~ A-USSCL-CSAS-TCA-BOARTCS ~ Automaticity – Using Specific Sensory Cues Like – Colors, Symbols And Sounds – To Capture Attention – Based On Automatic Reaction To Certain Stimuli

~ F-AT-O-CSVOTW-STPMATY ~ Framing – Adapting To – Or – Changing Somebody’s View Of The World – So They Pay More Attention To You

~ D-VPE-TCWTPAT ~ Disruption – Violating People’s Expectations – To Change What They Pay Attention To

~ R-LPMFIAER ~ Reward – Leveraging People’s Motivations For Intrinsic And Extrinsic Rewards

~ R-UTRO-E/A/TC-TITACA ~ Reputation – Using The Reputations Of – Experts / Authorities / The Crowd – To Instill Trust And Captivate Audiences

~ M-CMUA-TKAAIUTVE ~ Mystery – Creating Mystery, Uncertainty And Suspense – To Keep An Audience Intrigued Until The Very End

~ A-FADC-BPTTPATTWPTWVAU ~ Acknowledgement – Fostering A Deeper Connection – Because People Tend To Pay Attention To Those Who Provide Them With Validation And Understanding

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