ PABTC ~ People Are Built To Collaborate

~ TSAU-ITSOBMS-MWBTWABATUO ~ The Smartest Among Us – In The Sense Of Being Most Successful – May Well Be Those Who Are Best Able To Understand Others

~ IACOK-WMMTHK-IHATK ~ In A Community Of Knowledge – What Matters More Than Having Knowledge – Is Having Access To Knowledge

~ BWCTKIOHWTKWHAT-WALUOHLWU ~ Because We Confuse The Knowledge In Our Heads With The Knowledge We Have Access To – We Are Largely Unaware Of How Little We Understand

~ TDN(Y)SI ~ Technology Does Not (Yet) Share Intentionality

~ CTTC ~ Committing To The Community

~ TFTASMOPHSP-DNMTTOII-AAR-SFAIDNEFDU-TOEITAOU ~ The Fact That A Strong Majority Of People Has Some Preference – Does Not Mean That Their Opinion Is Informed – As A Rule – Strong Feelings About Issues Do Not Emerge From Deep Understanding – They Often Emerge In The Absence Of Understanding

~ WDPHSPAITKSLA? ~ Why Do People Have Such Passion About Issues They Know So Little About?

~ ACOKCBD-WGMDKM-BSAP-ESEEAJTV-AHOM ~ A Community Of Knowledge Can Become Dangerous – When Group Members Don’t Know Much – But Share A Position – Everyone Sees Everyone Else As Justifying Their View – A House Of Mirrors

~ WITTYODUTPIAISAC-NDY ~ While It’s True That Your Opponents Don’t Understand The Problem In All Its Subtlety And Complexity – Neither Do You

~ SI ~ Shattering Illusions

~ YCCTIOAPBROHYFAI ~ You Can’t Consider The Implications Of A Policy By Ruminating On How You Feel About It

~ People Often Have Strong Positions On Issues – Positions That Are Generally Based On Very Little – Certainly Very Little That They Can Articulate – Asking Them To Generate A Detailed Causal Explanation – Makes Them Less Extreme

~ DTCOAE-ICAMMPT-AETBAE ~ Discovering The Credibility Of An Expert – Is Certainly A More Manageable Problem Than – Asking Everyone To Become An Expert

~ EPICUT-PALITSNIAFOTTWW-CEIAEWTSTI-BPDLHTIS-PLTFS-NI ~ Exposing People’s Illusions Can Upset Them – People Are Less Inclined To Seek New Information After Finding Out That They Were Wrong – Causal Explanation Is An Effective Way To Shatter The Illusion – But People Don’t Like Having Their Illusions Shattered – People Like To Feel Successful – Not Incompetent

~ TNDOS ~ The New Definition Of Smart

~ FI-IWWTWWSSI-‘S’-TPHTATCTCQWTTAIATFNTO ~ Fluid Intelligence – Is What We’re Thinking When We Say Someone Is “Smart” – The Person Has The Ability To Come To Conclusions Quickly Whatever The Topic And Is Able To Figure New Things Out

~ CI-RTHMIOHAODSIM ~ Crystallized Intelligence – Refers To How Much Information One Has At One’s Disposal Stored In Memory

~ CI ~ Collective Intelligence

~ INITMTM-FMITTQOAII-TQOTT ~ It’s Not Ideas That Matter The Most – Far More Important Than The Quality Of An Idea Is – The Quality Of The Team

~ HABTBMOAS;HABTPIAC ~ Humans Aren’t Built To Become Masters Of All Subjects; Humans Are Built To Participate In A Community

~ SIDBAC ~ Science Is Done By A Community

~ WPFDBS? ~ Who Profits From Doing Bad Science?

~ COL ~ Communities Of Learning

~ BDOOFWWKMUVTTWWETFIOTSF ~ Being Dependent On Others For What We Know Makes Us Vulnerable To Those Who Would Exploit This Fact In Order To Spread Falsehoods

~ TAOEITFOPJ ~ The Appearance Of Evidence In The Form Of Pseudoscientific Jargon

~ AWIHSUAP ~ A Whole Industry Has Sprung Up Around Pseudoscience

~ TSINMI ~ The Solution Is Not More Information

~ TCOK-TFTSWIIOOHFWIITHOO ~ The Curse Of Knowledge – The Failure To Separate What Is In One’s Own Head From What Is In The Heads Of Others

~ THE ~ The Hive Economy

~ NBD ~ Nudging Better Decisions

~ RC ~ Reduce Complexity

~ SDR ~ Simple Decision Rules

~ CYU-KWYDKAYTGHAFITGWTNA-IBYDTEAPYFAIATDID-DTYMRL ~ Check Your Understanding – Knowing What You Don’t Know Allows You To Get Help And Fill In The Gaps When The Need Arises – It Brings You Down To Earth And Prevents You From Allowing Intellectual Arrogance To Drive Important Decisions – Decisions That You Might Regret Later

~ IPDKHITA ~ Ignorant People Don’t Know How Ignorant They Are

~ TD-KE-TWPTWOTOSTM-SPOUTP-TUJDKWTDK ~ The Dunning-Krugger Effect – Those Who Perform The Worst Overrate Their Own Skills The Most – Strong Performers Often Underestimate Their Performance – The Unskilled Just Don’t Know What They Don’t Know

~ ASC ~ A Saner Community

~ ASLIOW-KHTIACATAOTKWI-A-WCDRTTWTME ~ A Strong Leader Is One Who – Knows How To Inspire A Community And Take Advantage Of The Knowledge Within It – And – Who Can Delegate Responsibility To Those With The Most Expertise

~ BDLWAC-WMRTRFOD ~ But Despite Living Within A Community – We Must Retain The Responsibility For Our Decisions


~ 1-TRC ~ First – The Retort Courteous

~ 2-TQM ~ Second – The Quip Modest

~ 3-TRC ~ Third – The Reply Churlish

~ 4-TRV ~ Fourth – The Reproof Valiant

~ 5-TCQ ~ Fifth – The Countercheck Quarrelsome

~ 6-TLWC ~ Sixth – The Lie With Circumstance

~ 7-TLD ~ Seventh – The Lie Direct


~ TGCTMWENTP ~ The Great Conversation That Many Were Expecting Never Took Place ~ David Graeber ~ Debt – The First 5,000 Years

~ SPE ~ Solar Particle Events

~ AIBRAPITOAMFAOAR ~ An Imbalance Between Rich And Poor Is The Oldest And Most Fatal Ailment Of All Republics ~ Plutarch

~ G&TS ~ Gradually And Then Suddenly ~ Ernest Hemmingway ~ The Sun Also Rises

~ FDNH ~ First Do Not Harm ~ Hippocrates [Attributed] – 1860

~ SAOFAAT ~ Science Advances One Funeral At A Time ~ Max Planck

~ NCBH ~ Non-Carbon-Based Human

~ LNT-BTAC-EFTTLSOOC ~ Let Not Things – Because They Are Common – Enjoy For That The Less Share Of Our Consideration ~ Pliny The Elder ~ Historia Naturalis – XIX-59

~ TPSARTGTLNO-E-TMADACI-P ~ To Plunder, Slaughter And Robbery They Give The Lying Name Of – Empire – They Make A Desert And Call It – Peace ~ Calgacus ~ Tacitus ~ Agricola

~ B-IAMCSFADOTHWCBCOWG ~ Because – I And My Companions Suffer From A Disease Of The Heart Which Can Be Cured Only With Gold ~ Hernan Cortes ~ Francisco Gomara ~ Historia De La Conquistqa De Mexico

~ FTBWOS ~ Feed Two Birds With One Scone

~ THBGOFALT ~ This Has Been Going On For A Long Time

~ CPA ~ Continuous Partial Attention ~ Linda Stone ~ 1998

~ KLCOTLFU ~ Kiss Leonard Cohen On The Lips For Us ~ Gavin Crawford

~ RBJ ~ Robotic Bank Job

~ IWLTMWWY ~ I Would Love To Make Work With You

~ LIIW ~ Low Intensity Irregular Warfare

~ WCTWEBWCNLIAATWBEW ~ We Cling To What Exists Because We Can No Longer Imagine An Alternative That Wouldn’t Be Even Worse ~ David Graeber ~ Debt – The First 5,000 Years

~ TNCATEOAEAWI-A-REAOTTPAATB ~ The Negative Consequences At The End Of An Effort At World Improvement – Are – Roughly Equal And Opposite To The Positive Aspirations At The Beginning ~ William Bonner + Lila Rajiva ~ Mobs Messiahs And Markets

~ ACAP-UTC ~ As Canadian As Possible – Under The Circumstances

~ EFTTP ~ Escape From The Theme Park ~ Hal Niedzviecki ~ Hello. I’m Special

~ RSANSFR ~ Reputation Systems Are Not Substitutes For Regulation ~ Tom Slee ~ What’s Yours Is Mine

~ EOSTS-ITDN-TAR ~ Elected Officials Serve The System – If They Do Not – They Are Replaced ~ Chris Hedges ~ Unspeakable

~ RFOH ~ Revealed From On High

~ FIC ~ Fantasy-Industrial Complex ~ Kurt Andersen ~ Fantasyland

~ SWCITSP ~ Science Without Conscience Is The Soul’s Perdition ~ Rabelais

~ WBTPWMANTH ~ We Believe The Products We Make Are Not Injurious To Health

~ THOTINJTHOC-IIATOAMODTBACM ~ The History Of Tobacco Is Not Just The History Of Cigarettes – It Is Also That Of A Model Of Deception That Benefits All Chemical Manufacturers ~ Devra Davis ~ 15-10-2009

~ HCINSAHBTAP ~ Humanitarianism Consist In Never Sacrificing A Human Being To A Purpose ~ Albert Schweitzer

~ CABIIPTLDSABOPOTSOTEWMIUFAL? ~ Can Anyone Believe It Is Possible To Lay Down Such A Barrage Of Poisons On The Surface Of The Earth Without Making It Unfit For All Life? ~ Rachel Carson

~ TWBNFPFMIIKS ~ There Would Be No Future Peace For Me If I Kept Silent ~ Rachel Carson

~ TOTE-GUTRTK ~ The Obligation To Endure – Give Us The Right To Know ~ Jean Rostand

~ SOL-TRACUWTWPOPFT ~ Sooner Of Later – The Risks Also Catch Up With Those Who Produce Or Profit From Them ~ Ulrich Beck ~ Risk Society

~ NTIMCTTWIPITSOTLAWTTOJ ~ No Tyranny Is More Cruel Than That Which Is Practiced In The Shadow Of The Law And With The Trappings Of Justice ~ Montesquieu

~ WTIUTMOTDOOTHFITMITMSM-BMTPRTBR? ~ Who Then Is Unaware That Most Of The Doctors Of Our Time Have Failed In Their Mission In The Most Shameful Manner – By Making Their Patients Run The Biggest Risks? ~ Paracelsus ~ Liber Paragrahorum ~ 1527

~ WGYTWSKYT-MLTYTTNL ~ What Got You There Will Seldom Keep You There – Much Less Take You To The Next Level ~ Joe Calloway ~ Becoming A Category Of One