~ IYHTBAFA-TIAGATBBI ~ If You Have To Be A Flaming Asshole – This Is A Good Age To Be Born In

~ RHABAFOTW-TBDITNWCAI-YCMTPAB-T ~ Rudeness Has Always Been A Feature Of The Workplace – The Big Difference Is That Now We’re Concerned About It – You Could Make That Point About Bullying – Too

~ TIA-AOA-OALTANMOTWTETTUTBBWTWBOD-BIFTCIA-AOA-OTHCAHONOFALAANWOPA-PASAIPL ~ This Isn’t An – Age Of Assholes – Or At Least There Are Nor More Of Them Walking The Earth Than There Used To Be Back When They Went By Other Designations – But It’s Fair To Call It An – Age Of Assholism – One That Has Created A Host Of New Occasions For Acting Like Assholes And New Ways Of Performing Assholism – Particularly Among Strangers And In Public Life

~ TGAOS-TO-AAA-ISP-O-IRL-ITYHPTBAAY-TOSCOBRAH-NRW ~ The Great Advantage Of Seeing – The Other – As An Asshole – In Symbolic Politics – Or – In Real Life – Is That You Have Permission To Be An Asshole Yourself – The Other Side Can Only Be Ridiculed And Humiliated – Not Reasoned With

~ ‘MIP’-CSPWAADO-PA-TIDIIA ~ “Making It Personal” – Could Stand Pretty Well As A Definition Of – Political Assholism – Turning Ideological Differences Into Intimate Antipathies

~ TNSAFDC ~ There’s No Single Algorithm For Defining Incivility

~ WWS-CYDIAFHPD? ~ Whatever Was Said – Can You Defend It As Furthering Healthy Political Discussion?

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