~ SM-SE ~ If You Believe Business Is Built On Relationships – Make Building Them Your Business

~ BAMTYFOWYUBTTT-TIWSYFOIYI-IYAYASYHNC ~ Being Authentic Means That You Focus On What You Uniquely Bring To The Table – That Is What Separates You From Others In Your Industry – If You Are Your Authentic Self You Have No Competition

~ BTTT-FRTT ~ Building Trust Takes Time – Fostering Relationships Takes Time

~ TSUYB-YGSBTGTTPWYAAREIYF ~ To Successfully Unmarket Your Business – Your Goal Should Be To Get To The Point Where You Are A Recognized Expert In Your Field

~ WYPYAAEWUIFP-YMWAHANFTI ~ When You Position Yourself As An Expert With Useful Information For People – Your Marketplace Will Always Have A Need For That Information

~ S-YMNB-TE-ITF-BYCCB-A-E ~ Sure – You May Not Be – The Expert – In The Field – But You Can Certainly Be – An – Expert

~ YDBAE-BJTPYAE-PTYATTTO-OPWSIFY ~ You Don’t Become An Expert – By Just Telling People You’re An Expert – People Tell You And Then They Tell Others – Other People Will Say It For You

~ ‘PAP’M-P-SOTA-P-PBI ~ “Push And Pray Marketing” – Push – Something Out There And – Pray – People Buy It

~ P-A-SM-Y-P-CIA-S-IFOT ~ Pull-And-Stay Method – You – Pull – Customer Information And – Stay – In Front Of Them

~ ROR ~ Return On Relationships

~ PANCBN-TWSOBTTME-ATWESG-TWJG ~ People Are Not Confrontational By Nature – They Will Speak Only By Taking Their Money Elsewhere – And They Won’t Even Say Goodbye – They Will Just Go

~ WPCTY-TAFLFV-NC-TWTKTTHBH-TWTKTTM-ATWTKTYC ~ When People Complain To You – They Are First Looking For Validation – Not Compensation – They Want To Know That They Have Been Heard – They Want To Know That They Matter – And They Want To Know That You Care

~ DFTT ~ Don’t Feed The Trolls

~ WTBPOSR-IYC-IIWAIAOM ~ Work To Become Part Of Somebody’s Routine – If You Can – It Is Worth An Incredible Amount Of Money

~ YNTKIYCAH-AITAYNTKWAHYCCI-YNTKWYSITEOYC ~ You Need To Know If Your Customers Are Happy – And If They Aren’t You Need To Know Why And How You Can Change It – You Need To Know Where You Stand In The Eyes Of Your Customers

~ DRS-FTSOA-TYDWTSOAB ~ Don’t Reveal Something – For The Sake Of Authenticity – That You Don’t Want To See On A Billboard

~ K-T-L ~ Know – Trust – Like

~ TDYSTTYA-AIAT-TTDTBRH ~ The Day You Start Talking To Your Audience – And It’s About Them – That’s The Day That Business Really Happens

~ NBPFSIVMIWTNHSAA ~ Not Being Prepared For Success In Viral Marketing Is Worse Than Never Having Success At All

~ WYN-YCMAMOOI ~ Whatever Your Niche – You Can Make A Movie Out Of It

~ S-TDFH-A-S-S ~ Stop – Trading Dollars For Hours – And – Start – Scaling

~ AEPOE-YAMYB ~ At Ever Point Of Engagement – You Are Marketing Your Business

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