~ YJDIJTB-YHTDALMTWYGHTD ~ Your Job Description Is Just The Beginning – You’ll Have To Do A Lot More Than What You Got Hired To Do

~ YJIT ~ Your Job Is Temporary

~ YGTNALOSYBDHRN ~ You’re Going To Need A Lot Of Skills You Probably Don’t Have Right Now

~ YRITSGAYH ~ Your Reputation Is The Single Greatest Asset You Have

~ YPLINP ~ Your Personal Life Is Now Public

~ YNTBAPPINM ~ You Need To Build A Positive Presence In New Media

~ YNTWWPFDG ~ You’ll Need To Work With People From Different Generations

~ YGCCF ~ Your Boss’s Career Comes First

~ TOWTMCW ~ The One With The Most Connections Wins

~ R-TROO-AITIOPTCYLFTB ~ Remember – The Rule Of One – All It Takes Is One Person To Change Your Life For The Better

~ YATF ~ You Are The Future

~ EIFENJBO ~ Entrepreneurship Is For Everyone Not Just Business Owners

~ HAO-AAI-RYV-DOI ~ Hours Are Out – Accomplishments Are In – Realize Your Value – Deliver On It

~ YCIIY-NYE-BAFYOCATCOYOL ~ Your Career Is In Your Hands – Not Your Employer’s – Be Accountable For Your Own Career And Take Charge Of Your Own Life

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