~ TFSOTRW-TF-WDKWWRW-T-WRRBBGN-FLAF-WCOTEEACUS-TA-WKTAHTWBD ~ The Four Steps Of The Real World – The Fog – We Don’t Know What We Really Want – Treadmilling – We’re Really Really Busy But Getting Nowhere – Feel Like A Failure – We Compare Ourselves To Everyone Else And Come Up Short – Try Again – We Keep Trying And Hoping Things Will Be Different

~ SD-ADNSB-APOBMBAATOPAOS ~ Success Disorder – A Deeply Negative Self-Belief – A Pattern Of Behavior Marked By An Aversion To Or Pushing Away Of Success

~ TTT:EHP-NOHRIY ~ The Two Truths: Everyone Has Potential – No One Has Reached It Yet

~ TTCOSAOHAC-E-E!-TTWANAS ~ The True Causes Of Success Are Often Hidden And Counterintuitive – Even – Especially! – To Those Who Are Naturals At Success

~ TIITPOAASFTATQ ~ Thought Itself Is The Process Of Asking And Searching For The Answers To Questions

~ DYHBYOA-ODYDT?-MOUDOOA-BWTTCOOSAOMDBTIT-APISAQTHBAY-RTMASYDB-WNAAQTCTYL? ~ Do You Honestly Believe Your Own Affirmations – Or Do You Doubt Them? – Most Of Us Doubt Our Own Affirmations – Because We’re Trying To Convince Ourselves Of Something And Our Minds Don’t Believe That It’s True – A Problem Is Simply A Question That Hasn’t Been Answered Yet – Rather Than Making A Statement You Don’t Believe – Why Not Ask A Question That Can Transform Your Life?

~ YACTROYLATVMITW-BTSYSTYAO-ABTQYAYAO ~ You Are Creating The Reality Of Your Life At This Very Moment In Two Ways – By The Statements You Say To Yourself And Others – And – By The Questions You Ask Yourself And Others

~ EQ=TRQ ~ Empowering Questions = The Right Questions

~ TFSTCATCCYL-AYWYW—FAQAATWYWIAT-GYTTQ-TNABOYNAAL ~ The Four Steps To Create Affirmations That Can Change Your Life – Ask Yourself What You Want – Form A Question That Assumes That What You Want Is Already True – Give Yourself To The Question – Take New Actions Based On Your New Assumptions About Life

~ BIYI-TL-NTF-S-ITEOS-TFSISBIY-TSSIYBISE-TFSIYBIY ~ Believing In Yourself Is – The Last – Not The First – Stage – In The Evolution Of Success – The First Stage Is Someone Believes In You – The Second Stage Is You Believe In Someone Else – The Final Stage Is You Believe In You

~ TWNHATLOSWTLSAEOSWBITWTDEBIT ~ They Would Not Have Achieved Their Level Of Success Without The Loving Support And Encouragement Of Someone Who Believed In Them When They Didn’t Even Believe In Themselves

~ A-LM-APWGYUS ~ A – Loving Mirror – A Person Who Gives You Unconditional Support

~ A-SH-S-WSYCAP-WHYTAHSAKYA ~ A – Safe Haven – Someone – Who Sees Your Capacity And Potential – Who Holds You To A Higher Standard And Keeps You Accountable

~ TFESOS:P/A/E/I/S ~ The Five Essential Systems Of Support: People / Activities / Environment / Introspection / Simplify

~ WTWWT-BR-I-E-WW ~ We Think We Want Things – But Really – It’s – EXPERIENCES – We Want

~ TTQTCEYP:WWILTDMO?-WWILTDLO? ~ The Two Questions That Can Explode Your Productivity: What Would I Love To Do More Of? – What Would I Love To Do Less Of?

~ D-D-D ~ Do – Delete – Delegate

~ WDLIT-IA-WLIT-IOA ~ We Don’t Live In The – Information Age – We Live In The – Information Overload Age

~ I-WWHTMCIL-OSLGU-BNWHTASOHTM-T-‘R’-C!~ Ironically – When We Have Too Many Choices In Life – Our Stress Level Goes Up – Because Now We Have The Added Stress Of Having To Make – The – “right” – Choice!

~ AGFZ-ATAPWYGYPTSSG-TAB-TGITYWDCFYA-TRTEOIO-TRWYAS ~ A Goal-Free Zone – A Time And Place Where You Give Yourself Permission To Stop Setting Goals – To Avoid Burnout – To Get It That Your Worth Doesn’t Come From Your Achievements – To Reduce The Effects Of Information Overload – To Reconnect With Your Authentic Self

~ AYGRY? ~ Are Your Goals Really Yours?

~ WAYTT-P-P-O-P?~ Who Are You Trying To – Protect – Punish – Or – Please?

~ TTSTS:FSTIPL/TEAI/R ~ The Three Steps To Success: Find Something That Improves People’s Lives / Tell Everyone About It / Repeat


~ IYHTBAFA-TIAGATBBI ~ If You Have To Be A Flaming Asshole – This Is A Good Age To Be Born In

~ RHABAFOTW-TBDITNWCAI-YCMTPAB-T ~ Rudeness Has Always Been A Feature Of The Workplace – The Big Difference Is That Now We’re Concerned About It – You Could Make That Point About Bullying – Too

~ TIA-AOA-OALTANMOTWTETTUTBBWTWBOD-BIFTCIA-AOA-OTHCAHONOFALAANWOPA-PASAIPL ~ This Isn’t An – Age Of Assholes – Or At Least There Are Nor More Of Them Walking The Earth Than There Used To Be Back When They Went By Other Designations – But It’s Fair To Call It An – Age Of Assholism – One That Has Created A Host Of New Occasions For Acting Like Assholes And New Ways Of Performing Assholism – Particularly Among Strangers And In Public Life

~ TGAOS-TO-AAA-ISP-O-IRL-ITYHPTBAAY-TOSCOBRAH-NRW ~ The Great Advantage Of Seeing – The Other – As An Asshole – In Symbolic Politics – Or – In Real Life – Is That You Have Permission To Be An Asshole Yourself – The Other Side Can Only Be Ridiculed And Humiliated – Not Reasoned With

~ ‘MIP’-CSPWAADO-PA-TIDIIA ~ “Making It Personal” – Could Stand Pretty Well As A Definition Of – Political Assholism – Turning Ideological Differences Into Intimate Antipathies

~ TNSAFDC ~ There’s No Single Algorithm For Defining Incivility

~ WWS-CYDIAFHPD? ~ Whatever Was Said – Can You Defend It As Furthering Healthy Political Discussion?


~ TGF ~ The Great Forgetting

~ LBB ~ Lexical Bling Bling

~ U-ICAWOE ~ Um – Is Clearly A Word Of English

~ TNCWM-TDOALWOON ~ There’s No Choice We Make – That Doesn’t Open A Little Window On Our Nature

~ TESTPFATLPOBCOHTPS ~ The Evidence Suggests That Providing Free Access To Large Portions Of Books Can Often Help Their Print Sales

~ ANOIQSYTWBATPDRFALTLOAPB ~ And No One Is Quite Sure Yet That We’ll Be Able To Preserve Digital Records For Anything Like The Lifetime Of A Paper Book

~ IL-ACWTHC ~ Information Literacy – A Catchphrase Whose Time Has Come

~ YWV?-WGYV ~ You Want Values? – We’ll Give You Values

~ PS-‘IDBIL’-B-NES-‘IDBIN’ ~ People Say – “I Don’t Believe In Labels” – But – Nobody Ever Says – “I Don’t Believe In Names”

~ RTT-ME-ONRTT-B-A-C-E-B-40-1 ~ References To The – Media Elite – Out-Number References To The – Business – And – Corporate – Elite – By – 40 to 1

~ E-ATWLOIOMW-TIOIP-A-AUSOE ~ Elite – All That Was Left Of Its Original Meanings Was – The Implication Of Insufferable Pretension – And – An Unwarranted Sense Of Entitlement

~ ATOYOSIAND-TELSDHAW-FSWSALOBTFHF ~ After A Thousand Years Of Social Inequality And Natural Disasters – The English Language Still Doesn’t Have A Word – For Someone Who Steals A Loaf Of Bread To Feed His Family

~ TLBCTDM-NAAMOAW-BAPOHGTAAI-TM-TA-IMAWOKS ~ Today’s Leaner Billionaires Claim To Desire Money – Not As A Means Of Avoiding Work – But As Proof Of How Good They Are At It – The Money – They Avow – Is Merely A Way Of Keeping Score

~ ITO-TF-HBTF-ABBASHG-WHSPTOOTA ~ It Turns Out That – The Figures – Had Been Taken From – A Book By A Self-Help Guru – Who Had Simply Pulled Them Out Of The Air

~ TUOH ~ The Uses Of Hypocrisy

~ IF-WPDSAT-WTHIMAA-TOTBPAMC ~ In Fact – When People Defend Something As Traditional – What They Have In Mind Almost Always – Turns Out To Be Purely A Modern Concoction

~ MABAW ~ May Already Be A Winner