~ YDLUYL ~ You Don’t Learn Until You Launch

~ ASIABME-IH-HIP-HLOI-HLOU ~ A Startup Is A Bit More Exciting – It Has: High Impact Potential – High Levels Of Innovation – High Levels Of Uncertainty

~ TVMOSSATNI ~ The Vast Majority Of Successful Startups Are Teams Not Individuals

~ PDKWTDWUTAFTOTW ~ People Don’t Know What They Don’t Want Until They Are Forced To Open Their Wallets

~ LPAHP-TMEBMI-TATSYGIOBATTEYIAAIF ~ Luck Plays A Huge Part – Timing Might Even Be More Important – The Abilities To Sell Your Great Idea Or Build A Team To Execute Your Idea Are Also Important Factors

~ W ~ Wantrepreneur

~ I-YHACWAFAYBITM-ANMYAHTSC-YAA-W ~ If – You Have A Conversation With A Friend About Your Business Idea This Month – And Next Month You Are Having The Same Conversation – You Are A – Wantrepreneur

~ IAWYCAI-7D-YCDOYWGV-BYCLS ~ It’s Amazing What You Can Achieve In – 7 Days – You Can’t Deliver On Your Whole Grand Vision – But You Can Launch Something

~ T-7-DSM-ITYWLII-7D-YWWATBSTYDKPW-OYAFAW-YWSTQEAAFOAWTMIH ~ The – 7-Day Startup Mindset – Is That You Will Launch It In – 7 Days – You Won’t Waste Any Time Building Something That You Don’t Know People Want – Once You Aim For A Week – You Will Start To Question Every Assumption And Figure Out A Way To Make It Happen

~ IMNSTSABTIGTHYDWYDE ~ It Makes No Sense To Start A Business That Is Going To Have You Doing Work You Don’t Enjoy

~ IYIAGI? ~ Is Your Idea A Good Idea?

~ SPWPAAPFS ~ Solve Problems Where People Are Already Paying For Solutions

~ MVP ~ Minimum Viable Product

~ TOMTM-EBIDAY-OMTNM-MBD ~ The One Metric That Matters – Ever Business Is Different And Your – Omtnm – May Be Different

~ TEA ~ Test Every Assumption

~ SPATA ~ Solve Problems As They Arise

~ DWYSYWD ~ Do What You Say You Will Do

~ BATB ~ Benchmark Against The Best

~ LROAY ~ Learn From Others And Yourself

~ OYC ~ Outlearn Your Competition

~ ACHYBLWY ~ Always Consider How Your Business Looks Without You

~ LFSOM ~ Look For Sources Of Momentum

~ MM ~ Manage Motivation

~ CDC ~ Cull Difficult Customers

~ FOR ~ Focus On Retention

~ AS-TT ~ Avoid Short-Term Thinking

~ FOP ~ Focus On Product

~ LYW ~ Love Your Work

~ CSN-CSV-A-HV ~ Create Something New – Create Something Valuable – And – Have Fun

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