~ FINJAMANTP-IIWHW-WTP-WFOPAR-AGAIH ~ Fascism Is Not Just A Movie About Nazis Torturing People – It Is What Happens When – We The People – Withdraw From Our Participation And Responsibility – And Give Authority Its Head

~ WDMAM-IT-B-T/S/AF-HMAMM ~ We Do More And More – Irrational Things – Because – Technology /Statistics/ And Feebleness – Have Made A Modern Marriage

~ HLB-ILS-TS? ~ How Long Before – I Love Selfie – The Series?

~ YCHAMMWAM ~ You Can’t Have A Mass Medium Without A Mass

~ T-O-CBAAAGR-B-IFIWSIAAE ~ The – Oasis – Can Be Appealing As A Getaway Resort – But – I Fear Its Water Supply Is Artificial And Endangered

~ 9/11-WSDBPWUT ~ 9/11 – Was Something Done By People Who Understood Television

~ ‘JT’ ~ “Jiggle TV”

~ WDTOT-THAL-OT-FNTD ~ Women Didn’t Talk Or Think – Those Habits Are Linked – On Television – For Nearly Two Decades

~ THCTSILMD-STEIPBTLJTSOTA-AETMRFC-STOH ~ Television Has Compromised The Sports It Loves Most Dearly – Sometimes The Event Is Prolonged Beyond Tolerable Limits Just To Stay On The Air – And Earn The Maximum Revenue From Commercials – Sometimes The Opposite Happens

~ T-B-MAMMMOT-PSOAGT-BTDMF ~ Tie-Breaks – Made A Match More Manageable On Television – Penalty Shoot-Outs Are Good Television – But They Distress Most Fans

~ FASWSHB(OAPOHB)~ For A Second We Saw Her Breast (Or A Picture Of Her Breast)

~ P-BA-ALBOF-AYOS ~ Pitched-Battle Arguments – A Little Bit Of Footage – And Yards Of Spin

~ LO/LO ~ Laugh On / Laugh Off

~ IGITOL ~ I Go In Terror Of Lucy

~ WTA-NS-TUTBF-O-WTNISF-SS-ASU-TTCOAACHPOOS? ~ Was This A – News Show – Tricked Up To Be Funny – Or – Was The News Itself So Fake – So Spun – And So Unreliable – That The Chance Of Any Accurate Commentary Had Passed Out Of Sight?

~ MEATCKOTPIDULWIC-BWASTFACODS ~ Many Educators Agree That Children’s Knowledge Of The Past Is Drying Up Like Water In California – But We Are Still Thirsty For A Cup Of Damning Scandal

~ IIOWYH-TB-TYRYSUI? ~ Is It Only When You Have – The Bomb – That You Realize You Shouldn’t Use It?

~ ITWDSITRSWKS?-WBWAWSIRAT? ~ Is That Why Deep Space Ignores The Radio Signals We Keep Sending? – Why Bother With A World Stuck In Radio And Television?

~ INQTTI-AEITR-BN-TEHBTR-OBWTABSITWWH ~ It’s Not Quite That There Is – An Elephant In The Room – By Now – The Elephant Has Become The Room – Our Being Wired To And By Screens Is The World We Have

~ BGDM-EO-TV-I-MAR-A-IWSB-O-AWA-F ~ Being Gonged Doesn’t Matter – Everything On – TV – Is – Miraculous And Ridiculous – And – It Will Still Be – On – After We Are – Off

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