~ WIPCDTTCOPOTE-TMCTIOP-ATISAAW ~ When Individual Producers Can Dump The True Costs Of Production Onto The Environment – They May Create The Illusion Of Prosperity – As They Impoverish Society As A Whole

~ WRCDTTCOGOTPS-TMCTIOGG-EATISAAW ~ When Regulators Can Dump The True Costs Of Government On The Private Sector – They May Create The Illusion Of Good Government – Even As They Impoverish Society As A Whole

~ TOTTBGICODWI-DN-WHTBTPOOC ~ The One Thing That Big Government Is Capable Of Doing Well Is – Doing Nothing – Which Happens To Be The Paramount Objective Of Conservation

~ SVDODTOASASTIIP ~ Some Values Depend On Doing Things On A Scope And Scale That Is Inescapably Public

~ WSNBATC-NP-A-NP-E ~ We Should Not Be Ashamed To Conserve – Not Privately – And – Not Publicly – Either

~ TWPOCITB-AE-TWI-BD-TWHNB-S/T/G/P/P ~ The Whole Point Of Conservation Is To Be Anti-Economic The Wilderness Is By Definition That Which Has Not Been Subdued / Tamed / Graded / Plowed / Paved

~ NTAWTCITCB-NTATFPTWALOICR ~ New Trees Are Where The Carbon In The Coal Began – New Trees Are The First Place To Which A Lot Of It Can Return

~ EIG-O-WIDADLOTOTLAIE-IRD ~ Efficiency Is Green – Only – When It Definitely And Directly Lightens Our Tread On The Land And Its Environs – It Rarely Does

~ WSSOCWONBSIJ ~ We Should Save Our Cougars Whether Or Not Brazil Saves It Jaguars

~ STEAAWEU-TIMPSTATATS-WEO-ILQAAHC ~ Some Toxic Effects Are Already Well Enough Understood – That It Makes Perfect Sense To Address Them At Their Sources – Where Emissions Occur – In Large Quantities And At High Concentrations

~ WK-P-F-AAMOOB-C-ATE-B-WHDTFTP ~ We Know – Pesticides – Fungicides – And All Manner Of Other Bio-Cides – Affect The Environment – Because – We Have Designed Them For That Purpose

~ NIIMB-AOTTWOHATTWOOT ~ Nature Itself Is Morally Blind – As Oblivious To The Welfare Of Humans As To The Welfare Of Our Tapeworms

~ WCTWBIIB ~ We Conserve The Wilderness Because It Is Beautiful

~ WSRLOENBWFCFBBLIAGTRNFJ ~ We Should Revere Life On Earth Not Because We Fear Catastrophic Failure But Because Life Is A Good That Requires No Further Justification

~ BFTANS ~ Big Future Theories Are Never Scientific

~ TORAGSISO-WATWTDT-SOPUBM ~ The One Real And Growing Scarcity Is Scarcity Of – Wilderness And The Wildlife That Dwells There – Scarcity Of Places Undeveloped By Markets

~ ETEBDNPTE ~ Expanding The Environmental Bureaucracy Does Not Protect The Environment

~ IINUFIJTNSOAC-IIIJASWRTTUS ~ It Is No Use Fencing In Just The North Side Of A Commons – If It Is Just A Short Walk Round To The Unfenced South

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