~ TTITM-‘V’-M-AYITM ~ The Truth Is That Most – “Viral” – Moments – Are Years In The Making

~ YHTCYA-I/S/L-A ~ You Have To Capture Your Audience’s – Immediate / Short / Long – Attention

~ EARBBDOD-S-U-N-AU-TKTWMF-CVFYTCLTA ~ Elicit A Reaction By Being Distinctive Or Disruptive – Something – Unique – Novel – And – Useful – To Keep Their Working Memory Focused – Create Value For Your Audience To Capture Their Long-Term Attention

~ TIHOBIP-WIETINTOG-BIWD-WQSTDAF-MF-MD-MMM-A-AGMI ~ This Is How Our Brain Is Programmed – We Ignore Everything That Isn’t Necessary To Our Goals – Because If We Didn’t – We’d Quickly Succumb To Directed Attention Fatigue – Mentally Fatigued – More Distracted – Make More Mistakes – And – Are Generally More Irritable

~ DAF ~ Directed Attention Fatigue

~ CC-IHOBFAATRS ~ Color Contrast – Is How Our Brain Finds And Attends To Relevant Stimuli

~ IYWTGPTBYS-PACTITOOYWBC ~ If You Want To Get People To Buy Your Stuff – Pick A Color That Is The Opposite Of Your Website’s Background Color

~ MLIJSTMYFG-ISTCLSYL-BLSCARS ~ Mood Lighting Isn’t Just Something That Makes You Feel Good – It’s Something That Can Literally Save Your Life – Blue Lighting Stops Crime And Reduces Suicides

~ YAHTCTAACHWYA-O-YMEUCTWKOA ~ You Also Have To Consider The Associations A Color Has With Your Audience – Or – You May End Up Capturing The Wrong Kind Of Attention

~ OBIA-‘AM’-TAMAAUT-W-I-I-AEC ~ Our Brain Is An – “Associative Machine” – That Attaches Meanings And Associations Unconsciously To – Words – Ideas – Images – And Even Colors

~ TATWTGAWS-TF-ITHPA-TS-ITDNATCAB ~ There Are Two Ways To Grab Attention With Symbols – The First – Is To Harness Preexisting Associations – The Second – Is To Develop New Associations Through Consistency And Branding

~ TFE-ACBTATWWPAPOI-BOTWIIPTU-WOMDCATSIWTEICES ~ The Framing Effect – A Cognitive Bias That Affects The Way We Perceive A Piece Of Information – Based On The Way It Is Presented To Us – We Often Make Different Conclusions About The Same Information When The Explanation Is Changed Even Slightly

~ TIOI-OOFORIS-IIIDTC-PWUDYIOYWBTDITFOROP ~ The Inertia Of Ideas – Once Our Frame Of Reference Is Set – It Is Incredibly Difficult To Change – People Will Unintentionally Dismiss Your Ideas Or Your Work Because They Don’t Fit Their Frames Of Reference Or Preconceptions

~ TFOASSTHAIOOAOIV-PS-BMB-ETWHTOT-N-R-O-SM ~ The Familiarity Of A Statement Seems To Have An Impact On Our Assessment Of Its Validity – Plausible Statements – Become More Believable – Every Time We Hear Them On The – News – Radio – Or – Social Media

~ D-A CIOE-TDOVOE-TFUTPA-WFOTDUWKWIIAPSOAPT ~ Disruption – A Change In Our Environment – That Disrupts Or Violates Our Expectations – That Forces Us To Pay Attention – We Focus On The Disruption Until We Know Whether It Is A Pleasant Surprise Or A Potential Threat

~ S-S-A-S ~ Surprise – Simplicity – And – Significance

~ SATCWICTGPA ~ Simplicity Always Trumps Complexity When It Comes To Grabbing People’s Attention

~ KTS-YH-F-OF-S-TCSA ~ Keep Things Significant – You Have – Fifteen – Or Fewer – Seconds – To Capture Somebody’s Attention

~ YMVETCA-BNSCATAYA-IYKIMWISAMTYA-YDWR ~ You Must Violate Expectations To Capture Attention – But Not So Completely As To Alienate Your Audience – If You Keep In Mind What Is Significant And Meaningful To Your Audience – Your Disruption Will Resonate

~ W-S/S/S-ACT-TRISTNOCABAKI ~ When – Surprise / Simplicity / Significance – All Come Together – The Result Is Something That Not Only Captures Attention But Also Keeps It

~ S-S-SIC-IYIEO-YMSBLC ~ Surprise – Simplicity – Significance In Context – If You Ignore Even One – Your Message Simply Becomes Less Captivating

~ TRM-AA-IH-ACDSFAGASR ~ The Reward Mechanism – All Animals – Including Humans – Are Creatures Developed Specifically For Accomplishing Goals And Seeking Rewards

~ OBICTUTDCHTITAEPOBTOWBAS ~ Our Body Is Constantly Training Us To Develop Certain Habits That It Thinks Are Either Pleasurable Or Beneficial To Our Well-Being And Survival

~ TLPARI-TMPIB-SSWARIMEACATOAFR ~ The Less Predictable A Reward Is – The More Pleasurable It Becomes – Surprising Somebody With A Reward Is More Effective At Capturing Attention Than Offering A Fixed Reward

~ WABAGECBEMWWASTRRIFOU ~ We Are Bad At Grasping Esoteric Concepts But Easily Motivated When We Actually See The Reward Right In Front Of Us

~ BIVER ~ Balancing Intrinsic Vs Extrinsic Rewards

~ OOROTRAPAOOIWD ~ Our Over-Reliance On The Reputation And Perceived Authority Of Others Is Well Documented

~ WAWTFAPO-BOIWDFLWSA ~ We Are Willing To Fight Against Popular Opinion – But Only If We Don’t Feel Like We’re Standing Alone

~ TC-IAIBWIIDATOOTIACPT ~ The Crowd – Is At Its Best When It Is Decentralized And The Opinions Of The Individuals Are Collectively Put Together

~ BYR-TTKE:C/P/T-~ Building Your Reputation – The Three Key Elements: Consistency / Personality / Time

~ OQFA-PROTOTBRIAPMTCBHTCA ~ Our Quest For Acknowledgement – Providing Recognition Or The Opportunity To Be Recognized Is A Powerful Motivator That Can Be Harnessed To Capture Attention

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