~ WAUT ~ Wired And Unwired Time

~ WA-NSTIOL-FTOOT-W-D-I-O-IF-IWANCIGAMST-TMTIFU ~ We All – Need Some Time In Our Lives – For Thinking Our Own Thoughts – Without – Distraction – Interruption – Or – Immediate Feedback – If We Are Not Careful In Guarding And Managing Such Time – Technology May Take It From Us

~ TIOQOWATWTCCAPM ~ Time Is The One Quantity Of Which All The World’s Technology Cannot Conjure A Particle More

~ TC ~ Taking Control

~ TAETWDMFML ~ The Astonishing Extent To Which Digital Media Fills Many Lives

~ ASASNSSFE ~ All Systems And Strategies Need Some Space For Eccentricity

~ USSIBTBOTIALEWOT-WCOEFIAMATO ~ Unless Some Scrutiny Is Brought To Bear On The Intentions And Limitations Encoded Within Our Tools – We Can Only Expect Fewer Improvements And More Abuses To Occur

~ TINSTASFN-EO ~ There Is No Such Thing As Something For Nothing – Even Online

~ SEATEOA ~ Sharing Expertise And The End Of Authority

~ OOTMUPOADW:TWIWDAOHERTUTIOASNOP ~ One Of The Most Uncomfortable Paradoxes Of A Digital World: Those Ways In Which Diversity And Openness Have Enhanced Rather Than Undermined The Influence Of A Small Number Of Players

~ BOCAAAMTEDBTFTSIWMA-OTS-IT-WS-ATIASMNBACG-R-IASDFTNAOTMM ~ Battles Of Culture And Ideas Are More Than Ever Dominated By Those Few That Succeed In Winning Mass Attention – Only The Strong – It Seems – Will Survive – And This Is A Strength Measured Not By A Critical Gaze – Rather – It’s A Strength Drawn From The New Authority Of The Measured Majority

~ T&R:TFOEAIACA ~ Trust And Respect: The Foundations Of Earned Authority In A Communal Age

~ ALNOPMSDTTQOLTTTFEO-E-R-A-PA-DB ~ A Large Number Of People May Suffer Damage To Their Quality Of Life Thanks To The Frictionless Ease Of – Exploitative – Reductive – And – Potentially Addictive – Digital Behaviours

~ PL ~ Playbour

~ TDTWPMMDKOASEAFOC ~ The Digital Tools We Possess Make Many Different Kinds Of Action Seem Easy And Free Of Consequences

~ FAIFALA-TWNPAUOAESOISAMO ~ For All Its Flaws And Local Abuses – The World Now Possesses An Unprecedentedly Open And Equal System Of Information-Sharing And Mass Opportunity

~ TIAAOUAUI-BTP-A-TPOF-AHTE ~ Today In An Age Of Unfolding And Unprecedented Interconnections – Both The Prizes – And – The Price Of Failure – Are Higher Than Ever

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