~ TPEPFSTITAAKO-LNOPITSAS-I-E ~ The Potential Economic Payoff From Society Tapping Into The Abilities And Knowledge Of – Large Numbers Of People In Their Sixties And Seventies – Is – Enormous

~ TSOULLFM-SWOATESOFOTN ~ The Stress Of Unretirement Looms Large For Many – Since We’re Only At The Early Stages Of Figuring Out The Narrative

~ T25/65R ~ The 25/65 Revolution

~ TUG ~ The Us Generation

~ BFMP-TSMITSP-ATAOTLC ~ But For Most People – The Smart Move Is To Stay Put – And Take Advantage Of Their Local Connections

~ TCORPI-I-I-J ~ The Core Of Retirement Planning Isn’t – Investing – It’s – Jobs

~ TABT:AI-AC-A-AM ~ The Aging Boomer Trifecta: An Income – A Community – And – A Mission

~ SYT-COF-AIAM-TAL Spend Your Time – Creating Opportunities For – An Income And Meaning – Throughout A Lifetime

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