~ TGF ~ The Great Forgetting

~ LBB ~ Lexical Bling Bling

~ U-ICAWOE ~ Um – Is Clearly A Word Of English

~ TNCWM-TDOALWOON ~ There’s No Choice We Make – That Doesn’t Open A Little Window On Our Nature

~ TESTPFATLPOBCOHTPS ~ The Evidence Suggests That Providing Free Access To Large Portions Of Books Can Often Help Their Print Sales

~ ANOIQSYTWBATPDRFALTLOAPB ~ And No One Is Quite Sure Yet That We’ll Be Able To Preserve Digital Records For Anything Like The Lifetime Of A Paper Book

~ IL-ACWTHC ~ Information Literacy – A Catchphrase Whose Time Has Come

~ YWV?-WGYV ~ You Want Values? – We’ll Give You Values

~ PS-‘IDBIL’-B-NES-‘IDBIN’ ~ People Say – “I Don’t Believe In Labels” – But – Nobody Ever Says – “I Don’t Believe In Names”

~ RTT-ME-ONRTT-B-A-C-E-B-40-1 ~ References To The – Media Elite – Out-Number References To The – Business – And – Corporate – Elite – By – 40 to 1

~ E-ATWLOIOMW-TIOIP-A-AUSOE ~ Elite – All That Was Left Of Its Original Meanings Was – The Implication Of Insufferable Pretension – And – An Unwarranted Sense Of Entitlement

~ ATOYOSIAND-TELSDHAW-FSWSALOBTFHF ~ After A Thousand Years Of Social Inequality And Natural Disasters – The English Language Still Doesn’t Have A Word – For Someone Who Steals A Loaf Of Bread To Feed His Family

~ TLBCTDM-NAAMOAW-BAPOHGTAAI-TM-TA-IMAWOKS ~ Today’s Leaner Billionaires Claim To Desire Money – Not As A Means Of Avoiding Work – But As Proof Of How Good They Are At It – The Money – They Avow – Is Merely A Way Of Keeping Score

~ ITO-TF-HBTF-ABBASHG-WHSPTOOTA ~ It Turns Out That – The Figures – Had Been Taken From – A Book By A Self-Help Guru – Who Had Simply Pulled Them Out Of The Air

~ TUOH ~ The Uses Of Hypocrisy

~ IF-WPDSAT-WTHIMAA-TOTBPAMC ~ In Fact – When People Defend Something As Traditional – What They Have In Mind Almost Always – Turns Out To Be Purely A Modern Concoction

~ MABAW ~ May Already Be A Winner

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