~ A-SOT-E-ITPOH-E-SAP;WSMATP-B-OPSTBP ~ A – Sort Of Tank – Entered – In The Prime Of Health – Exited – Shrunken And Phthisic; Where So Much Activity Took Place – But – Only Paper Seemed To Be Produced

~ ‘W-CS’ ~ “White-Collar Sweatshops”

~ TTWWBJARA-FL-TIAOTJ-P-HS-RTIT-TITTBTAPCWPI-TPWUFG ~ Though Their Work Was Becoming Just As Routinized As – Factory Labor – The Intangible Aspects Of Their Job – Prestige – High Status – Rendered Them Immune To – The Idea That They Belonged To A Particular Class With Particular Interests – Their Politics Were Up For Grabs

~ TCC ~ The Clerking Class

~ I-WPMAMAW-A-P ~ Industrialization – Was Producing More And More Administrative Work – And – Paperwork

~ U-FOFW-OW-DPA-AB-ISTRT ~ Unlike – Farming Or Factory Work – Office Work – Didn’t Produce Anything – At Best – It Seemed To Reproduce Things

~ TCW-‘C’-BTGWTTW-‘O’ ~ The Customary Word – “Countinghouse” – Began To Give Way To The Word – “Office”

~ U-‘S’-TKWOT-ILM-TETBTTHACWTO-‘S-I’ ~ Unlike – “Solidarity” – The Key Word Of The – Industrial Labor Movement – The Ethic That Began To Take Hold Among Clerks Was That Of – “Self-Improvement”

~ CWWUF-TC-KWO-FAF-WKWPD-OCWMTC;THNOTROBT ~ Clerical Workers Were Uprooted From – The Close-Knit World Of – Families And Farms – Where Knowledge Was Passed Down – Other Clerks Were Merely Their Competition; They Had No One To Rely On But Themselves

~ S-EBAKCS-TOW-F-TROTWOW ~ Self-Education Became A Key Component Separating – The Office World – From – The Rest Of The World Of Work

~ TO-ATFOPDIE-MIFHGBTOMIO-TG ~ The Office – And The Fears Of Physical Degradation It Engendered – Might In Fact Have Given Birth To Our Modern Idea Of – The Gym

~ WCPO-TGIWC-RTAASFOTO-WE?-O-WTMSPOTWTBPO-T-‘RC’?~ Were Clerks Part Of – The Growing Industrial Working Class – Replacing The Artisans And Small Farmers Of The Old-World Economy? – Or – Were They Merely Stopping Points On The Way To Becoming Part Of – The – “Ruling Class”?

~ F-T-T-L-D-OF-C-GTT-F-LLOTO ~ Farewell – The – Tranquil – Languorous – Days – Of The – Countinghouse – Greetings – To The Factory-Like Labor Of The Office

~ MWS ~ Men With Stopwatches

~ TTWHA-‘L’-GRTAWNI-ATM-L ~ Things That Were Heralded As – “Laborsaving” – Gave Rise To A Whole New Industry – And To More – Labor

~ LHT-TTATT-TNLC-WTIO-TVFC ~ Less Heralded Than – The Typewriter And The Telegraph – Though No Less Consequential – Was The Invention Of – The Vertical File Cabinet

~ CW-NLETERWTTOTFW-ATB-WNMTIHRR-TM-FLOAP-TFF ~ Clerical Workers – No Longer Enjoying The Easy Rapport With Their Two Or Three Fellow Workers – And Their Bosses – Were Now Massed Together In Highly Regimented Rows – To Mimic – For Lack Of Another Precedent – The Factory Floor

~ MDKNTM ~ Managers Didn’t Know How To Manage

~ WWMHITPFTWWNRT-ATPW-‘CIAM’ ~ Workers Who Might Have Initially Taken Pride From Their Work Were Now Reduced To – As The Phrase Went – “Cogs In A Machine”

~ OGE-STHATN-WS-WTSAC ~ Offices Grew Enormously – Simply To House All The New – White Shirts – With Their Stopwatches And Cameras

~ T-DOPM-HBOO-SM-MLA-HCDTUUADBFN:HR ~ The – Department Of Personnel Management – Has Been One Of – Scientific Management’s – Most Lasting Achievements – Having Come Down To Us Under A Different But Familiar Name: Human Resources

~ W-H-FMP-GMSALI-BBD ~ Work – Had – For Most People – Gotten More Specialized And Less Interesting – Blessed By Drudgery!

~ ‘WC’ ~ “White-Collar”

~ OIBATWWPCOW-AOABTM-TBTETOWEM-CUTME ~ Once It Became Apparent That Women Were Perfectly Capable Office Workers – And Often Accounted Better Than Men – They Began To Enter The Office World En Mass – Completely Upending The Male Enclaves

~ DWTNTDHFM-WWJC-‘T’ ~ Dispensing With The Need To Distinguish Humans From Machines – Women Were Just Called – “Typewriters”

~ TLPIAOWLTBOBW-ETT-‘OB’-MTL-PAMMJITW-CTDSOES ~ The Lowest Position In Any Office Were Likely To Be Occupied By Women – Even The Term – “Office Boy” – Meaning The Lowest-Paid And Most Menial Job In The Workplace – Came To Designate Someone Of Either Sex

~ ITWWRTOBASOPC ~ Insinuating That Women Were Ruining The Office Became A Sport Of Popular Culture

~ TT-‘OW’-BTETVTDTSWWCTHBTHWTHOW ~ The Term – “Office Wife” – Began To Enter The Vernacular To Describe The Secretary Who Was Closer To Her Boss Than He Was To His Own Wife

~ S-WTBAGOTOMV ~ Skyscrapers – Were The Birth And Growth Of The Office Made Visible

~ TP-‘W-CS’-BAPOITP ~ The Phrase – “White-Collar Slave” – Became A Popular One In The Press

~ UOLTITMIITROOW-TTCT-W-CS-FTFC ~ Union Organizers Lamented Their Inability To Make Inroads Into The Ranks Of Office Workers – Tending To Chide The – White-Collar Slaves – For Their False Consciousness

~ TCUOTOW-WWO-TWC-BRTBIOPIAOIA-P-OO-AAABBCAL ~ The Contradictory Understanding Of The Office Worker – Who Was Of – The Working Class – But Refused To Believe It Or Participate In Any Of Its Activities – Political – Or Otherwise – Acting As A Buffer Between Capital And Labor

~ TGPOBS-S/A/P-LMTTTDHW-AB-RR-HTSB-WCTBCT-‘HR’M ~ The Growing Popularity Of Behavioral Sciences – Sociology / Anthropology / Psychology – Led Managers To Try To Discover How Workers – Actually Behaved – Rather Than – How They Should Behave – What Came To Be Called The – “Human Relations” Movement

~ TFL ~ The Fluorescent Lightbulb

~ IT-TTR-MHHTSCTIPDAWG-IP-IMCCMUATB-ATTQBAGIGWTCW ~ In Theory – The Testing Regime – Might Have Helped To Slot Congenial Types Into Proper Departments And Work Groups – In Practice – It Made Corporate Culture More Uniform Across The Board – Answering The Test Questions Became A Game In Guessing What The Company Wanted

~ TOWTITF-A-TFBTBTIOTO ~ The Office Worked To Incorporate The Family – And – The Family Began To Bear The Imprint Of The Office

~ ABW-IWAFOETNMIITS ~ A Boss’s Wife – It Was A Form Of Employment That Never Made It Into The Statistics

~ X&Y ~ Theory X & Theory Y

~ X=C/M/S ~ Theory X = Coercion / Manipulation / Supervision

~ Y=S-D&S-C ~ Theory Y = Self-Direction & Self-Control

~ ‘KW’-M-CEWWNITW-T-‘P’-N-IF-W-M ~ “Knowledge Workers” – Middle-Class Employees Who Would Never Identify Themselves With – The – “Proletariat” – Nor – In Fact – With – Management

~ KW-D-TD-S-TTSAMTLAE-ST-KWWLP:YKIWYSI ~ Knowledge Work – Difficult – To Define – Still – The Term Spread Among Management Theorists Like An Epidemic – Suggesting That – Knowledge Work Was Like Pornography: You Knew It When You Saw It

~ KWWBTHOACNS-A-‘IS’-IWTWTC-‘SA’-ATWRTUCAA-‘CC’ ~ Knowledge Workers Would Be The Heroes Of A Coming New Society – An – “Information Society” – In Which They Were The Chief – “Symbolic Analysts” – All The While Rehabbing The Urban Core As A – “Creative Class”

~ IAC-WCOAN-IAC-WS-ITRT-OPTW-SCVFTPOWWL ~ Interaction And Communication – Were Conceived Of As Norms – Introspection And Concentration – Were Sidelined – In The Rush To – Open-Plan The World – Some Crucial Values For The Performance Of Work Were Lost

~ ITOTCHNIICAEFT-‘HP’-I-TWT-SAMPIASASFACAPAWAP ~ It Turned Out That Companies Had No Interest In Creating Autonomous Environments For The – “Human Performers” – Instead – They Wanted To – Stuff As Many People In As Small A Space For As Cheaply As Possible As Quickly As Possible

~ OWFUW-OW-WEWGRUATAPFA-AT-‘HR’-P-WLIATST ~ Offices Were Filling Up With – Overeducated Workers – Whose Expectations Were Gradually Running Up Against Their Actual Possibilities For Advancement – And The – “Human Relations” – Paradigm – Was Losing Its Ability To Soothe Them

~ TC-HTEOPPCETEOTCSSA-BDTSTTDAFTTWWT-ATHOPASBTBON ~ The Cubicle – Had The Effect Of Putting People Close Enough To Each Other To Create Serious Social Annoyances – But Dividing Them So That They Didn’t Actually Feel That They Were Working Together – All The Hazards Of Privacy And Sociability But The Benefits Of Neither

~ FDHTBOMTITMGFKWDAC ~ Flexibility Doesn’t Have To Be One More Trick In The Managerial Guidebook For Keeping Workers Docile And Consenting

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