~ GI-CBF-BTRORFDOCOMBTAFD-Y-TPIRWEAF-IOW-IIMLTP-BIACSGTLWTBU ~ Good Ideas – Can Be Found – But Then Rejected Or Ridiculed For Decades Or Centuries Or Millennia Before They Are Finally Discovered – Yes – The Past Is Riddled With Error And Fraud – In Other Words – It Is Much Like The Present – But It Also Contains Surprising Gems That Lie Waiting To Be Unforgotten

~ TAOR-AR-LIQOIO:A/K/J/R&R/ATPOTI ~ The Art Of Rethinking – And Rediscovery – Lies In Questioning Our Ideas Of: Authority / Knowledge / Judgment / Right And Wrong / And The Processes Of Thinking Itself

~ IWANCRI-WANRT ~ If We Are Not Constantly Rethinking Ideas – We Are Not Really Thinking

~ TBNIAOOO ~ The Best New Ideas Are Often Old Ones

~ AOICBRAWTDOANPOTP ~ An Old Idea Can Become Relevant Again With The Discovery Of A New Piece Of The Puzzle

~ JBWDKHSWDMTIDW ~ Just Because We Don’t Know How Something Works Doesn’t Mean That It Doesn’t Work

~ AOIIADC-UOPIANG ~ An Old Idea In A Different Context – Using Old Pieces In A New Game

~ ITCHWAEPIPTADU-ATSITOI-AOIIANCCBPI ~ Impressive Things Can Happen When An Existing Product Is Put To A Different Use – And The Same Is True Of IdeaS – An Old Idea In A New Context Can Become Powerful Indeed

~ DWTBF ~ Disinformation Wants To Be Free

~ WTTTTEWCRTMAMCTTA-TAH ~ We Tend To Think That Events Which Come Readily To Mind Are More Common Than They Are – The Availability Heuristic

~ WATTNOTETCWWAT-CB ~ We Also Tend To Notice Only The Evidence That Confirms What We Already Think – Confirmation Bias

~ SIASAOTT-WTAFP-TP-C-S-O-E-O-IIOET-TPACTPI-ODSNY-OSRTSACC-OIMJCFTWKOP ~ Some Ideas Are Simply Ahead Of Their Time – When They Are First Proposed – The Prevailing – Cultural – Social – Or – Economic – Order – Is Incapable Of Embracing Them – They Pose A Challenge To Powerful Interests – Or Don’t Seem Necessary Yet – Or Simply Represent Too Startling A Conceptual Change – Or It Might Just Come From The Wrong Kind Of Person

~ NEIHBTOB-Y-ETANUHMOTPIITIOC ~ Not Every Idea Has Been Thought Of Before – Yet – Even The Apparently Novel Usually Has More Of The Past In It Than Is Often Credited

~ ITT-TUATB-H(SSO)-A-I(FNPD) ~ In Technical Terms – The Universe Appears To Be – Homogeneous (Smoothly Spread Out) – And – Isotropic (Favoring No Particular Direction)

~ UF ~ UnFalse

~ TMN-STATOTPMHUA ~ The Most Novel-Seeming Theories And Technologies Of The Present May Have Unexpected Ancestors

~ ICRAGSTA-EITJISOOTUT-TAHGRFWTISSVOENAACON ~ Ideas Can Return And Gain Significant Traction Again – Even If The Jury Is Still Out On Their Ultimate Truth – Their Advocates Have Good Reasons For Why The Ideas Suddenly Seem Viable Or Even Necessary Again After Centuries Of Neglect

~ S-I-R-WTSDHS-D ~ Sometimes – Ideas – Return – When They Should Definitely Have Stayed – Dead

~ AIWHAGCO-HAAAZ-IIBSIGOP ~ An Idea Will Have A Good Chance Of – Hanging Around As A Zombie – If It Benefits Some Influential Group Of People

~ CM ~ Conspiracy Markets

~ BWCBU-IRUOWWDK ~ Being Wrong Can Be Useful – In Reminding Us Of What We Don’t Know

~ SOSRITPOTOTBSAWTFCTTRTG ~ Stories Of Scientific Revolutions In The Past Often Turn Out To Be Stories About Wrong Theories Forcing Correct Theories To Raise Their Game

~ TPWTOTBWCBJAIATWTOTBR ~ The People Who Turn Out To Be Wrong Can Be Just As Important As Those Who Turn Out To Be Right

~ THOHT-INALSO-FTBRBTO-IMLADATWIWFOICBSAOFC-USFTAABGOTSF ~ The History Of Human Thought – Is Not A Linear Sequence Of – False Theories Being Replaced By True Ones – It’s More Like A Dark And Tangled Web – In Which Flashes Of Inspiration Can Be Smothered And Obscured For Centuries – Until Someone Finds Them Again And Blows Gently On The Sputtering Flames

~ WNTKWWDK ~ We Need To Know What We Don’t Know

~ SOIASP-IDEMWTAT-PI-HETTNNT ~ Some Old Ideas Are So Powerful – It Doesn’t Even Matter Whether They Are True – Placebo Ideas – Helpful Even Though They’re Not Necessarily True

~ MRNTITOA-PS-OW-E-HAP-RTABDB-P-A-‘N’-P ~ Many Researchers Now Think In Terms Of A – Psychosis Spectrum – On Which – Everyone – Has A Place – Rather Than A Binary Distinction Between – Psychotics – And – “Normal” – People

~ D-AWA-H-STBCBTBWJAIND-OMS ~ Delusions – As Well As – Hallucinations – Seem To Be Caused By The Brain Working Just As It Normally Does – Only More So

~ DWKTWDHFW? ~ Do We Know That We Don’t Have Free Will?

~ WLIAAO-TPP-WSRBAE-A-TROPOBTMPIDL ~ We Live In An Age Of – The Professionalized Politician – Who Seeks Reelection Before All Else – And – The Range Of Policies Offered By The Main Parties Is Dramatically Limited

~ T-PPC-HLTNEONWL-ACOFTPOIOP-TSRIMARB ~ The – Professionalized Political Class – Has Little To No Experience Of Normal Working Life – And – Cares Only For The Perpetuation Of Its Own Power – To Secure Reelection It Must Assuage Rich Benefactors

~ WIWWGNB-CP-B-BARCAOOP?-TTIAOI-SISF-B-TIHTAADI-TIODT-CTGBL-IC-S-A-MITTTIA ~ What If We Were Governed Not By – Career Politicians – But – By A Randomly Chosen Assortment Of Our Peers? – This Too Is An Old Idea – Sure It Sounds Fanciful – But – That Is How The Ancient Athenians Did It – The Inventors Of Democracy Themselves – Chose Their Government By Lottery – It’s Called – Sortition – And – Maybe It’s Time To Try It Again

~ TRITKA:’WN’ ~ To Rethink Is To Keep Asking: “Why Not”

~ WMSHTTTR-HI-SWUI? ~ We Might Soon Have The Technology To Rethink – Humanity Itself – Should We Use It?

~ SOTF-TEVP-TNOTN ~ Survival Of The Fittest – The Equally Valid Perspective – The Nonsurvival Of The Nonfittest

~ YSNRTM-JBYDLTM ~ You Shouldn’t Necessarily Reject – The Message – Just Because You Don’t Like The Messenger

~ GAFHTPFTPWHBUMIAEDOR ~ Giving A Fair Hearing To People From The Past Who Have Been Unfairly Maligned Is An Ethical Demand Of Rethinking

~ TVFT-POMIAMCF-A-STP-WSBAWCJ-IOTQIGA ~ The – View From Tomorrow – Projecting One’s Mind Into A More Civilized Future – And – Scrutinizing The Present – With Sympathy But Also With Cold Justice – In Order To Question Its Governing Assumptions

~ BADT-PDFT-AMDWFTBOO ~ Beliefs Are Dangerous Things – People Die For Them – And More Die Unwillingly For The Beliefs Of Others


~ AHEIAHB ~ An Honest Ego In A Healthy Body

~ AETSN ~ An Eye To See Nature

~ AHTFN ~ A Heart To Feel Nature

~ CTFN ~ Courage To Follow Nature

~ TSOP(H) ~ The Sense Of Proportion (Humor)

~ AFWAIAIAW ~ Appreciation For Work As Idea And Idea As Work

~ FOI ~ Fertility Of Imagination

~ CFFAR ~ Capacity For Faith And Rebellion

~ DRC(I)E ~ Disregard For Commonplace (Inorganic) Elegance

~ IC ~ Instinctive Cooperation


~ YDLUYL ~ You Don’t Learn Until You Launch

~ ASIABME-IH-HIP-HLOI-HLOU ~ A Startup Is A Bit More Exciting – It Has: High Impact Potential – High Levels Of Innovation – High Levels Of Uncertainty

~ TVMOSSATNI ~ The Vast Majority Of Successful Startups Are Teams Not Individuals

~ PDKWTDWUTAFTOTW ~ People Don’t Know What They Don’t Want Until They Are Forced To Open Their Wallets

~ LPAHP-TMEBMI-TATSYGIOBATTEYIAAIF ~ Luck Plays A Huge Part – Timing Might Even Be More Important – The Abilities To Sell Your Great Idea Or Build A Team To Execute Your Idea Are Also Important Factors

~ W ~ Wantrepreneur

~ I-YHACWAFAYBITM-ANMYAHTSC-YAA-W ~ If – You Have A Conversation With A Friend About Your Business Idea This Month – And Next Month You Are Having The Same Conversation – You Are A – Wantrepreneur

~ IAWYCAI-7D-YCDOYWGV-BYCLS ~ It’s Amazing What You Can Achieve In – 7 Days – You Can’t Deliver On Your Whole Grand Vision – But You Can Launch Something

~ T-7-DSM-ITYWLII-7D-YWWATBSTYDKPW-OYAFAW-YWSTQEAAFOAWTMIH ~ The – 7-Day Startup Mindset – Is That You Will Launch It In – 7 Days – You Won’t Waste Any Time Building Something That You Don’t Know People Want – Once You Aim For A Week – You Will Start To Question Every Assumption And Figure Out A Way To Make It Happen

~ IMNSTSABTIGTHYDWYDE ~ It Makes No Sense To Start A Business That Is Going To Have You Doing Work You Don’t Enjoy

~ IYIAGI? ~ Is Your Idea A Good Idea?

~ SPWPAAPFS ~ Solve Problems Where People Are Already Paying For Solutions

~ MVP ~ Minimum Viable Product

~ TOMTM-EBIDAY-OMTNM-MBD ~ The One Metric That Matters – Ever Business Is Different And Your – Omtnm – May Be Different

~ TEA ~ Test Every Assumption

~ SPATA ~ Solve Problems As They Arise

~ DWYSYWD ~ Do What You Say You Will Do

~ BATB ~ Benchmark Against The Best

~ LROAY ~ Learn From Others And Yourself

~ OYC ~ Outlearn Your Competition

~ ACHYBLWY ~ Always Consider How Your Business Looks Without You

~ LFSOM ~ Look For Sources Of Momentum

~ MM ~ Manage Motivation

~ CDC ~ Cull Difficult Customers

~ FOR ~ Focus On Retention

~ AS-TT ~ Avoid Short-Term Thinking

~ FOP ~ Focus On Product

~ LYW ~ Love Your Work

~ CSN-CSV-A-HV ~ Create Something New – Create Something Valuable – And – Have Fun