~ TFRI:KYA-YHTHADUO-WYATT-IOTBR ~ The First Rule Is: Know Your Audience – You Have To Have A Deep Understanding Of – Who You Are Talking To – In Order To Be Relevant

~ YHTUTDOTR-TAAPATDPTWBJYW-KWTPR-AGD-ODTGLSFIOL? ~ You Have To Understand The Dynamics Of The Room – The Agendas At Play And The Differing Personalities That Will Be Judging Your Work – Know Where The Power Resides – A Group Decision – Or Does The Green Light Sit Firmly In One Lap?

~ YHTBIYW-YHTHADCAI ~ You Have To Believe In Your Work – You Have To Have A Deep Conviction About It

~ CAAOA-TCOTRWA-E-C-T-DSIBOAJ;JTLARHB ~ Create An Atmosphere Of Approval – Take Control Of The Room With An – Easygoing – Confident – Tone – Don’t Slip Into Business-Ese Or Advertising Jargon; Just Talk Like A Real Human Being

~ PNS-LAGS-APN-AB-AM-A-AE ~ Presentations Need Structure – Like Any Good Story – A Presentation Needs – A Beginning – A Middle – And – An End

~ PTE-IMW-T-E-SMT-LU-E-W-C-WYFTITRI-P ~ Prepare The End – In Many Ways – The – Epilogue – Should Mirror The – Lead-Up – Explain – With – Confidence – Why You Feel This Is The Right Idea – Period

~ NLTBS-SIFAPSLF ~ Never Let There Be Silence – Silence Immediately Following A Presentation Smells Like Fear

~ NTACWTT ~ Never Tell A Client What To Think

~ SI-TL-WYGAAIAM-ITFL-DBTKOPWCT-Y-FAA ~ Sell It – That’s Lunch – When You Get An Approval In A Meeting – It’s Time For Lunch – Don’t Be The Kind Of Presenter Who Can’t Take – Yes – For An Answer – If It’s Sold – Move On

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